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The Episode starts with Arjun thanking Akash. Arjun says he was in all his senses being under the ice, he was hearing their voice, but he could not react, I was shaken and could not call being numb, I feel suffocated in closed spaces, you can understand it. He says when you came to save me, I feel like Lord came. Akash laughs. Arjun asks Akash does he truly love Anjali, it will be between us, tell me. Akash sees Anjali. Akash says I love her madly, but she has some other commitment in her life, and I can’t trouble her again by my broken heart, I love her, I will live my life in her love.

Arjun says how sweet man, does she love you or not. Akash says don’t know, maybe yes, maybe no, but I don’t care, I just want her to be happy. Akash asks Arjun about his love. Arjun says there was a girl, I mean she is still with him, he broke her heart and he does not know will she forgive him ever. Akash asks does she still love you. Arjun says I hope so, but honestly I don’t deserve her, actually I deserve it, who will refuse to love Arjun Sabarwal.

Akash says if I was in your place, I would have gone away from her life, and second option is filmy, I would go to her home and tell her that I madly love you and can do anything to get you back, and after saying this, if she kicks me out, its fine, I would have stayed all the time, patience is the key, I would have bear her taunts and anger till she accepts me, even when if she does not like to see my face, I will get back to fifrst option and forget her forever. Akash says wow, I daid right, its good to hear, its good advice, your life is set, congrats for marriage. Arjun asks really, don’t joke, I did not hear such filmy advice like this, nonsense, so your success rate is so low, you are very weak in this department.

He says I was just saying and you started giving full fledged advice, you know I don’t need any advice about girls, I m very ahead in that department, so keep your advice to yourself, you are a loser, and I will give you an advice, you need it more than me, do one thing, do a favor on yourself and Anjali, don’t use these love dialogues on her, its nonsense. Akaash looks at Anjali. She smiles. Sam contacts Akash and says your Shikha Maa called and she wanted to talk. Akash asks him to contact her and find out the matter. Sam says fine, stand by.

Sam tells Akash about Shikha Maa leaving hospital. Akash asks did she get discharge. Sam says she gave the cheque and it bounced, so hospital is taking legal action against her. Akash says what and is shocked. Seema asks how will we do, we don’t have money. Shikha says Akash will do…. Seema says I m fed up hearing his name. Seema says you were giving this house to him, sell this house and come with me. Shikha says I can’t believe this. Seema says Akash has killed Gaurav and not he is after you.

Akash asks how can this happen. Abhiyankar stops Chand and takes a break seeing Akash worried. Sam says century corp don’t have money in account. Akash says I will talk to Ramesh. Akash contacts Ramesh and asks what the hell is going on, your cheque ahs bounced. Ramesh says its impossible. Akash says I trusted you, and hospital people are legally taking action against Shikha Maa, we had a contract. Ramesh says we had the deal, you were getting money for Everest, Abhiyankar has called off, you are on rescue mission, you will get prayers, not money. Akash asks whats my mistake, why should I take responsibility of bad weather.

Ramesh says you have to take this responsibility, I have to answer my share holders, I can’t pay for your social service, we don’t have any deal. Akash says its wrong, I will case on you. Ramesh says fine, I will meet you in court, good luck and bye. Anjali says everything will be fine. Akash says I should have been with her, I m helping others when my loved ones need me, who will pay the bills. He says sorry Anjali, I don’t have any option. Anjali asks him to think peacefully. Akash says no, who will give me money, I had all hopes on that one cheque.

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Abhiyankar asks do you want me to talk to Ramesh Roongta. Akash says no, he won’t listen to anyone. Arjun contacts Ramesh and asks about Akash’s payment. Ramesh says its different matter, its not related to yours. Arjun says I know, you gave Akash your word, how can you change now, is this not wrong, do you anything like commitment in your dictionary. Ramesh says its looking strange to hear from you, who has always broken other’s trust, a thief. Arjun says you are crossing your limits. Ramesh asks him to mind is business. Arjun says listen to me once.

Arjun says an old lady is ill, she needs your help, how can you do this, is this not wrong, I request you to clear her payment, for my sake. He says Akash is good in his work, he is best climber. Ramesh says fine, I will see what I can do, focus on work given to you. Arjun says thanks, the work will be done. Ramesh contacts Akash and says he spoke to his staff, they will clear hospital payment. Akash thanks him. Akash gets happy. The team proceeds. Ramesh calls his staff and asks about hospital payment. He asks him to pay, not complete amount. He scolds the man and says tell the hospital that we will pay in small installments. He says I m playing a big game over here, a good player hides his card till last.

Rina tells Siddhart that she gets tensed seeing Ramesh smiling, we have to be careful. He says I don’t go near him. Rina asks him about sarpech. He says its king’s or queen’s turban ornament of ancient times. She recalls Ramesh’s words. She asks Bala to give phone. She calls her assistant and asks her to do her work. She asks her to find out sarpech. She asks her to find whats its connection with Ramesh, century corp and Ramesh.

Anjali slips and falls down. Everyone shout Anjali.

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