Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi coming home and apologizing to Neelima. Neelima says I m sorry, you are bearing all this because of us. Lakshya says I m ashamed to be called a brother, as I stayed quiet there. Poorvi says bad time will pass. Neelima says don’t do work now. Poorvi says I need work for my family needs. Neelima says don’t worry, its my duty to stop you. She gives the gold bangles asking her to sell it, and return the advance to her boss. Poorvi asks what is she saying, she always motivated her, these bangles are given to you by your mum, how can I sell this, our time is bad, but its for some time, but these bangles can’t come back.

She says she will work for the family. Lakshya says I will also do any work for the family. Neelima says if your dad knows this, he will feel bad. Poorvi asks her not to worry. Bachcha Singh praises Bhanu and Tanu. She smiles and says Poorvi danced well, if we knew this before, we would have made her dance in marriage to entertain the guests. He jokes on Poorvi. Arjun feels sad and leaves. Nisha thinks what happened to him, he should be happy that he is becoming father, he got what he wanted. Nisha confronts Arjun for loving Tanu and forgetting Poorvi so soon.

Arjun says no, I told you before, Poorvi is my life, I still love her like before and will always do. Nisha says you are lying, if it was this, then Tanu would not be pregnant. Arjun says she is not pregnant, she lied to everyone, we don’t have any husband and wife relation, my heart has just Poorvi. She asks why did you keep quiet. He says I tried but Tanu is clever and stopped me. I was worried that dad can get unwell, I was helpless. I could not see Poorvi dancing, I was shattered. Nisha asks him to expose Tanu’s lie. He gets an idea of getting Tanu’s checkup done.

Poorvi thinks about Tanu and Arjun’s words. She says he would have not insulted her if he really loved her. Arjun thinks he told the truth, but its good she did not agree, this was right for her, he is hurt being helpless as he was silent seeing her insult. He says if my love is true, you will know how much I love you. She says my heart has much love for you, but now that love has become a wound. She says I hate you so much that even death won’t come to me without taking revenge. They both cry. Bin tere………….plays…………………………

Its morning, Tanu asks a lady who is she. Arjun’s mum says she is doctor, I called her for your checkup. Arjun says yes she is right. Tanu says but I would have gone to clinic. Arjun says you are my wife, its out own hospital, doctors will come at home. He asks doctor to do checkup well and leaves. The doctor checks Tanu. The doctor says she is not pregnant. Tanu says I know, but don’t tell anyone. The doctor says I have to tell truth being a doctor. Tanu says oh, and bribes her. The doctor agrees. Poorvi does her work ad sees Viraj Raichand’s article.

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Poorvi asks her boss how did Viraj buy the govt land. The boss says Viraj can buy anything, he has taken land by buying 10 times the amount, he will make best hotel as far as I know him. She thinks. The doctor comes with Tanu. Arjun thinks Tanu’s truth will be out.

Tanu thinks his plan will flop. The doctor says sorry, it was a misunderstanding, your bahu is not pregnant. Tanu is shocked and asks what is she saying. The doctor says sorry, but it happens, we think something, and something else happens. She leaves. Tanu thinks the doctor took money and did not say as I said. Arjun’s mum asks Tanu not to worry as she will get child soon. Arjun says yes. Bachcha Singh says yes, she is saying right, don’t get upset. Arjun asks her to go and rest. Tanu leaves. Arjun signs Nisha and goes.

Tanu gets angry in the room. Arjun comes and laughs, asking she was proud of her plans, but she forgot that who is he, Arjun Singh. She asks did he do this. He says yes, I knew you will buy doctor, but I bought her giving 10 times money to speak the truth, now family knows you are not pregnant and they do ;t have any problem. He leaves. Tanu thinks you will get the answer for this. Poorvi thinks about Viraj, and thinks many people talk, but Viraj Raichand is fearless and he has done this in two days which no one did till now, when everyone is afraid of Bachcha Singh, Viraj is not afraid of him, I can take revenge from Arjun by taking Viraj’s help, I won’t let this chance go.

Bachcha Singh and Bhanu are angry as Viraj has bought the land opposite to their land, and how did he buy it. He asks Bhanu how did he let this happen. Bhanu says I don’t know how he got the land. Bachcha Singh asks were you sleeping. Bhanu says even I was shocked seeing it, you think I will get loss by giving the land to Viraj. He asks how did the deal happen. Bhanu says let me find out how this happened. Bachcha Singh says it will be loss for me, who is this Viraj to rule in this city and become our enemy.

Arjun comes to meet Kumar, to pay the money for the event. He waits for him. He thinks I came here to give money to Poorvi. Poorvi comes there and sees him. They talk via hearts. She thinks this time she won’t let herself break and take revenge. She leaves.

Arjun tells Kumar that his wife is not pregnant. Poorvi hears it and asks Arjun what did he tell to Kumar, is this true, is Tanu not pregnant, what he told in drunken state, was it all true?

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