Doli Armaanon Ki 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
ishaan tells damini that he cant swear falsely on her, as he cant do that, and even though he loves her, he cant accept to her wish, as he loves urmi and shall marry her only. damini is hurt and enraged, and says that sandhya was indeed right, as urmi has captivated him, and cast a spell on him, that even though he loves his mother, but he has started loving urmi, who’s unrelated to him, more than her. She says that she hates urmi from the bottom of her heart. she leaves fuming. Ishaan is tensed.

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Scene 2:
Location: Goa hotel
While samrat is very miser in giving a generous tip to the waiter, he is rebuked. He gets irritated. Samrat gets a call, and thinks that its the mobile company, asking for payment of the bill, and frustratedly picks it up, saying that he shall pay it soon, and they can stop bothering him. He is however shocked to find that its a call from one of the men’s from anna, the moneylender, reminding him that his countdown of the payment has begun, and he has just ten days. samrat is very tensed. He thinks that going to Mumbai would mean that he invites death, and hence its best that till the time, he arranges the money, he stays here only, and doesnt return to Mumbai.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Gaurav asks ishaan to be patient and give her time, and even if that still doesnt work, then he should try again. the doorbell rings, and urmi walks in, surprised to see ishaan standing, visible tension between the two. gaurav eyes them. urmi asks whats the matter. ishaan says that gaurav told about her coming back, and hence thought that he would meet her too. gaurav tries to give them space, but she tries to go inside saying that she doesnt want to talk. ishaan asks her to atleast listen to him. Gaurav says that she is wise, and knows that escaping him wont solve the problem, and hence asks her to sit and talk. She resignedly complies. she turns around to face ishaan, and asks what he wants to talk. he asks whats the rwason of her behaving like this, and how she has cut him out of her life, and if he has become an enemy. she says that he isnt an enemy, but he needs to know that he isnt him now, and he himself became a stranger. he says that maybe she only turned away, and just confessed his love, for which she gave him a punishment. She asks him to forget what he wants, as she cant do it. He asks why, and if his love is fake. She says that she is unable to, and that she doesnt like this. He says that he has tied her past and her bitter memories so tightly, that she doesnt want to open, and hence is torturing her and him too, and asks for one chance, to let him give her happiness, that she deserves, and fulfill every dream that didnt realise, and keep her smiling always, that urmi to be revived which she buried inside long back. she is tensed. He sys that she wont be disappointed, and takes her hand to say again, that he loves her. she is shell shocked yet again, while he asks her to understand and agree to marry him. shaurya comes, hears this, and goes inside. She says that she cant marry him. He asks why. she says that she doesnt love him, and that he is just her best friend. She holds his hand, and says that she doesnt want to marry anyone, leave alone him. She goes inside. He is disheartened.

The next morning, gaurav asks urmi if she talked to ishaan. She says that since she doesnt want to marry, hence said no. He asks her how long shall she stay alone, in this long life. She says that her child is there for her, and that she doesnt need anyone. He says that shaurya’s world shall change, and one day he is settled, then she would be utterly alone and desolate. She is tensed, but says that nothing like that would happen. she leaves, visibly tensed, saying that she never needed nor shall ever need. He says that she didnt need anything, as ishaan was always there fopr her, her child, and her family, to support her in everything. He says that ishaan loves and respects her, and wants to make her his, and she is hell bent on rejecting him. He says that ishaan loved her for many years, but never demanded anything, and asks her to atleast try and understand his emotions, and thatr its their good luck, that they had a poerson like ishaan beside her in every walk of life. Hence there’s nothing wrong in starting life afresh with such a person, and they both know it. He says that he shall give her the life that she deserves, as she has just seen his hard work and dedication, but not the love behind it, which he has seen, and hence asks her to think again. she says that he is right, but it isnt that easy. She says that even if she agrees, what about shaurya and his whole life ahead, and the impact on him, as she can take care of him, and she is answerable to him first. She says that she doesnt think shaurya would accept ishaan as his father. Gaurav says that he shall talk to shaurya, but before that, she has to accept ishaan. urmi denies, saying that she doesnt want shaurya to be in any difficult or compromising position.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
shaurya calls for ishaan, and when he comes, he is surprised to know that shaurya and not urmi has celled him. he sits down, and asks whats the matter. Shaurya says that he didnt expect anything from him, as he was his best friend, then why he did this. ishaan says that he doesnt understand. shaurya asks him that he likes his mother. ishaan is surprised at this sudden question. But he agrees nevertheless, and that he likes him too. shaurya asks him to be straight, and asks if he wants to marry her. Ishaan is stunned, and hesitates to say yes. shaurya asks why didnt he ask him, as he takes important descisions of her life, and hence he has the right to know first. ishaan agrees. shaurya asks how could he forget him, as he is the bride’s guardian. ishaan smiles at his maturity and is relieved that he is teasing him. he plays along, and apologises for having ignored him, and gone straight to the girl. He asks how can he get his permission, to marry his mother. shaurya says that he would, one one condition, to keep urmi happy, never fight with her, and never let her cry. ishaan happily agrees and promises the same for him too, and that he shall always be second to him, in urmi’s priority. He asks if he passed the test. shaurya readily agrees. Ishaan says that there’s one problem, and urmi isnt agreeing. Shaurya asks if his parents agreed. Ishaan gets tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini is busy packing, the shagun, when sandhya asks where’s ishaan as they are all ready, but ishaan doesnt have a clue. all the ladies are getting ready. Just then ishaan walks in. sandhya asks him to get ready too. When ishaan comes back, he asks whats this. Sandhya says that they are taking his shagun in the evening. He is shocked. damini says that they cant see him like this, and till he isnt happy, they wont be. damini tells him that she and anirudh tell ishaan that they have fixed his marriage. He thinks that they finally agreed to his marriage with urmi, and happily asks if they arent playing a prank on him or joking. She says that she isnt. He is overjoyed that she agreed to marrying him with urmi. she smirks and says that they have fixed it with his friend, Mr. Jindal’s daughter, and not with urmi. he is shocked, while sandhya smiles evilly, at his plight. the screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: While ishaan stands dazed, anirudh comes in asking if they are all set to go. damini happily says yes. He asks her to pack some chocolates as well. damini is confused and asks why, as they have already packed enough sweets. Anirudh says that children like chocolates and not sweets. damini is confused and asks why would there be children. He says that shaurya is still a child, and when they take stuff for urmi, and nothing for shaurya, he would feel bad. ishaan is shocked to hear this and turns around to face his father. Anirudh assures ishaan that the bahu of their house shall be only urmi. Sandhya and damini are enraged, while ishaan is shell shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Thus show is giving me a headache.Are they going down the road with this foolishness as other shows did in the past about mothers do not like .My problem with these mothers ,when their daughters got married before and are divorced why do they find a man to marry them but when is their prized son they always create a problem.In this modern educated world ,do people still look for a wife or husband for their children.Come writers .there is a word name freedom,liberation from certain chains that bind your life..Rahaan loves her,not as a divorcee but as a good woman, a good mother and a virtuous beautiful lady,who is strong and intelligent.

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