Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha shouting about her victory. LD is sorry for his team as he deliberately lost the challenge. Radha hugs Shyamali, Jhanvi, Suhasini and Jayshree. Daddu calls LD and asks him to meet in the garden area. He asks Jayshree to send his tea there. She says ok. He reminds Dadi bua about their conversation the previous day. He says I thought to see the result, but I am seeing something else. He asks her to think about her move. LD gets worried as Dada ji called him.

Dada ji asks Govind, when did he start working with him? Govind says he was 19 years old. Dada ji comes to LD and says we sent you to city to get higher education, but you couldn’t complete your education. He asks about his age. LD says 21 years. Govind says you should he ashamed to tell your age. Dada ji says he wants to know his thinking. LD says sorry. Dada ji says from today you will sit with me at the shop. LD gets shocked and refuses to sit in the shop. Govind scolds him for roaming around Radha after getting expelled from college. Radha comes there with tea. She keeps the tray and leaves. LD agrees with Dada ji’s decision. Radha hears him. Jayshree keeps some vegetable on Suhasini’s way while she is talking to Sadhna. She turns and keeps on leg on Jayshree’s hand. Jayshree gets irked. Suhasini asks is this potato rolled and came here.

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LD thinks I have to sit on the shop now finally. He plays carrom board alone. Radha comes to give tea and says your high profile meeting ended soon. Did you get beaten by sir? LD says it is not funny. Radha says she really enjoyed a lot. LD asks her to keep tea and leave. Radha says shall I leave you for sometime. LD says yes. She asks him to cry infront of her. LD says he is not in a mood to joke.

LD says he is already in tension. Radha says don’t you realize that you are wasting my time. You don’t have any plan and ambition. You would have sit at shop after doing your class 10th, atleast you wouldn’t have wasted money. Dada ji comes and asks do you have any objection. He says I think you are very worried about LD’s future. He says LD studies in college and will use his knowledge to increase our business. LD says you are thinking her wrongly. Dada ji asks him not to lose his self esteem. He tells about parents taking care of children and then children leaving their parents. Radha says she was saying the same thing. Dada ji says he doesn’t have time and asks LD to get ready. Radha thinks time has come for me to return to Mumbai.

Radha tells Suhasini that she is getting fat with white hairs. She says we shall return home. Dadi Bua comes there with Jayshree. She says I have decided for Radha’s test from today. Radha and Suhasini get shocked. Dadi Bua says time has tome to test her. Suhasini says ok, I will help Radha. Dadi Bua asks Radha to make today’s food. She forbids Jayshree and Suhasini to enter kitchen.

Jayshree changes the grains’ names sticker in the kitchen. LD gets worried and thinks to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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