Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun and Gauri dancing on the song Huwa Chokra Jawaan re. He asks her to get Poorvi. Everyone dance. Poorvi sees Arjun taking Gauri to the corner. He looks at her and smiles making her jealous. He kisses Gauri. Lahu muh lag gaya………………plays……………………Arjun takes the other girl and kisses her. Poorvi sees this and is shocked, plus angry as Arjun is cheating Gauri. She thinks he is so clever that they both won’t understand. He dances with everyone, including Neelima acting sweet and humble. Everyone clap. Lakshya and Nisha sit on the chairs. Poorvi says she forgot Nisha’s ring and sends her home. Arjun messages the other girl and asks her to come in the room.

Poorvi looks on. Arjun removes his sherwani and sings. The girl comes to her and smiles. He says she is looking good. Poorvi invites Arjun’s other GF. She says Arjun is in his room, you can meet him. Gauri comes and says why did you call me, did you get the ring. Poorvi says yes, it was in my purse. The girls react seeing Arjun double timing and scolds him. They start fighting. Arjun closes his eyes. Poorvi tells Gauri that Arjun is waiting for her in his room, go and meet him. Gauri says how did your heart change so soon, its true you care for me a lot and you are my best friend.

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Arjun says hello hello….. I like you both, there is no third one, Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli. Gauri comes there and is shocked seeing him in vest with both of them. She says you cheated on me, I did not think you are so cheap, Poorvi always warned me but I did not listen to her, I felt you are mine, Poorvi was right, you are a cheap and clever man, I was mad to love you. Arjun says what cheater, I just talked, I did not say I love you, I said I like you, and when I spent time, did you all not enjoy, tell me.

Gauri says I thought we both love each other and marry. Arjun says marriage? My dad will fix my marriage, romance is just enjoyment. Gauri cries and leaves with other girls. Poorvi looks on. Arjun sees her and Poorvi says now you understand whats humiliation, I did this infront of your three BFs. He says you are talking about them, if I want, they can come back. She says your dream won’t be fulfilled. He says it will be and shuts the door. He says I don’t leave my work incomplete, I was romancing and you stopped me, when a man’s desire is left in complete, he does not think who is infront of him.

He scares her and gets closer to her, shutting her mouth. He says I m able to see you, right now I don’t care. Someone calls Arjun. He asks Poorvi not to shout, if anyone see you here, they will ask what happened and think it happened which did not happen. He moves away and says he will leave her, but don’t come to a man at this time, you will lose respect and will be used. Poorvi says she does not care about anyone, her family knows her, and she hates him. She starts leaving and he holds her hand. He says if I want, I can get Gauri in my arms in 24 hours. Poorvi says you will fall more if you fly high. Gauri won’t come back.

Arjun says lets bet, will you give me what I want, if Gauri comes. She accepts the bet saying Gauri won’t come back, if I win, you have to leave college forever. He says done. She leaves. He says bet, with me, its too much, she will regret a lot, Miss Poorvi Dayal. Nirbhik asks his dad to talk to Neelima about the file. Bachcha Singh says no, I m sure there is no need to talk, but son Arjun will manage, he is a diamond. Poorvi and Nidha pacify Gauri. Gauri cries and hugs Poorvi, apologizing for not listening to her. Poorvi says it was a bad dream, its good you saw his truth.

Nisha’s mum calls them for the engagement. Arjun manages everything. Poorvi thinks he is normal as if nothing happened. Gauri says she is going to her room. Watan gets Nisha’s dress and burns it after stepping his shoes on it. He stands there and smiles. Poorvi and Gauri walk towards the room. Arjun comes in the way and smiles. Hua Chokra Jawaan re…………….plays…………….. He gives his hand to some other girl and makes Gauri jealous. Gauri and Poorvi are shocked. ARjuns ays sorry, if my hand touched you.

Gauri scolds Arjun. Arjun sends the girl. She says fine Bhaiya. He says she is my cousin, you feel I m bad, I told you I love only you, right now also, you feel people lie who love each other. He influences Gauri. Poorvi looks on. He says you ended our love, you have hurt my heart, I will punish myself. He takes a knife and asks her to kill him. Gauri cries. Poorvi starts worrying. Gauri cuts his sherwani by the knife saying I hate you. Gauri leaves. Arjun takes it light and laughs.

Arjun asks Poorvi why is he always after him. Poorvi says I don’t think you will win the bet, call college and asks them to keep your TC read, I have seen what Gauri did, she hates you now. He says don’t jump so much, 24 hours is long time, I don’t want you to wait, lets make it 4 hours and I will win. He says Gauri loves me, she torn my clothes and did not hurt me. He says you will see her in my arms soon, and be ready, as you will dance on my fingers. She says if you try to force Gauri, I will forget I m in your home and call police. He says call ladies police, it will be fun. He says I never force any girl, my style is powerful that I can get any girl. Poorvi leaves. Arjun laughs and says its fun.

Gauri hugs Arjun. He smiles. Poorvi is shocked. Arjun says you know the bet, I can do anything.

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