Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says Hetal that she will convince Urmila to attend engagement somehow. Roomathi sees people on main door and says someone has come. Pari says she called people to decorate house. Ahem comes down and asks Kokila if they can avoid this. Pari says though it is Jigar’s second marriage, it is her first marriage and she wants to celebrate it as she was waiting for this day since many years. She says she is not even calling her friends and when she goes back to Delhi, she wants to show it to them. She requests Jigar to agree. Jigar says let her do what she wants. Pari gets happy and takes people in to decorate house.

Urmila cries looking at Rashi’s pic. She gets Kokila’s call, picks and asks how dare she is to call her. Kokila says she can understand he pain and anger and says just like it is difficult for her to tolerate this, it is difficult for them too and they took this decision for children’s sake, now Rashi is no more and kids will get mother as Pari. She says she has seen true love in Pari’s eyes for Jigar and says things will be just like before. She requests her to attend engagement for her grandchildren and Jigar’s sake. Urmila agrees. Kokila thanks her and says now that she has permitted her, she will invite Dhaval, Kinjal and Madhuben. Urmila thinks she will not let this engagement happen.

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Pari and Jigar’s engagement ceremony starts. Kokila shows engagement ring to everyone. Hetal says Jigar that her papa didn’t get flight tickets, so he cannot come. Kokila says it okay as we are all here. Rajasthani dancers start dancing. Kokila asks Pari why did she call them. Pari says at least some hungama should be there and says since she does not like film dance, she arranged traditional gujrati dance. She requests her to dance wit her, Kokila hesitates but agrees on Baa’s approval. Pari then also drags Hetal and Gopi to dance. She goes near Jigar, but he acts as speaking on phone and leaves. He sees Rashi’s photo and apologizes her. Urmila comes with her family and is shocked to see the hungama. Pari greets Urmila and Kinjal and hugs them. She drags them to dance, but don’t. Urmila sees engagement ring in temple and steals it. She keeps her bag nearby and starts dancing with Rashi.

Kokila asks to stop dancing and start engagement ceremony. She asks Gopi to bring engagement ring from temple. Gopi is shocked to see engagement ring missing. She informs about it to Kokil and says she searched whole temple but did not find it. Pari says someone stole her ring and says saw someone going towards temple and she is sure she stole it. Kokila asks her to be clear. Pari says Urmila stole her ring and says she saw her going towards temple and goes into flashback where Urmila steals ring. Urmila says she did not steal. Pari asks if she has not stolen, then why is she tensed and asks her to give her purse. Kokila says Urmila has come to attend engagement and she is our relatives, what proof she has that Urmila stole ring. Pari says she will prove it now, checks Urmila’s purse but does not find it. Urmila is confused who stole ring from her bag. Kokila apologizes Urmila for Pari’s misbehavior. Pari’s dad says we will search ring together. Pari alleges Gopi and asks her to stop her drama and give her ring back. Gopi says why will she stoop to such low level when she has accepted her as her devrani. Kokila says my Gopi bahu will never do that. Pari says she has proof and shows a knot in her pallu. Gopi checks knot and finds ring in it. Pari asks how did she get ring in her pallu and says she does not want her to marry Jigar and kick me out of house. She says she did not believe she will stoop to this level.

Precap: Pari asks Gopi what did she mix in turmeric paste. Kokila checks and smells paint in it.

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  1. Urmilla go away, why r u stopping the engagement. They look so good together. Thanks Mr. Writer and please don’t stop this serial.

  2. idotic serial…. kokila is big fool… she lyk radha first bt finally undrstood she that radha is a froud.. and nw pari also lyk that… both pari radha try to trap gopi.. the serial is repetng same ….

  3. Jigar will not marry pari

  4. Plez put an end 2 this serial!!!!!

  5. Pls pls end this serial….It is a sincere request. It has become so boring to watch.

  6. Why all modiss keep on being shocked after seeing the ring on gopis saree……..y don’t they believe that gopi won’t do like this!!!!!!!! They must have shut Paris mouth who keep on alleging gopii

  7. John…… R u Pari the ugly lady’s fan?!?!??!!!!! Stupid

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