Bandhan 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpna and ganehs go to school. everyone welcomes him. Except fpr pinky and her brothers. Raghav says look the wild is here. Wait and see what we will do to him. Everyone looks quite afraid too. Darpan says don’t be scared of him. he is a small kid like us. A kid says he is an elephant not kid. Darpan sys yeah he is an elephant but he is my brother. He is younger brother of me. We live forest because my papa his forest ranger. A girl says how can he live in your hosue. darpan says he does what your all brothers can do. Raghav says I will hit him a lot. Everyone is requested to to touch ganesh and go to class rooms.
Prabha is making rangoli. she asks tara to call basant. bhao comes to their house with a teddy bear. He says we came to meer ganesh and darpan. Prabha says they are in school. she says Mahesh isn’t home as well. He says I just came. This teddy is for darpan. prabha sys they are both in school. He says okay then I will give it to darpan. she says we can’t accept so many gifts. He says this is the feeling of my heart. This is a thanks for saving pinky. Prabha says when you meet her next time give something small. bhao says I can’t come in. Mahesh asks me to stay away form his family. Prabha is shocked. he says I came to meet ganehs and darpan for one last time. I have to go now. He is leaving. He starts coughing. Prabha says are you okay? come in please. He says no I ma fine. Prabha says come in please. He says no Mahesh asked me not to come. prbha sys no please come in. bhao asks his men to bring in the gifts as well.

pinky and her brothers plan to tease ganesh. Raghav says wow darona your brother is cool. Ganesh farts. Everyone feels so bad. darpan says I asked you not to do this. Raghav says my brother sanju does the same. but he is the champ of football. Darpan says my brothe can play football as well. Raghav says lets see who wins my brother or yours. The competition starts. In which ganesh and sanju have to kick the ball. Sanju says this elephant know nothing. Ganesh comes in the ground and dances. Everyone cheers for him. Raghav says stop it. They kick the ball and ganesh wins it. He says darpan your brother is so cool. sanju you can’t win. Raghav says lets start a race between sanju and ganehs. Ganesh says no stop it. Raghav says this mean that you lied. Ganesh agrees for the run. Raghav says lets meet after the school.

bhao drinks water and says thank you. she asks are you okay? he says yes. I love darpan a lot. When I see the love of ganesh and darpna it makes me happy and reminds me of my brother. Bhao asks his men to place the gifts in. bhao says yes I have a younger brother. she says where is he? He says he is in jail. Mahesh has sent him to jail. Its not Mahesh’s fault.

After the school race starts. Raghav says this will be the best brother race between ganesh and sanju. Raghav says the finishing line has red ribbons. The one who crosses it will win. Darpan says you don’t need this race to prove you are already the best brother. Raghav says to sanju take the long way no one knows that the short cut is closed. Sanju says he will lose for sure. The race starts. darpan says you have to win ganehs. You have to cross the line

bhao says tell me if there is a wrong guy will his whole neighborhood be wrong. I just make idols. He is about to go Mahesh comes in.

The kids starts running. Sanju is leading. Darpan says run fast ganesh. Raghav places bananas in the short way so ganesh follows then and gets stuck. He says lets see what will happen now.

Mahesh says what are you doing here? prabha says he brought these gifts for him. Prabha says he got ill so I asked him to come in. Mahesh says I asked you to stay away from my famly. Bhao says bhabhi ji called me in. prabha says he had an asthma attack. Mahesh says basant throws all the gifts out. mahehs throws the teddy out as well.

Precap- ganesh and sanju both are nea the finishing line. Darpan says run golu you can win

Update Credit to: Atiba

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