Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Watan asking Nisha why does she hate him. He says you hate me as I forced you to mart me, its fine, I will leave you free, we will get separated. She asks what is he saying. He says I m saying it, we are free, total freedom. She leaves her somewhere. She asks what will I do here, leave me home, how can you leave me here. He leaves. Nisha says where am I. Few goons come there and tease her. They ask why is she crying, and we can help you. She asks them to leave her. The goon hold her and slap her. Watan comes home and looks on. Nisha runs to him and says thanks you came, you did not know what were they doing. He says stop, they were obeying my orders. He gives them money and they leave. Nisha is shocked.

He says I wanted to see fear in your eyes, you did not take any step towards me, and you slapped me, what did you think I don’t care, I don’t have any self esteem. He says the men who misbehaved and slapped you, you will never forget this, I want you to always remember this, else I will not leave you. He says now tell me where did Arjun go, as whenI asked you, you were lying. She says he went to meet Poorvi’s parents to talk about his marriage with Poorvi. Watan is shocked. Lakshya tells commissioner that Arjun wants to make Poorvi run away, when Poorvi has told him that she will not run. He says we will arrest him today. Poorvi hears this and is shocked. Gauri sees her calling Arjun from landline and stops her.

She says you were going to tell everything to Arjun right. She sees everyone coming and cries saying I m doing this for your good, Arjun has to be arrested. Poorvi says Arjun and I love each other. She asks Neelima why did she lie to her, please don’t do this, Gauri is lying, Arjun is a real good guy, he loves me, and Gauri knows this, she is jealous so she is doing this. Gauri says its Arjun’s magic. Poorvi ass Neelima not to do this, don’t involve police, its not his mistake, you are doing this to take revenge from Bachcha Singh. Neelima says I m doing this for you, you can hate me if you want.

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Arjun comes to meet them, and Neelima asks him to go, saying Poorvi said you are not good for him. Dayal and Gauri shut Poorvi’s mouth. Arjun says I can’t believe this, call her, you can’t separate us, if you don’t call her, I will take her. Lakshya says I wanted you to tell this and calls police. Arjun is shown guns and handcuffs. Poorvi runs out and asks Arjun to run, they all want to trap him. Arjun is shocked. Poorvi says I m sorry, I believed my family, you said it right, they will not understand us. Arjun says I did not run till now, but today we will run infront of everyone. He aims gun at Poorvi and asks then not to come close.

He says he can do anything for his love, they call him cheater and they have cheated me. He says I will kill her. Gauri says he won’t do anything, he loves Poorvi a lot. The commissioner says you said he does not love Poorvi, we can’t take chances. Arjun and Poorvi run away in the police jeep. Watan and Bachcha Singh are on the way. Bachcha Singh says I will never let Arjun and Poorvi unite. He comes to Neelima’s house. She says she called police to expose Arjun, and his son has made her daughter run away. He claps and says I don’t need anyone to stop you, I don’t backstab, whatever I do is by telling.

He says you used my daughter to ruin my respect, now you are using your daughter to trap my son, and using my son to trap me. She says we did not trap your son. Watan shouts and scolds Neelima. He says Poorvi has trapped Arjun seeing our status, if she has values, why did she run. The commissioner says they will find them. Bachcha Singh says I will find my son, he can never be caught, and I know whats his smartness. He leaves with Watan. They sit in the car and plan to find Arjun. He says we have to make Arjun marry Tanu, else everything will be ruined, it will be big loss.

Arjun and Poorvi come far. He says I did not think I will have to do this. She says you did not do wrong, my family was wrong, I want to say you sorry, my family planned against you, I m very happy that I m with you. He says you did not wish to choose anyone from family and me. She says I love you, and my family did not understand what I want, they would have cheated me. Arjun says don’t worry, our love is strong than their hatred. She says I know, but I m upset that they did this. I never thought I will see this day. He says I promised you I will let you cry, and you are crying today. He wipes her tears. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………plays…………… He hugs her.

Neelima thinks when did Poorvi change so much, did I give less values to her. Lakshya calls her and says he has lodged the FIR, he will reach home in some time. He tells Dayal that mum is alone at home. Dayal says you and Poorvi are her weakness, I know she can’t bear all this. A goon comes to Neelima. She hears some sound and goes to see. Its all dark. The goon hides. She switches on the electricity and gets electrocuted. She falls.

Bachcha Singh tells Watan that he wants Arjun alive. Arjun proposes to Poorvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I guess dey nvr try to unite these two…..

  2. i wish dey stay together ….cute couple

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