Maharana Pratap 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap stops Patta from taking a step further on land. Pratap holds his hand. Patta tries to break free but in the process, his sword falls at a distance and there is an explosion. Pratap and Patta look at it in shock. Patta realises that he could have died because of this explosion. Pratap understands that the whole land is covered with hidden mines. Collect some stones and be very careful. Patta and Pratap pick up a few stones lying nearby and walk forward ever so carefully. Pratap starts throwing a few stones ahead one by one to see if the landmine is nearby or not. such explosions continue to happen after they walk a little further. Thereafter they continue walking towards their destination.

Pratap and Patta notice many Afghan soldiers standing at a distance. They are manning their cannons and other weapons.

VB, Maan and CK are getting the stuff ready to be taken to Bijolia for Ajabde. CK is really excited though Maan doesn’t want DB (bhootni) to come with them. She is coming along. VB reminds them that they too would take a gift for their bhabhi sa. Go and take anklets and bangles from our royal jeweller. The girls leave. VB’s smile slowly fades away as she gets thinking.

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Hakim Khan tells Pratap and Patta to stop right there. He applauds them for breaking his security and entering his area. Pratap says at times these borders that you make for your enemies can easily hurt your prospective friends too. Hakim Khan is curious to know who they are. You should know that I really hate princely / people belonging to royal families. Pratap gives his intro. I have brought a proposal of friendship for you. Will you be on our side? Hakim Khan rebukes him for thinking of something like this. He aims a bullet at them but it doesn’t hurt either Pratap or Patta. Hakim Khan continues to fire at them which angers Pratap. Hakim Khan says I fired so many bullets but neither did you get scared nor did you blink your eyes even for a second. Do you want to die? Pratap denies. when I trust someone then I trust them for life. Hakim Khan continues to try to provoke him but Pratap is all calm. I have heard that you never miss your target. But when your first bullet missed me I realised that you don’t intend to kill us. This gave me faith. He talks well about a true Rajput and a true Pathan. Hakim Khan continues to cross question me. why did you think that I wont retort? Do I not look like an attacker to you? Pratap shakes his head. I know this is the main difference between you and Mughals. Mughals are barbarous, they torture people and steal their hard earned money whereas you love your people and abide by your words. Hakim Khan is impressed. You are exactly what I have heard about you. Now you can go back from here. You wont get any help. Pratap stops him. I have come here to extend a hand of friendship towards you. We have a common enemy – Mughals. Our coming together is beneficial for both of us. Thereafter you can save your people from those Mughals easily. Hakim Khan (HK) replies that they (Afghans & Rajputs) have been arch enemies and the trend will continue. We have tackled those Mughals once, and will do it again in case such a situation arises. You can go now. Pratap tells Patta to come. Patta is really angry yet he obliges. One of the Afghan soldiers loads his cannon and lights it. Pratap senses it and stops in his tracks. He throws his dagger in its direction and it goes straight inside that same cannon which explodes there itself. Hakim Khan loses his cool. He aims towards them again but this time Patta tells him to stop. Pratap stands there holding his sword angrily. Hakim Khan points out how they have been talking about friendship a while back. This is our reality. We can only be enemies. We can never be friends. You can go. Hakim Khan has spared you. Both of them start walking back again.

VB is in tears as she lights the diya in front of God. She recalls how DB has been filling Rana ji’s ears against Ajabde. She prays to Devi Ma. This guilt is not letting me live peacefully that Ajabde and Pratap got separated because of me. thank you so much for uniting them once again. DB interrupts her. you are lying to Devi Ma. You should actually apologize to her today. DB does that for VB. Forgive her Devi Ma. She (VB) is going to the same thing again that she has been doing since years. She is going to be the reason behind Ajabde and Pratap’s separation. VB is confused.

Saubhagyawati notices Ajabde drawing something. She talks about the contrasts in Ajabde – the fiery fighter and this soft Ajabde. You are making this to welcome Pratap right. Ajabde denies. I am writing my well wishes for you. This too will go with you in your Gauna. I am sure you will keep this safely with you like all the rest of the things. Saubhagyawati says I wont take it along with me. you should keep this with yourself. These self written well wishes will surely unite you and Pratap once again very soon. Ajabde smiles.

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VB asks DB how that can be when she is not going to Bijolia. Plus why would I do it? DB replies that she will do it as per her wish. VB denies. Pratap is getting his happiness back in his life after so long. I wont fall in your words again. I wont do something like this again. DB tells her to stop her drama. I know how much you are worried about Pratap. Pratap loved his Ma very much but she left this palace because of you only. VB denies doing anything like that but DB continues to blame her for it. You only had said so much to her which is why she left. VB recalls her own harsh words to JB. DB says I blamed Ajabde for everything just to save you. Flashback of US blaming Ajabde for JB leaving the palace is shown. I had helped you so much VB and had only expected you to help me in doing anything and everything to make sure that Ajabde never comes back here. VB reasons that Rana ji has asked her (DB) to go to BIjolia. DB assures her that she has already told Rana ji that VB will go to Bijolia as I will have to stay here to make the rest of the preps to welcome our beloved DIL. Rana ji has agreed for it too so you get ready to go to Bijolia. You will have to do all that I want you to do. If Ajabde comes back here then I will throw you out of this palace. In fact not I but Rana ji and your favourite Pratap will do that. DB leaves. Maan has heard the entire convo as she hides behind a pillar.

Ajabde again asks Saubhagyawati to take the piece of cloth but finally agrees to keep it with herself on Saubhagyawati’s insistence. She doesn’t realise when the cloth catches fire. Both of them are sad to notice the whole cloth on fire.

Patta tells Pratap that he has been saying that there is no point talking to this mad Hakim Khan. You stopped me or I would have taken care of him then only. Pratap tells him to be quiet as he hears something. He asks Patta to concentrate too. The sound is of horses’ hoofs. It seems many horses are heading to this side. they get down their horses and look out from the mountain top. They notice the big Mughal army that is heading towards Sasaram. Pratap says this means our informers were right about it. That Mughal is thinking of involving Hakim Khan in their army. Patta feels that Mughals are actually going to attack on Sasaram, maybe they will destroy everything. Now Hakim Khan will realise the consequences of refusing your proposal. We should leave for CHittor now, we don’t have to think of these Mughals or Hakim Khan now. Let them fight. Pratap thinks that it will be a very big problem for the entire Rajputana if this Mughal army is successful in getting Hakim Khan at their side.

Precap: Hakim Khan tells Beer Mohammad about Pratap coming here to extend a hand of friendship towards them. Beer Mohammad (BM) gets happy. Shehanshah will be happy to hear it. there is no good in being friends with Rajputs. Someone (Pratap) shoots many arrows at the Mughal soldiers because of which they die. HK and BM are taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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