Laut Aao Trisha 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya gets tensed seeing a pic of her trying to shoot in news papers. She snatches it from Meghan and says she wants to see share market news. Once she gets into her room, she gets tensed thinking police wil l catch her now. Someone calls her and says he sent this gift only for her and if he wants, this news will be published. Lavanya thinks who was present when she was shooting Trisha.

Police see a boy unconscious in jungle. They check and find him alive, check his ID and get surprised seeing his name as Vivaan Swaika.

Gaurav and Sonali bring vivan home. Gaurav thinks what Vivan is thinking about him is wrong. Kabeer tells Pratik that his patrol team saw him in jungle unconscious and it was because of drug overdose. Amrita thanks Kabeer to save Vivan. Pratik says it is because of Vivan’s upbringing by egoistic mom and spineless father and tries to walk out. Kabeer stops him and Pratik asks him to stop following him and to find out hte culprit. Amrita says Pratik with his bad behiour, he has made many enemies and shooter is one among them. Pratik says he is seeing hate in her eyes. Kabeer tries to interfere, but Pratik says all his close relatives betrayed him. Pratik says he is sure Trisha’s attacker planted bomb in his car and he should be careful now.

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Inspector interrogates Meghan. Lavanya says Meghan told she does not know anything. Inspector says if she does not speak up, he will take her to policed station for interrogation. Meghan remembers Lavanya goon hurriedly getting into call and says she will tell killer’s identity. He asks her to be careful as even her life is at risk with Pratik. She asks Lavanya if her life is at risk. Lavanya says no. Meghan says she saw that man. Lavanya asks which man. Meghan says who came to our house and he has same yellow car which she saw near bomb blast place, but she did not feel important to tell it to cops, else they would have unnecessarily interrogated her and she knows she would not implant bomb in the car she travels. Lavanya says never and says she is sure whoever is involved will be caught soon. Meghan says she too.

Trisha comes to Vivan’s room and asks why did he take drugs again, it is not good for his health. He says he cannot answer anything and does not want to talk to anyone, so she should leave him alone. Trisha says if he ever feels to share anything with her, she is there for him. Once she leaves, he searches drugs and is about to have it when Amrita holds his hand and asks why? He says sorry and asks her not to tell it to anyone.

Kabeer asks Lavanya when Pratik and Kushan know about her dad’s gun, why she does not. She says it is 25 years old gun and she does not remember anything. He says that gun is used by shooter to shoot Trisha. Lavanya asks him to stop harrassing her. He says she is woriried htat she will speak up. She asks him to get some proof and come next time and leave now.

Aditya gives Trisha a gift wrap. She asks what is it. He says he is trying to cheer her up, so he brought her chocs. She sees choc box and gets afraid. He says he thought she likes those chocs. She says Kushan used to give her same chocs, so she got afraid and asks him to get her well soon like an old Trisha. He says she will be alright and wil smile again, but for that she has give time for herself, everyone are there with her. She thanks him for his encouraging words. Meghan comes there and gets angry seeing them together.

Varsha comes to interrogate Kushan and asks police officers to wait outside. They move out. She asks Kushan to tell the people he know, she will note them down and will allow them meet him. He asks if she will promise. She says yes. He says Pratik Swaika. She says next. He says Pratik Swaika. She asks next, he repats same. She asks if he does not remember anything else. He says he wants to kill Pratik. She asks if he does not remember her son Bobby’s name. He says he wants to kill Pratik. She says he told he will tell names, so she promised, but now she will not. He strangulates her. Guards rescue her.

Kabeer meets Varsha and says he would not have involved her in this case. She says she is involved since the beginning and wants to continue. He asks if she wants to become detective and not doc and says who will do household chores and cook for him. They both laughs. she says they should get Kushan’s wish of killing Pratik to know his exact condition. He asks what if Pratik gets gun and Pratik stands in front of him. She says he will shoot Pratik. Kabeer says he will do the same and will get Pratik and gun with fake bullets.

Kabeer informs about his plan to Pratik and he agrees. Trisha and Amrita get concerned about him. Pratik says Amrita that she does not have to show fake concern and says Trisha that untile he gets culprits punished, nothing will happen to him and asks Kabeer when they should do it.

Kabeer comes home and sees Varsha cooking there. He asks when Kushan strangulated her, if she got insane and came here instead of going to her home. She says he was apologizing in the morning and now scolding. He asks her to prepare sweets also. She asks if Pratik agreed. He says yes. She asks him to be careful. He says he has checked many times and taken permission from higher authorities, nothing will happen.

Pratik’s officer discuss that they have loaded gun and informed Pratik and Kabeer also. Lavanya comes there. Officer says they have to change plan and he will inform Kabeer. Kabeer loads gun and keeps it in cupboard. Varsha calls him and says she has reached hospital and has asked staff to confine Kushan in chains so that his movement is restricted. He asks her to take care.

Kushan eagerly waits for Pratik. Varsha comes there and says as promised, she has brought Pratik here. He asks her to bring him there.

Kabeer tells PRatik that he has loaded fake bullet in cartridges and gives him fake blood packet to keep it in his shirt. He asks why is that. He says this is to make Kushan believing that he really killed Pratik. He gives him bullet proof jacket, but Pratik yells at him that he left business meetings to know Kushan’s reality and will not wear it. Kabeer asks officer to bring gun. Some burqa clad lady enters room and exchanges fake bullets with original one. Officer comes in, takes gun and leaves from there.

Pratik comes in front of Kushan and says he is feeling sorry for him and if it was in his control, he would have hanged him. Kushan silently hears him. Pratik says if he was a real man, he would have taken revenge from him and not his daughter, so he killed Bobby. Kushan tries to strangulate him saying he will kill him but he is confined in chain and cannot move. Pratik continues to provoke him and says he is incapable of even touching him and he is his puppy dog. Kushan continues shouting that he will kill him. Offices throws gunin front of Kushan. Pratik provokes him to shoot him if he is really daring. Varsha asks Kabeer to tell Pratik to get ready blood blast else Kushan will know that bullets are fake.

Kushan shoots at Pratik and he falls down. Peons take Kushan from there. Kabeer comes and asks Pratik to get up. Officer comes and says blood pouches did not break. Kabeer realizes Pratik was shot with real bullets and rushes him out from there. He asks officer to show him CCTV footage of 1 hour from here.

Varsha checks Kushan, but he is silent. Kabeer asks if he spoke. Varsha says he is not. Kabeer tells someone replaced real bullet and Pratik was saved on time. Varsha is shocked to hear that and asks who did it. He says either Kushan, Lavanya or another shooter who tried to kill Trisha. Varsha asks if Pratik is fine. He says bullet just touched his arm and left, he got stitches and will go home soon and thanks her for forcing him to make Pratik wear bullet proof jacket. She says as a doctor she had to take precautions and since is involved, she did not want to get him into trouble. Kabeer gets Amrita’s call who asks if Pratik is fine. He says both Kushan and Pratik are fine, but Pratik got some stiches. Amrita asks what happened. He says someone replaced fake bullets with real one. Amrita is shocked to hear that and asks how can he be so careless when he knows someone tried to kill Pratik before. He says Pratik is fine now and she does not have to worry.

Trisha comes and asks Amrita if Papa is fine. She says he is. Trisha says she has stopped think about it and wants to move ahead in life. Amrita says even she wants the same and wants her to be happy, but she has to be careful. Trisha says yes and hugs her.

Lavanya reminisces Kushan killing Bobby. She gets a call from killer who asks if she knows Meghan’s mail ID’s password as he is sending pics to her mail ID. She requests him not to send them, calls Meghan and asks her to give her e-mail ID’s password as her account is not working. Meghan says password is bobbymybro. Lavanya checks email and says killer is just trying to frighten her. Killer calls and says he was just frightening her. She asks if he is trying to play with her. He says he has more interesting facts about her than pics and says Trisha was shot with 2 guns and asks her to check with Kabeer as he is searching another gun. She asks how does he know. He says he is the second shooter and asks her to check her email. she sees video footage and thinks he was the one who shot Trisha.

Precap: Kabeer’s officer’s catch bomb blaster and he agrees to tell the truth. Lavanya says Trisha was shot with 2 different guns. Pratik asks Amrita if she wants to know who exchange bullets.

Update Credit to: MA

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