Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bachcha Singh saying he is worried for Arjun, as he is mad in Poorvi’s love and can do anything, I know he will try to do anything to save her, and now I feel he has helped hr in saving Lakshya from police. Nirbhik says he will be fine, he is being kiddish. Bachcha Singh says no, I know him very well, he is very determined and if he is determined now, then it can be very dangerous. Nirbhik says its all about Neelima, she has made our lives hell. Watan says we should teach a big lesson to Neelima, so that her soul should shaken up, and she should never cross our ways.

Watan says Poorvi should be trapped dangerously that she should not see Arjun’s face, I want to insult her to take our insult’s revenge. Bachcha Singh says yes, you are right, enough of playing hide and seek. His wife listens to them. Bachcha Singh says the only solution is to kill Neelima. She gets worried. He says Poorvi and Arjun’s love will end, and Dayal can’t do anything then. Neelima asks Dayal to come for dinner. Dayal says he is worried, we know Arjun can trap Poorvi again in his love, what will we do.

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She pacifies him and calls commissioner. She says so sorry to call at night, the matter is a guy is troubling my daughter. She tells him everything. Arjun shuts the lights of the house, and enters the house to meet Poorvi. He holds Poorvi and hides seeing Neelima. He takes her out. She scolds him for kidnapping her. He asks yes, how could you ruin my love, its not weak. He asks did she think. He says I was made to do engagement drama, I was helpless, did you think my love is fake. She says don’t say this, you don’t love me, else you would have told this to everyone, not like this. She holds his collar and beats hhim, asking for an answer. He says beat me as much as you want, I love you a lot. She says you are doing drama, my mum says right, you all are same. You kidnapped me and proved this.

He says you said everything is over between us, and I did this going mad, you are my world, my everything. He asks did anyone force you to get engaged. Why should I listen to you, you will say you still love me, how much will you lie to me, else you would have told this to everyone, so I don’t trust you. He asks her to trust him, he can do anything, he saved his dad’s respect and did engagement, not by heart, he loves her and I m not saying your mum is wrong, I did it for media, else my family would have reacted angrily. She says I can’t trust you now, you have given me a big cheat.

He says cheat? Just ask your heart did I cheat you? She says I will listen to my mind, and it says you are a cheated and I don’t want to see your face. Arjun asks is this her last decision. She says yes. He aims gun on her head and she is shocked. Bachcha Singh gives Neelima’s supari to a goon. He gives money and says the work should be done soon, and there should not be any mistake. It should not look a murder, but any accident.

Poorvi scolds him. He says if you get any scratch, then I can’t live, how can I kill you, when you don’t trust me, then there is no reason to live, and if my life is meaningless, then I should die. He asks does she not trust him. She says no and acts rude. He gets really upset and aims gun on his head. He says I m not doing for you, I got this gun for me, and I m asking you last time, you trust my love or not, I will count till three. He starts counting, and says 1,2, and 3. She takes the gun and asks what is he doing, is he mad, if anything happens to him, then…. She cries. He asks do you love me, do you trust me. She says I love you a lot and trusts you a lot. She says I would have died if anything happened to you. He hugs her and says now we will have just love between us, no one else. The goon sees Neelima’s pic and crosses it.

Arjun says we don’t have any option than to run away and marry, our families won’t support us. Poorvi says if I leave my family, they will break, they will be hurt, I can’t do this. She says my mum will understand me, I will talk to her, she always agreed to me and supported me, I will tell her everything, if she believes our love is true, then she will agree, as she did your sister’s marriage. Arjun says I know your mum does not like me, I know my dad, he will do anything wrong, I want to marry you soon. She agrees and hugs him.

Poorvi thinks how to tell Neelima, about Arjun helping her always and she loves Arjun a lot, from where to start. She talks to family. Dayal says we will get you married and shift from this city. Poorvi is shocked and says she can’t marry anyone, as she loves only Arjun. They are shocked.

Neelima tells Dayal that Arjun has to pay penalty this time and calls commissioner. Arjjun apologizes and breaks engagement with Tanu, saying he loves someone else and will marry his love.

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