Itti Si Khushi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha looks at the watch. It is just 10 pm. Dadi ji watches tv till 10. She gets up and is all restless. She tidies her bed, Akku’s too but is not able to pass time. She reads an article while cutting her nails and smiles. Akku is happy seeing her thus. Neha says Aman should do this. Akku says you love Aman jiju a lot. Neha says we should leave now. The girls high five and leave for Goyal House.

Neha and Akku find Jayanti sleeping peacefully. Akku notices the bottle is still full. Neha signals her to hide under the bed and she too joins Akku. They start making ghostly noises hearing which Jayanti wakes up. Neha scares her saying that she will go to hell. Akku adds that the evil spirit is roaming around her. Jayanti gets scared. I don’t want to die single. Please save me. Neha says she is the white witch. I will take you to hell. Jayanti pleads to Devi Ma to save her. Neha reminds her of the bottle, drink it. Jayanti gulps it down in one go. please save me Baba ji. I don’t want to go to hell. She feels better and then lies down to sleep.

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Neha calls out for Jayanti and holds out a red dress for her. your baraat has come. Jayanti wakes up and is under the effect of brandy. She sees 3 Neha and Akku each. Akku and Neha call her bad. You will never get married as you have caused misunderstanding and differences in other people’s marriage. You will always remain single. You will become a ghost when you die. They start chanting it in unison hearing which Jayanti screams loudly. Akku and Neha hide behind the curtains immediately.

Gayatri, Aman and Kamini ji come inside to see what has happened to Jayanti. Jayanti asks Gayatri to save her. that Akku and Neha have come to kill me. Kamini ji says that cannot happen, how they will come here. Jayanti hears some other voice in Kamini ji’s voice and starts staring at her. She pushes Dadi ji, calling her a witch. Aman tries to interfere but Jayanti blames Kamini ji. She isn’t Dadi but a cheater. She is pushing me towards hell by making me do all the wrong things. She has got hold of me. She is not letting me get married. Kamini ji tries t say something but Jayanti continues to blame her as to how she is ruining innocent people’s lives. She has maligned my heart by luring me for things and by bribing me. She shows all the clothes and jewellery that Dadi had given to her to do wrong deeds. She requests Aman and Gayatri to save her. I will tell everything to everyone. Kamini ji asks her if she had bhang. Jayanti spills that it was her actually, who had mixed bhang in Neha’s laddoo. Aman and Gayatri ji are shocked. She relates the whole incident to Aman and Gayatri. Kamini ji denies. why would I do it? Jayanti also speaks up about how she had forced her to change the containers because of which the halwa got all salty. Kamini ji calls her a liar but Jayanti tells Gayatri to go and check Dadi’s trunk. You will find all your missing jewels there. Dadi ji had told me to steal them and I did that. Dadi has troubled Neha a lot, and has ruined my life too. All the evil spirits are after me now as my heart is not pure.

Aman demands an explanation from Dadi. Jayanti tells him about the message that Dadi only had sent. Kamini ji slaps her. I should have adopted a dog instead as he would have been more faithful. Jayanti calls her unfaithful instead. How will you be good to anyone when you are not even good to your DIL or your kids? You are a serpent. You swallowed Neha as she was an innocent girl. Jayanti falls asleep. Kamini ji tells Aman that Jayanti is lying. A servant never speaks the truth. Aman says Jayanti Massi was not a servant till date. Swear on my head that Massi is lying. Kamini ji refuses to say anything at the moment. Jayanti talks in her sleep. Stay away from her Aman. She can even swear that she is pure. She might kill you too. Gayatri too asks for an explanation from Dadi ji.

Kamini ji says I did it all for your good. She (Neha) was not worth becoming the DIL of this house. You are my grandson. I dint want your life to be ruined by her. Aman tells her to stop. What kind of a love is this which is set to ruin your son’s life only? I love Neha and she is the DIL of this house. You dint think of yours, your DIL’s and your son’s respect. What has Neha done to you that you hate her so much? She is a simple girl who fell in your trap. I hate myself that I told her to go. even Gayatri is feeling bad. You should have kept to yourself if you dint like Neha, you dint have to talk to her in that case. But why did you punish her like this? Aman wonders what was she trying to do by ruining her own son’s life. I wont be able to face Neha ever because of you only. Gayatri notices the moving curtains. Who is there? Neha and Akku stand still but Gayatri goes and removes the curtains. They are surprised to see Neha and Akku.

Everyone looks at them in surprise. Aman asks Neha what she is doing here. Kamini ji puts the blame on her. she did this drama to malign my name. This was all her plan. Gayatri asks Neha what they are doing here at this hour. Dadi says she made Jayanti a pawn against me. You said Neha is a simple girl. she cannot do anything. She takes the bottle and makes Aman check it. This is alcohol. They made Jayanti drink it and speak under its effect. You continued to blame me and I kept quiet as I had no proof to explain it. but now you would have realised that I was right. Ask Neha now. Gayatri turns to Neha again. did you make Jayanti drink something? Both the girls keep quiet. Gayatri too thinks that they are behind all this.

Sunita ji wakes up to drink water. She notices Akku’s office files on table and goes to keep them in her room. She is surprised that both her girls are not at home at this hour. she calls out for them but gets no reply.

Gayatri and Kamini ji continue to probe Neha and Akku. Tell us what has happened to Jayanti Massi. Neha finally speak up. I have answer of your every question, but I was quiet earlier as you wanted a proof for everything. She turns to Aman. You too wanted a proof. I dint do any of those mistakes, someone made me do it. Jayanti Massi was not lying. Akku says the message was also sent by Jayanti Massi, not Didi, as Didi dint get that phone. Neha says Dadi ji doesn’t want us to be together. Kamini ji agrees. I always wanted that this wedding should not happen, it is known to everyone. But I accepted you when this marriage happened for real. Jayanti lied. Look at her, how will she speak truth in this condition. You guys have forced her to say all this.

Sandeep tells his mother not to worry. They will be here only. Sunita ji insists him to go out and check. The door is also open. He suggests her to call Akku first.

Kamini ji blames Neha and Akku for creating fight between the family members. Did you mother teach you all this? Akku gets her mother’s call. Gayatri tells her to pick up. Akku tells her mother that she is at Neha’s in-laws house. SUnita ji is taken aback. What are you doing there at this hour? I don’t want another drama. Gayatri takes the phone. She asks Sunita to come there asap. We will talk it out clearly now.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. THIS is BS…i mean if they still blame neha that supid the dadi accepted that she did all those thing if they still not agree than this show is going downhill

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