Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha holding the diya in her hand and crying. The temple bell rings. Raghu plays snake and ladder game, and laughs. He asks Billu to throw dead body in chawl. Billu says we will do the work when time comes. Raghu says it’s a problem where to throw the dead body, he is dead and still troubling us. Billu says we will throw the dead body in drainage. Raghu slaps him and says use mind as much as you have, you will throw dead body in chawl, so that everyone is scared of me. Raghu gets Pooja’s call and asks where is she. The goons take Shlok.Raghu asks Billu to show Shlok’s face for the last time, and take his pic too. He removes the black cloth and is shocked seeing its his goon. Shlok comes to Astha and makes the diya fall off her hand. Astha is shocked seeing him, and cries.

Astha faints. Shlok holds her and asks her to open her eyes. He sprinkles water on her face. Astha sees him and says Shlok….. She smiles and asks is he fine, nothing happened to you. She hugs him and cries happily. Shlok says I m fine, I m standing infront of you, nothing happened to me. He sees her palm burnt and is worried. He hugs her. Rekha thanks Bappa for sending Shlok. Shlok says lets go and prays to Bappa. They leave from the temple. Raghu gets angry and asks how did Billu do such a big mistake. Billu says everything is fine till police did not come, I think then Shlok exchanged himself. Raghu says he did a very big mistake, he does not know what will Raghu do with him.

He says he will burn everything, he has challenged me, I will meet you, see what happens, tell Lord to save you and chawl people. I m coming to get you. Sid comes to meet Varad and is shocked seeing Indrajeet Sarkar’s name on Shlok’s cabin name board and goes to Varad’s cabin. Varad asks him to sit. Sid says so many things changed, I saw someone else’s name plate outside Shlok’s cabin, and this cabin was of Niranjan’s. Varad says you have good memory, all this is still Niranjan and Shlok’s, I m waiting for Shlok to come back, I m handling it in his absence, I planned a surprise for Shlok, I made a new cabin for him, don’t tell this to Jyoti.

Sid smiles and says fine, everyone should have a brother like you, to be proud about, and sorry to ask, who is this Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad looks on shocked. Varad says he has new project with him. Sid says he is in hurry now, and apologizes to him. Varad asks about what. Sid returns the cheque to him, and says I know you gave this to help Jyoti, but I can’t take this, I want to do my sister’s marriage on my own. Varad smiles and says no need to say sorry, I m really proud of you, I would be happy if I would have helped you. Sid says thanks and leaves. Varad thinks thank God, Sid did not ask any more questions about Indrajeet.

Chowksi and all chawl people are happy to see Shlok back and smile. Chowksi says its good you are fine. Apsara is glad and asks him is he fine. Shlok says yes, and asks others. The people say we are fine, our hero is back and we will not be afraid now. Shlok says yes, our fight has just started and I want your support. They all agree to support him. Astha asks how did he know she is in temple. Shlok says I came in chawl and Sachin told me. She says I tried finding you everywhere and I went to temple. She says when Raghu knows you are alive, what will he do. They ask Shlok to leave the chawl with Astha. Shlok says why, we all should be united and no one can see our chawl again. He requests them to support him.

Chowksi says yes, we have to support him, its not his fight, its our fight too. He says we will give tension to Raghu. Astha says I m always with Shlok. Apssara says we all are with you. Shlok smiles. Varad comes home and tells Sojal that Indrajeet signed official partnership, and I will be the chairman. Sojal says its great, I m happy for you. He says not me, for us, I have to take some sign from Baba and everything will be ours. He says Sid came office to return the cheque, we have to help them, you know its imp that they support us, even when Shlok comes back. She says yes and smiles.

Shlok tells the chawl people that they have to be ready to answer Raghu. Raghu and his goons come there. The people get tensed seeing them. Raghu asks Astha is it party time and smiles. He says I came to kill your husband. He asks her to go and ask his last wish. Astha says you will die, my husband will kill you. She says we will try to fulfill your last wish. Raghu says see Billu, she is like her husband. Astha says yes, we are strong and brave, we are not afraid of you. Raghu asks the goons to take Astha and put her in the car. Shlok holds Astha and moves her. Raghu looks at Shlok.

He says hero has come, the protector of chawl people, you are alive and this is my favor on you, but your breath will not run for long. He asks the goons to kidnap Shlok. Shlok says if you have courage, come and fight with me. The goon goes to beat Shlok and Raghu stops them. He removes his watch. Shlok and Raghu look at each other.

Raghu beats Shlok. Astha cries seeing Shlok wounded and lying down. Raghu says your hero is gone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. nice epi but precap was not nice
    love u ashlok forever ummmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………………

  3. wat the hell

  4. What is this for bullshit and crap. I dont likr this serial anymore because since truth came out of niranjan this serial has gone to a low level.

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