Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun holding Bachcha Siingh’s hand and saying he will do what his heart wants. He leaves angering everyone. Poorvi says she could not stop herself, she fell in Arjun’s love, don’t know how she became a fool. She says he has always supported me, and stood by me, he fought with his family for me, and today we were going to say that we love each other, so that we should not cheat anyone, but he has cheated her by doing engaged to Tanu. Lakshya scolds Poorvi and Neelima stops him. Poorvi says let him scold me, I lied and cheated my family, I felt my love is true and one day you will accept him, but I was cheated, he did not love me and acted till now. She cries and says I m really sorry, please forgive me. She hugs Neelima.

Neelima calms her down and says it’s a mistake, reminds what his dad and brother did with Lakshya. She says forget everything, I know its not easy to forget first love, but I m with you, we will not judge or blame you, you can tell me and share things, I talk to you as your friend always. Neelima hugs her. Poorvi apologizes to Dayal and Lakshya too. Dayal hugs her and forgives her. Lakshya asks Neelima why did she forgive Poorvi so soon. Neelima says she realized her mistake, else I would have slapped her, she knows their truth now. He says what if her love revives again. Neelima says she knows what I will do then, she won’t love Arjun again, I will strict to her.

Nisha comes to Arjun and asks so you love Poorvi. He says yes, she is my life, I love her a lot. Nisha says love has war against families. Arjun says he is not afraid of anyone, as Poorvi is with her. Nisha asks caqn he protect Poorvi, his dad and Watan can do anything. Arjun says I know what they can do, I will not let anything to her, I can fight with anyone. Nisha says but you spent your life with comforts, can you live a poor life with Poorvi. Arjun says I don’t want anything, but my life Poorvi, I will marry her, else all this is nothing for me. Nisha says Poorvi is a good girl and her fate is so beautiful, as you love her a lot, I m with you, whenever you need my help, just tell me, I could not save my love, but I will help you. She cries and he leaves.

Tanu chooses wedding cards. Bachcha Singh comes to talk to Bhanu and Tanu about Arjun. Bhanu asks what is it. Bachcha Singh says what should I say, Arjun is adamant that he will marry in two days. Bhanu and Tanu smile. He says Arjun came to me and said he can’t wait long. Bhanu says how is it possible, I want to do it grand. Tanu says I know Arjun and my love has power, so he can’t wait, we will keep the marriage soon. Bhanu agrees and shows the cards. Tanu thinks Arjun is unable to wait, I know he is mad in my love.

Poonam and Karan come home, and are shocked seeing Bachcha Singh doing Poonam’s shraddha puja. His wife tries to stop him. Poonam cries and says he killed me in one day. Poonam asks Watan to stop dad. Watan looks at her with hatred. Bachcha Singh says I did Poonam’s shradh today, you are dead for me, my daughter is dead. Poonam cries. Poonam leaves with Karan, as Bachcha Singh ends all blood relations with her. Nisha pacifies Watan’s mum and says Poonam is free now, she and stay with her love, she will be happy.

Arjun comes to meet Poorvi. She gets angry seeing him, and says you broke all my dreams and killed my hope. Neelima and everyone looks on. Arjun tries to defend himself. Poorvi says you broke my trust. Gauri smiles. Poorvi breaks the birthday gift she bought for him and asks him to take it. She asks him to go away from her life and never come back. She goes to her room. Arjun sits and holds the house pieces. Dayal asks him to leave and Lakshya kicks him out. Gauri goes out to stop Arjun, and says she is so happy seeing his sad face. She says you left me for Poorvi, and today she left you, now you will feel what I felt on our break up. She leaves.

Bachcha Singh says Neelima is not good for us. He sends someone to kill her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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