Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ram about to slap ritesh in front of mohan roopan n kirti, mohan stops him saying stop plz don’t hit him, ram says if u get to know what have they done u will slap kirti as well, I agree kirti n ritesh are engaged n are gonna marry, n we stay in US but im still an Indian at heart n respect n follow the culture here, n this culture doesn’t allow to have physical relationship before marriage, hearing this mohan n rooopan get shocked, sunita says even I was shocked when I saw this, kirti says but aunty trust me nothing happened between us, sunita says don’t lie I have seen u two together, ram says I see only one solution for this n it is marriage as soon as possible, roopan says I agree with u, im feeling like slapping these kids, ritesh says aunty plz don’t scold kirti it was my fault n im ready to repay for it.
Jwala suku n umesh outside the room trying to figure out whats going on, umesh says was my problem less that kirti has one new one, suku says how do these elders get to know abt this, umesh says guys dad shouldn’t get to know abt this, dolly says if my mother in law gets to know she will create a big sandal, jwala says dolly di its scandal.
Sunita says I think we should arrange wedding by next month, mohan says what will we tell dadaji, roopan says we will make some reasons, sunita says its very insulting but we cant afford the wedding expenses due to business loss, ram says mohan can u plz lend me 50 lakhs, without telling anyone in ur family our reputation wont be affected in that case.
Umesh says suku stop peeping, kirti will tell us, mohan says its difficult t make arrangements of this huge amount, sunita says it’s a rent we will transfer the money back to kirti, roopan says plz excuse us n takes kirti along with her, cousins ask roopan is everything alright, roopan says everything is fine instead there is a good news kirtis wedding will be next month.
Nisha along with viraj in his car, viraj starts having hiccups , nisha asks him to have water, viraj has water but hiccups don’t stop, nisha holds his nose, viraj says nisha what are u doing, no one holds my nose,nisha says sir this will help u, viraj asks abt the file thing are u safe, nisha says yes im but that idiot person bcoz of him my bikes petrol finished, n sir did u realized no more hiccups give me a high five, viraj looks at her, nisha says no no high five, viraj says but nisha u know this bag thing is a serious matter so I have to make a call to inspector n asks driver to stop the car n gets off the car, the driver says nisha madam actually sir didn’t havehis food n so hiccups problem, nisha says no worry I will handle it, nisha in her mind says its time for email wali female n texts viraj so what did u have for lunch, viraj reads the text n sits in the car, nisha removes tiffin from bag n says sir im very hungry, viraj says so am I, anyways driver start the car n we both will have food. The car breaks down, driver says sir the fuel pump has problem, viraj says sok call service people n tell them the location.
Nisha says yes tell them the location beneath the blue sky with smiling clouds, nisha realizes she said this in front of viraj n says sorry sir I just got carried away, viraj says but I never get carried away, nisha says u never or u don’t allow urself, driver says sir this place has no network we need to walk a little bit, viraj says ok lets go.
Viraj asks for lift but the car doesn’t stop, viraj says how can they do this, nisha says sir have are u getting so tensed just enjoy this lonely silent place, viraj says nisha I live alone n don’t have a family like urs, n so im not liking it, nisha says not necessary , a person surrounded by lot of people can also be lonely, nisha walks a little faster, viraj says nisha are u in race with me, nisha says no sir I don’t want to defeat u, u will feel bad, viraj says ok lets see, nisha n viraj get ready for race n viraj says the one who reaches driver first will win, nisha says done, viraj says go, nisha starts running but viraj stops n starts smiling n walking slowly n says nisha its so easy to provoke u, nisha turns while running n says sir this is cheating, viraj says nisha watch out u will fall, nisha falls of the road n goes sliding down n hangs by a branch, viraj runs to save her, viraj goes to nisha n saves her, viraj pulls her n holds her, nisha looks at viraj n she has those bad dream flashes, nisha says plz let me go, viraj says what are u thinking of just climb fast , n then scolds her are u out of ur mind what let me go was that u could fall down, nisha is wounded badly n is bleeding, viraj asks the driver to get medical kit n says go to academy fast n get a car we will stay here till then, viraj says nisha to see the wound u need to remove the jacket, nisha says I will do it by myself, viraj says the wound is on ur back how will u see it, nisha says sir I will do it plz, viraj says as u wish, till then we will wait in car.
Dolly goes to laxmi , laxmi says dolly how was soup, dolly says u brought empty bowl, laxmi says oh no, dolly says relax aunty why are u so tensed, laxmi says I think nisha likes someone, dolly says that’s a good think, laxmi says im worried how will she handle it n if she has to face rejection, dolly says aunty relax lets not think abt the relax n let her enjoy her first love feelings, laxmi says but im still scared u know why, dolly says relax, laxmi says im feeling like by allowing her to fall in love im confused, dolly says as I said let her go through this phase instead look at the brighter side she is coming out of it n see what we cousins will do on her bday u just tell us who is the guy, laxmi says its viraj singh rathore.

Viraj gets angry at nisha n says, do u think im taking advantage of this situation n trying to be physical with u, in that case ur very wrong.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Try 2 be a litle fast!
    Thanks fr d update

  2. Nyc epi,want 2 see niraj romance!

  3. I think viraj ko nisha ki past ki baare mein pata chalega…

  4. Cheap love story of nisha nd viraj

  5. Hate nisha nd viraj love story…….euh so cheap viraj

    1. @red why do u think its cheap ?!

  6. @red why do u think its cheap ?!

  7. Itzz nice Itzz not cheap ..itzz gud… I lovv it

  8. @red its not cheap…..its a gud romatic epi

  9. @red..wt r u thnkn?its a unique love story!!!

    1. who da hell thnk its a cheap love stry..does dat persn even knw da meaning of cheap?????? love cn never evr b cheap,its lust wich is cheap….wat a narrow mind set!!!!!

  10. people who dont like the story track then for god sake dont watch it.and dont hurt anyone who love the an request .and if my words hurt anyone then iam sry.thank for update.per make it little fast yaar.nishu viraj rocks the show.

  11. Romance in the air… i love the way vraj care for nisha

  12. Wt a attitude viraj has he respect most women n wanted to srve his life for only women….
    Wt a attitude nisha has she hate most men n she is in search of resons to live life i think viraj wl be the rsn to live for nishu

  13. priyaroli tumne sahi kaha ………………..nishu viru rocks the show ……………….and update fast yaar please plz plz plz ………………………………….

  14. Love this episode.. nisha viraj.. u both rock!!

  15. Nd y r nt u updating fast nwdays

  16. D show was damm gud….. just love the track n I bet 20th dec epi will be more super…..♥♡♥♡♥♡

  17. niraj akways rockz……. its gonna bhi the most unique love story.

  18. Todays epi was super se bhi uper

  19. Are yaar jaldi post karte jao na jo log epi dekh nahi pate wo dieng to read plz plz be fast

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