Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji saying they want us to accept that ill mannered girl. LD defends Radha. Jayshree thinks why is he supporting Radha and smiles. SAdhna says the mantras were real and its real marriage done. Dada ji says marriage is unity of two families, its by heart, not by love and not by any pandit. He says I can see in video that there was no Lord idol and not even elder, I won’t accept this marriage. He asks Mumeen ji to go Mumbai and give them money or anything they want, but end his problem there. He says LD that if its joke or real marriage, I will not accept Radha as my bahu, I won’t even hear her name in this house. Jayshree smiles and thinks the twist is still there. Dada ji says the girl’s parents will say the marriage is done by all rituals, but you be adamant. Ld says you don’t send him, and asks him to think once, he is misunderstanding Radha.

LD says I felt I m playing this game, but the game was being played by me, and I don’t know how our fights turned into love. Everyone are shocked. Dada ji asks LD is he…. LD says yes, I want to keep up this marriage, as I m in love with Radha. Dada ji is shocked and gets angry. Radha knocks Suhasini’s room door and asks her to talk to her. She says you are doing wrong, you should have heard Renuka once. She hugs Rupa and explains her that their mum does not listen to me, you explain her. She says sometimes I feel you are smart in this house, and looks at Sudhakar.

She says if you don’t open the door, I will break things. Suhasini says do anything. Radha says I give up, I can’t handle your wife, the problem is she is behaving like its her problem, this is my life. He says yes, its your life which she have you, she worries for you a lot. She says are you on her side or mine. He says I m saying you to say your point of view but in civilized way. Radha makes sound of breaking glass and Suhasini comes out. She asks what did she break. Radha says her heart broke and shows the sound audio.

Suhasini says she does not want to talk to her. Radha gets a message that director liked her pics and she has to come for audition meeting. She thinks to tell her parents later. LD says he wants to keep up his marriage. Jayshree says what are you saying, she is Mumbai’s actress. Dada ji tells him about the bahu and her values. Jayshree thinks he has so much knowledge. Dada ji says you think this is love and marriage, it can join husband and wife, but it ends other relations, and that girl whom you are calling your bride, I did not see such bad girl ever. LD says you are judging her in one meeting, she is not bad, when I tried to know her, I loved her.

He says when you meet her, you will know she is not so bad. Dada ji says she did not come in this house, and fights started. Jayshree thinks yes, Radha is powerful, she is in Mumbai and made them fight here. Dada ji asks Govind did he agree for this. Govind stays quiet and Dada ji says I understood. He scolds him. He asks who will support LD in this. Sadhna walks to LD and holds his hand, shocking everyone. Radha talks to Suhasini and says she will help her in cooking. She says its good dish to see the combo dish of all vegetables. Suhasini does not talk to her. Radha says talk to me else I won’t let you open the fridge.

Sudhakar comes and asks whats happening. Suhasini says tell your daughter not to trouble me. Radha says tell your wife to talk to me. They hold his hand and pull him. He says time please, I did a mistake that I come here, please give me food if its cooked. He leaves. Suhasini says she won’t cook today as she is on strike. Radha says she will convince her. Dada ji says I will not accept this marriage. He says its LD’s mistake and wrong is wrong, now we will not talk about it. LD says if I have courage to admit my mistake, then I gave courage to be on my decision too.

Radha cooks food and talks to Rupa. She makes Suhasini hear the troubles she is facing to cook, and messing the kitchen. Radha irritates Suhasini. She says she is tired now and will clean kitchen tomorrow. She thinks mum should react, fine, I will see. Suhasini thinks she will sit here, she knows why is she doing this. Radha cooks rotis. Suhasini thinks why did Sadhna not call. Radha thinks her home got tension because of stupid LD. LD tries convincing Dada ji about accepting Radha and praises her. He says he respects him and wants his approval in this. Dada ji walks away. He sees little LD holding his finger and stopping him, then holding his ears saying sorry.

He realizes LD doing the same thing again. Govind scolds LD. LD argues with him. he says you always kept quiet by Dada ji’s fear and you think I will do this same. Govind slaps LD. Everyone is shocked. Dada ji gets angry and shouts Govind. Dada ji says how dare you slap my grandson, and asks LD to do what he wants, but he will not have any relation with him and this house. LD is shocked and cries.

Suhasini tells Sadhna that don’t worry, my daughter will win everyone’s hearts. She tells Radha that everything is fine in Mathura.

Update Credit to: Amena

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