Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara making Kairshma ready and bringing her downstairs. The guest say we will leave now. Karishma falls on the stairs and says she is fine. Akshara brings her and everyone smile seeing her. Karishma greets the guests. The guests say she is very beautiful and she suits Naman. She says we know Akshara is best in looks and nature, and we wish this bahu is also good. Akshara makes Karishma’s necklace right and she thanks. She sits for the mu dikhai rasam. The function gets long. The guests say your two bahus will make the family name shine. Karishma feels unwell and Akshara brings water for her. She gives her a tablet and Karishma smiles. Bua ji says they did great today and everyone smile.

Anshu and Jasmeet try talking about the baby. He asks her opinion. She says as you wish. Jasmeet tells Varsha that Anshu wants the baby. Anshu tells Shaurya that he does not want the baby as its too early. Jasmeet tells Varsha that she does not want the baby but I did not tell Anshu. Anshu says because she may get hurt. Naitik and Akshara find time to romance again, as they decorate Naman and Karishma’s bedroom for their wedding night. She asks him to work, and he gets closer. Khwaishon ko jaise par milgaye………… plays………. She gives him a rose and he takes it. She asks for a kiss and he acts annoyed. He goes to kiss her and she goes away. He holds her and they smile. He puts the papads on the bed. She says its wrong. She thanks him and praises him, and makes him sit on the papad and laughs.

Naksh thanks Bau ji and asks why did we get so many flowers, and whats mum and dad doing with it in Naman’s room. Bua ji is speechless. Akshara and Muskaan stop Naman from going to the room. They ask for nek. Naman says will you both ask for nek. They insists and takes all money from him. They laugh and send him to the room. Muskaan gives the money to Akshara. Akshara asks her to keep it, and she was just helping her. Naitik hugs Akshara. She says its their marriage, not ours, come with me.

Naman holds Karishma’s hand and sits in the bed. The papad sound comes and she laughs. He holds her and they fall on the bed. Its morning, Karsihma wakes up and asks Naman to get up, she needs to go to loo. She sees the time and thinks everyone will be sleeping, I will go and come quickly. She goes out in her night dress and Bau ji sees her. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa see her too and are shocked. Bau ji turns his sight away. Akshara comes there and is shocked too. Bau ji looks at Devyaani and leaves. Devyaani goes to Karishma. She scolds her and asks her to change her dress. She leaves.

Akshara asks Karishma not to feel bad. Karishma says why did she shout on me, our room did not have attach bathroom, and I did not know I will see uncle here, why does Devyaani overreact. Akshara says relations are weak when its new and when it gets old, we understand without words, give some time to her, then see you will understand each other. Karishma smiles. Everyone has tea in Maheshwari house and recall childhood. Varsha asks Jasmeet did she talk to Anshu. Jasmeet says no, I tried but could not. Anshu tells Shaurya that Jasmeet can feel bad too. Varsha says we will see what we can do.

Karishma says sorry to elders. Bhabhimaa asks Karishma not to wear any western clothes infront of elders. Devyaani says my bahu is smart and she will understand. Karishma thanks Akshara for her advice, my sorry melted their anger, it solved everything. Akshara says if we say anything with honesty, it touches hearts. Muskaan says Naksh will be doing mischief again. Karishma asks Girja to give her letter when it comes. Everyone make their dish wish list. Rajshri says the dinner party is for Naman and Karishma. All the men ask them to make their fav dish. Varsha says we will invite Akshara, Naitik and Muskaan too. Shaurya sees Jasmeet and talks to Varsha.

Varsha says Jasmeet wants to talk to Anshu, but she is scared that Anshu will be annoyed. He says Anshu is thinking the same. She says we will ask Akshara to talk to them. Akshara and Naitik have a talk and says she recalled their post wedding days. He asks her to explain Karishma. She says yes, time will be needed, as I adjusted, she will also adjust. He says yes, you changed a lot, and our family too. She says I to 10 years to make their thinking changed. He says you are becoming mum for second time and giving us a good gift. He kisses her and says I love you. She says I love you too.

Devyaani receives Karishma’s letter. She is shocked reading it. Akshara looks on. Girja asks whose letter is it. Devyaani says its her letter. Akshara is puzzled by her lie.

Update Credit to: Amena

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