Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Watan telling Arjun that he has to be calm, as he can’t do anything. Neelima defends herself and says her office peon gave this to her, saying it has files, she did not see this. Tanu smiles. Bachcha Singh says she will frame someone else now. The media regards her wrong. Poorvi cries and feels helpless. Arjun comes and sees Poorvi crying. She looks at him. Neelima comes home and cries thinking about her speech. She recalls the taunts on her by Bhanu and others. She decides something and says you all forgive me. She takes some pills and is about to eat them. Dayal comes and throws it. he asks how can she do this, is she mad.

Dayal tells Poorvi and Lakshya that Neelima was ending her life. They are shocked. Neelima says I always gave my work importance, my duty is most lovable to me, and they have made me named corrupt, no one tried to know that I m framed, why did I not die before seeing this. Lakshya says you taught us to face problems, and you are failing today. Poorvi says yes, and pacifies her. Dayal says how can you punish yourself for other’s crime. Neelima says how will we find them, who will trust us. Lakshya says everyone will believe, I will find the peon. Poorvi thinks she knows arjun’s family did this and she won’t leave him, how will she bear this if they defame her mum.

Bachcha Singh and Bhanu drink. They are glad that Neelima’s respect is ruined. He says it means she has anyone else as enemy, she can’t be corrupt. Bachcha Singh says she could have dealt with us, and we would have given her enough money. They laugh. Arjun hears this and thinks it means they did not do anything, who did this, I know Neelima can’t do this. Tanu looks on and thinks Arjun wants to know who did this, but you can’t find it out, as I don’t leave any clue.

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Poorvi comes to them and shouts Arjun Singh. She scolds him. Bachcha Singh scolds her and asks her does she have any proof that she is blaming them. Lakshya comes and says yes, I have proof. He brings the peon and asks him to show who has done all this. The peon points to Arjun. Lakshya holds his collar. Tanu smiles. Poorvi says let it be, I will see him. She raises hand to slap Arjun. Tanu holds her hand. Tanu scolds Poorvi and defends Arjun. She asks her to leave and insults her. Arjun comes to his room and is upset. Poorvi comes home and cries.

Both of them recall each other and cry. Arjun cries recalling Poorvi’s insult. She says my mum faced so much because of me, its all because o I loved you. She blames herself and Arjun blames himself. He says I wish I could make you sure that I did not do this. She says I wish we did not meet. He says I wish we never separated. Its morning, Dayal asks Neelima to have food, as they have not lost. He says its time you follow your words. She says yes, I will be positive and fight with new thinking. Poorvi hugs her. Her seniors come to meet her, and say we have bad news, you are suspended for corruption, you can’t stay in this govt house, you have to vacate it. They get shocked.

They leave giving her the orders. Poorvi says where will we go. Neelima is shattered. Dayal pacifies her and says we will win as we are true. Lakshya says yes. She cries recalling her happy family before. Poorvi packs her bag. They all have memories with this house, and they all get upset recalling it. Neelima asks Lakshya did he arrange some place to live, did hospital agree to give govt quarter. Lakshya says they refused and fired me from the job. Poorvi says how can they do this. He says we are in doubt, till we are proved right, we can’t go for job.

Dayal says we can take home on rent. Lakshya says no, all bank accounts are freezed. Poorvi asks about peon. Lakshya says he has run, we don’t have any proof now. Neelima breaks down. They take care of her. Neelima says no one thought how we earned this by honesty and hardwork. Dayal says the bad people will get punished one day. Lord tests good people and we will win. They see people protesting. Neelima cries. Arjun comes to know this and is shocked. They all see the home and cry.

Tanu thinks Poorvi won’t come back in city, how will she clear her name. She has left city and proved to people that she is wrong.

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