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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani tells Falguni that RV will come home, he has gone for some important work. Falguni asks if he will really come, or has he denied coming to Disha’s wedding. Ishaani assures that he will come, he had promised his mota bapu, he has arranged the wedding so well. He never breaks his promises and he had promised her so he will come. Falguni says she wish her trust never breaks on him, and tells her to get Disha ready. Ishaani is worried, when Falguni leaves.
Baa looks after all the arrangements, with the help of Pratik and Derwash. Chaitali tells the caterer all in English, he asks her to speak in hindi. Baa comes there and asks him to prepare food so that those who eat keep on eating. Amba and Lakshmi are enraged at Baa, hearing this.
Ritika comes to the function, Chaitali welcomes her and says she looks beautiful. Ritika says she thinks she is too early here, the arrangements aren’t done yet. Chaitali calls Sharman who come to her. Baa also comes to Ritika and appreciates her preparations. She peeks at Amba looking at them. Derwash and Pratik tease Sharman that bhabi is here, he won’t be able to do any work now.
Sharman come to Ritika, she says hi when Pratik and Derwash come there to tease. Chaitali and Baa take her. Sharman says she looks beautiful, Ritika says thanks and asks about Ishaani. Sharman says she is getting Disha ready, Ritika goes to meet her. Amba asks Lakshmi if Disha’s doctor is coming to the wedding. Lakshmi tells her not to worry, it is the same and will definitely come.

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Ishaani tries to call RV, but he doesn’t pick it up. Ritika comes there and greets her. She hugs Ishaani and asks how she is. Ishaani says fine. Ritika says she wanted to ask about any help. Ishaani says, nothing smiling. She just needs to get Disha ready, and tells her to stay with Sharman. She congratulates her, Ritikta thanks her. Ritika asks Ishaani why she is worried. Ishaani was reluctant, but Ritika asks her. Ishaani says RV hasn’t returned home till yesterday night. His phone is switched off, as well. Ritika asks does she know where he is. Ishaani says he must be here, he promised maa for Disha’s kania daan. She blames herself for everything. Ritika tells her to stop blaming herself, she is paying for her mistakes. She promises that she will get RV back.
Ritika calls the driver, and asks where he is. He tells Ritika about the place, she tells him she is coming.
Baa welcomes Mr. Javeri, Chaitali also welcomes him. Baa tells the waiter to take great care of him. Sharman meets Mr. Javeri, he asks about Ritika. Chaitali says bhabhi-nand might be doing some talkings. Pandit ji calls the people who will do kaniadaan. Falguni says RV and Ishaani will do the kaniadaan. Pandit says they must be here, Amba says she hasn’t seen RV since morning.
Ishaani was worried in the room, and calls the driver. He was worried seeing her number on the screen and doesn’t pick up the call as Ritika had told him not to tell anyone. Ishaani is worried, who will do Disha’s kaniadaan if RV doesn’t come. She sits on the bed, looks at her papa’s photo and thinks RV never breaks his promise when he has given it to papa or maa. She says why she is thinking like this, he will definitely come. She goes to get ready in RV’s gifted saree, happily. She says now she will see how he doesn’t talk to her.
Ritika comes to RV, watches his condition as he was drunk and lay on a couch nearby. She comes to him, he wakes up and focuses Ritika standing there. He tries to sit down, and is shocked to see Ritika and then the place. Ritika is enraged, and shouts at him that what the hell is this, what he is doing here. She drags him out to come with her. He asks where. She says he must be at his house right now, he says she must also be at her house. This place isn’t worth her. She says this isn’t for him as well. RV says this is good or bad, RV likes this place, so please leave him alone. Ritika says everyone is waiting for him. He has forgotten his family, has he forgotten his responsibilities. Does he remember today is Disha’s wedding. RV tells her he has no hang over but will have head ache listning to her.
RV says he needs to drink more. She snatches the wine off his hand. She says he needs to go home, as he has to do kaniadaan of Disha as he promised. RV says he remembers this, but he isn’t in a mood. Ritika warns him to expose him in front of everyone. RV laughs, and says she must do this. This will definitely ruin the reputation of someone who is at home, but the husband is out with other girls. The call girl tells Ritka, that he was worried and keep on drinking. He wept, but didn’t touch her. She didn’t understand why his wife left him. Ritika was worried.
Falguni welcomes Manas, making his aarti. Pandit asks that RV hasn’t yet come, how will the pooja begin. Ishaani says she will do the pooja, in place of her husband.
Ritika comes to RV, who lied even more drunk. He asks curtly, is something left. Ritika says he lied, spending night with another girl was a drama. He wanted to show Ishaani that he hates her, but the truth is that he can’t live without her. He is still the same RV, that loves Ishaani and doesn’t want to see another girl than her. RV shouts at her to shut up, he doesn’t want to talk to her, just go away and leave him alone. Ritika says she came to take him, but wants this answer. She turns him to herself, and asks why he is doing this. If he had to go away from Ishaani, why he didn’t touch the girl the whole night and kept on drinking. If he likes this place, why was he crying. She shouts why. He asks what he can do, he trusted Ishaani more than himself, had Ishaani told him herself that she was with Chiraag, he wouldn’t believe. But those pictures, and the bruises… He loves Ishaani limitless, but where there is love, there is limitless hatred. That one night, spoilt his whole life. Ritika was quiet.
Ritika says she doesn’t know what was wrong that night, but Ishaani isn’t a girl like that. She loves him. RV jerks her, saying she must not take the name of love. For him, the meaning of love was Ishaani. Now, her name means betrayal, broken heart and trust never rejoins. He has no respect for her anymore. Ritika says fine, they can do these all talks some other day, he must now come home as it is Dsha’s wedding today and he has to do her kaniadaan. RV says he has told her he doesn’t want to go. Ritika says she isn’t asking him, but telling him that he is coming home with her. RV smiles, really? He sits down, and asks if she will be forceful to him. He asks how she will take him, on her head or arms. He says she is wasting her time, go home and tell Ishaani. Ritika says she will tell Ishaani everything, that he still loves Ishaani, he came here but didn’t do anything wrong. He is still the old RV, who loves Ishaani dearly. If he doesn’t want her to tell Ishaani anything, come with her and fulfil his promise. RV feels angry.

Special Episode Tomorrow: Ishaani asks RV why he is doing so, he says he is the biggest enemy of her family and broke the wedding of Disha. She must break their relation now. Ishaani denies, saying his love will now be hers.

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    Guys yeah its soooo boring these days, if the truth comes out so readily the MATSH ends ….. these boring epi’s r the run time of the show …. 😉

  2. Rv u are just turning to alcoholic…. And ur anger is getting boring nw…u must nw try n find out wat was the truth…u promised mota baap and nw u dont even care about him…wen will you stop running away from your probs and get ishani to meet her father….the show is getting boring and there are to many add breks so we dont get half hour episode any way so why drag this story line….

  3. Today’s episode also the same dragging phase.. Rithika’s part was good.. dragging with same thing will lose fans of MATSH and will lose trp. please don’t do this.. don’t make like other boring dramas. Bring some improvements like twist showing shanaila coming out from coma or girish knowing truth.. etc… give some interesting scenes..

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