Satrangi Sasural 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Arushi is surprised and overwhelmed too seeing vihaan, tensed in the car. As vihaan turns around, he almost catches a glimpse, while she turns her face away, hoping that he hasnt seen her. He tries to catch a look, while she keeos her face away. He gets out to check, and just then, the lights go green, and gattu drives his jeep past. vihaan is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
As they reach home sullenly, he grabs her by the hand. She is disgusted. He asks for a kiss. She asks him to leave her hand, as all are watching. He says that everyone should know, how much she loves him. But she jerks her hand away and goes, while he thinks that she is extremely shy. Arushi remembers their latest almost encounter, with vihaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Back home, vihaan tries her number, but finds it switched off, and gets tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
The next morning, vihaan is shocked to find from rosy, that arushi hasnt come to the office too for the last two days, and hasnt talked to her too. He says that people had come to see her, and wonders of her relation got through. She says that had this been the case, she would have known, and says that she would go today and check it out. He thanks her, and asks her to give the message, if possible, that he would be waiting for her call. She complies.

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Scene 5:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother is surprised, when she finds arushi dressed to go to the bank, even though its late. gattu comes in asking why is she waiting for salary. Arushi is frustrated and turns around to find him, standing leering at her. He comes in, saying that he wants to roam around with her, and presents her a western attire, sleeveless one piece party dress, asking her to wear this, as she would look very beautiful. She takes it and throws it back on his face. Dadaji and her mother are enraged. She asks him to stop this nonsense, and says that last night she bore as she didnt want to create a scene, but she wont bear this anymore. She asks how dare he give this to her, as she wont either wear this, nor go anywhere. She begins to leave, but gattu gives her a blackmail call, by talking to Bhairon , and she snatches the dress from him and goes inside. dadaji asks him to stay in his limits. Gattu says that he is their Son in law, and they should give him respect. As he waits, she comes out dressed, in the skimpy outfit, trying to cover herself, with a shawl, while her mother and dadaji are mortified and embarassed. dadaji turns away. She comes outside nervously. Gattu compliments her on her beauty, and tauns her, asking he doesnt understand how men control around her. He takes her out. they both leave. Her mother asks dadaji whats happenning to her daughter, and which monster she has gotten engaged to.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Nilima comes to find priyanka working on the laptop, and asks whats she doing. She says that she is learning business, as she cant rely on others. Nilima still smiles, and says that she shall teach her the basics. Priyanka continues to taunt her, saying that she shouldnt forget that she owns this company before her, as she is blood related, and that this house is neither her own house, nor her inlaws’ house. Granny hears this and asks her to stop. Nilima is hurt. Granny asks priyanka how dare she say this, as people dont, relations live, and seven mothers with their son live, and she has given everyone equal rights. priyanka says that this is the descision of hers, that went wrong. Granny asks who is talking about descisions, as when has she ever made any right descision. Priyanka is shocked. Granny asks that she had given her a chance to be involved in business, but she denied. she says that they took their choice helplessly, but priyanka did so by choice. Narmada asks Granny to stop, but she asks her not to interfere. Granny says that they can solve business descisions, but they cant change descxisions taken in personal life. Priyanka is hurt and leaves. Narmada asks granny why she needed to say so much. Nilima hugs granny emotionally, while narmada goes after priyanka, who is hurt to see her own mother hugging Nilima.

Scene 7:
Location: Coffee Shop
Gattu orders non-veg for arushi, and she refuses. He coaxes her but she is adamant. He asks the waietr to get something from outside. The waiter tells him that outside food isnt allowed. gattu tries to bribe his way, but the waiter didnt comply. She asks whats he doing. Gattu keeps giving money, and then gets enraged. the manager comes in asking that he should stop this. He gets into a verbal scuffle with gthe manager, and finally slaps him. The manager has him thrown out. He starts insulting her too, saying that should they call someone to throw her out too, and why should she go out with such a guy. She is shocked, insulted and leaves.

Outside, gattu calls one of his men, to teach the manager a lesson. She snatches the phone, and asks him to stop this, or else she wont comply to his wishes. She tells him, that if he wants to talk to her or go out with her, then he would have to behave. He simply says that he wont do, sensing some sense of belonging for the first time. he asks her to sit in the car, while he gets something to eat. He takes her shawl, leeringly insulting her, saying that people should see what she has been gifted. He leaves. She finds a poster of Vatsala group, and is lost in her moments with Vihaan. Arushi drssed in that western attire, calls up vihaan from the phone booth, secretively, thinking that she wants to listen to his voice for once. Vihaan picks up and says hello. He even senses and recognises her silence, as she cries in muffled tones and breaks down. Vihaan is extremely tensed, as he drives in the car. she puts the phone back down, and just then, gattu comes asking who was she talking to. She says that she had called her office. He tells her to ask only to the ladies, in office too, or else the results would be bad. She is tensed.

In the car, Vihaan thinks that he thinks that was arushi, but if it was, why didnt she say anything. He calls rosy, waiting for her at the bus-stand, who tells her that due to an important work, she couldnt go, but would go tomorrow. He begs her to go tomorrow. She complies. After cancelling the call, she thinks that she knows the entire truth, but doesnt have the guts to talk to him, about it.

Scene 8:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
In her room, priyanka remembers how she had gone against granny’s wishes to marry her love, saying that she can take her descisions. She remembers being slapped by her husband, when he proposed that she should dance in front of his friends, and she refused. He asks her to stay in her limits, as he wont think twice about leaving her, as there are many gals out there to replace her in an instant.

Outside, narmada says that what happened wasnt right, as for her sister, granny said so many things to priyanka. They all are tensed and lament as to what happened. Granny is absent from there. priyanka comes out with suitcase saying that god showed her the right way. They all ask where is she going, and why is she doing this. Nilima says that she knows she is going due to her. Priyanka continues to taunt her, saying that she ignited her, and now is enjoying and that she has decided that she doesnt want to stay here. she doesnt listen to anyone. Vihaan asks her where is she going, and when priyanka doesnt respond, he looks at the other mothers tensedly. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: While gattu lashes at arushi in front of everyone, asking her to keep the dupatta around her shoulders properly, vihaan sees them together, and grabs gattu by the collar, asking him how dare he touch her and talk to her like this. Arushi tells him that Gattu is her fiancee, and shows him the engagement ring. vihaan is distraught and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. poor vihan .i love this couple

  2. Love the precap

  3. what shit of a storyline is this arushiki stand up for yourself how could bend soooooooooooooo low to this arrogant goos behavior shame on you araushiki

  4. This show is f**ked up I can’t believe they replace APHG with this shit

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