Veera 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera coming to Rajveer’s house and talking to the servant. She says she will wait here for Rajveer. She sees a room opened. She thinks she should go home, as Bansuri can get angry. Rajveer is outside and realizes he left the keys at home. He goes home. Veera stops as the lock falls. She thinks why was the room locked and see a girl’s pic. She enters the room and is shocked seeing her pics all over the room. She sees Baldev’s pic crossed. She says whats all this. My pics in Rajveer’s room? Rajveer walks towards home. She comes out and puts the lock. Rajveer comes and sees her. He says you here. She gets tensed and says yes. He asks is she fine. She says yes, fine.

Baldev throws the food in anger. Bansuri is shocked seeing his anger. He says he wants dry roti and daal. He says he won’t have any good food. He says I m murderer and I can kill anyone in anger. She says you can’t do such thing He says Veera knows this, she married me to save me, not because she loves me. He says she has pity for me. She says I know, she is responsible for all this. She cries and says its too much, she won’t stay in this house, where is she, kick her out. Veera says I came to meet you to discuss about case, but you were not at home, I was waiting and got call from home, Baldev locked himself, so I m worried. He says I will drop you. She says no, I m fine, I will go myself. She leaves.

He thinks Veera went without saying for what she came, she has something in her mind, she was lying and was tensed. The room looks closed, then what, did she see this room or not. Baldev says I don’t know where is she. Bansuri says kick her out. He says I told her to leave, she does not hear me. She says she is shameless, if husband is asking her to leave, why is she here. Balwant comes and scolds her. He says he can’t hear against Veera, she is doing all this for Baldev, and he regrets they both can’t see this. Baldev says she wants to prove herself great, not proving me innocent.

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Veera thinks what is Rajveer doing, why did he keep my pics. He thinks about Baldev’s words. She thinks why is he keeping my pics knowing I love Baldev and married him, I can’t talk to Ranvi, and Rajveer might be alert now, its just Baldev who always told me that Rajveer is not a good guy, I should talk to him, maybe its some connection with Nihaal’s murder. Bansuri asks Baldev to work and buy some items. Veera comes home. Baldev sees her and says he will get all the items. He asks Veera to come, he will buy ration and take her out, as she is bahu and this is imp for her. She says she wants to talk to him.

He says I don’t have time to listen to you, you married me to act great. Rajveer sees the room and recalls Veera. He says what to do of these pics and thinks to remove them. He says I will burn all the pics. He says he can’t do this, as he loves Veera a lot, and can’t burn her pics, he will marry her soon and bring her to this room, then she will see how much he loves her, and he has to move Baldev out of his way. He gets a call and asks him to get the case on fast track, as he can’t let Baldev be on jail. He says I will free Veera from Baldev and make her mine.

Ratan and Ranvi are in market and talk about Gunjan. She says Gunjan is happy with the offer. She buys Ranvi’s fav veg as he will be leaving in few days. They talk about Veera’s fav dishes. They laugh and realize the current situation. Baldev brings Veera there. They buy some vegs. He makes Veera hold all the heavy packets. Veera thinks he is angry and won’t listen to me now, I will tell this later what I saw at Rajveer’s home, I will explain it at home.

Baldev buys more items, and makes Veera carry it. He scolds her and says you have to pay the price for marrying me. The veg falls. Baldev scolds her infront of everyone. She asks him not to make it an issue and picks it up. She gets up and is shocked seeing Ranvi and Ratan watching everything. Ranvi and Ratan are shocked seeing what Veera is bearing. They look at Baldev angrily.

Ranvi says Baldev she is your wife, does anyone treat wife like this. Baldev asks Veera to tell Ranvi what he did with her, how he has beaten her. Ranvi raises his hand on Baldev. Veera stops him.

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  1. worst serial ever

  2. I hate u baldev

  3. Worst episode ever baldev is over reacting he is such a moron

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