Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people protesting outside Poorvi’s house. Dayal comes and stops them. He says you all are here, as you came to know about my daughter, but I will tell something else, which you all don’t know. He says my daughter has always made me proud, you read a fake report and think you know her more than me, she can’t do anything wrong, she is very good, her heart is so good, that if she does wrong, she will not talk to us meeting our eyes, the truth is Arjun and his family is after us, he has planned this to defame us, and I know my wife, and my children know about this, but they did not tell me because of my bad health. He says I m ill, not so weak to break by thus fake rumors. He holds his family’s hands and stands strong. He says look at us, do you think I m lying, do we have any fear in our heart, no, we are true people.

The man says Poorvi has run away from home. Poorvi says I did not run, its lie, I was kidnapped. She cries. The man says she is lying, such girls cry and lie to fool people. The man says I saw her with a guy midnight. The man asks her to leave the colony, and they will kill her as punishment. They all protest. Arjun is on the way praying that nothing happen to Poorvi. The people throw stones at Poorvi and her family and enter the home gate. They beat Lakshya. Neelima also gets hurt. Arjun’s car breaks down. He gets worried and starts leaving. Dayal is beaten up.. Lakshya protects Poorvi. He then gets caught and The men throw kerosene on Poorvi, and catch all the family members. Neelima shouts no as a man brings fire stick.

Poorvi is stunned. The man throws fire. Arjun comes and holds it. He stands in between to protect Poorvi. He beats the goons. Lakshya asks Poorvi is she fine. Dayal thanks Arjun. Poorvi says no need to say thanks. Dayal says he saved your life. Poorvi says no, he saved me to save himself. She slaps Arjun. She asks what does he think, she can’t understand, her family is in this problem because of him, now he is acting to come and protect her, so that blame should not come on him, he accepted this before. She recalls his words and asks them to go, as she has to talk to him. They leave.

She asks why did he come here, even if she is in problem, she will never ask help from him, she will die, just go and don’t show me your face again. She leaves. Arjun cries. He comes home and holds bhanu’s collar. Bachcha Singh asks her to leave him, what happened. Arjun says he promised me he will not hurt Poorvi and her family, and he has sent goons to kill her. Bhanu says what nonsense, why will I hurt them, what reason do I have. Arjun looks at his dad. His dad says why will I hurt her, as my work is done, that you married Tanu, I don’t know who did this. Tanu comes and says I know who did this.

Arjun asks who. Tanu says you. He says stop this nonsense, tell me the name. She says it happened because of you, you have run away from society and the people protested. He says you gave it in papers. She says yes, but you are responsible for this, you knew your family wonlt agree and even then you took her and run, you have ruined her life. Arjun says this does not suit you, and about protesting, they were goons, I will find them out, and when I get them, if I knew they did it on someone’s saying, I will kill them and the person who made them do this. He leaves.

She thinks if Arjun finds the goons and they name me then.. no I won’t let this happen. Poorvi recalls Arjun and thinks she knows his acting, he puts her in problem an fools her to show he saved her. She thinks he has always cheated her, and she will take revenge from him for her insult. Neelima and Dayal come to her. She asks how is he now. Dayal says she is my daughter, who cares for others before herself. Neelima says she is proud of her for facing them. Dayal says I was afraid as they were attacking you. Poorvi says its because of my mistake. He says no, its not your mistake. Neelima says I took police protection and we are safe now. Tanu meets the goons and ask them to leave city and not get in Arjun’s eyes. She thinks her try has failed, if she does this again, Arjun can know it.

She says Arjun is mad after this, its good she is safe, else it would have been my loss if he went mad. Arjun comes to his room and stands in window. Even Poorvi stands in window. They recall each other’s love. Jag soona soona lage…………….plays……………….. They cry.

Arjun says Poorvi will be hurt, I m sorry. She says the days spent with you was cheat, but my love was true, your cheat has ruined it, but I will not forget this cheat and take revenge from you. Its morning. Poorvi takes care of Dayal and her parents are glad. Lakshya comes and hugs Neelima, saying its good thing, you are getting award, its good govt has respected you. They all get glad. Dayal says we all will go. Poorvi says I won’t come, as you want anything to spoil, people will taunt you if I come. Neelima says its right I said you have ashamed me, but I can proudly say that you are a good daughter, you did not wrong, you got cheated.

She says Arjun is the real culprit, if we are true, why should we be afraid, you have to come. Dayal says yes, we are true. Lakshya says yes, you can’t prove the enemies right. Poorvi says fine, I will come, you have supported me always.

Tanu thinks if Poorvi sees her mum defamation, then she will leave the city, I will do this in the award function.

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