Everest 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar talking to the team and deciding to go back and leave the rescue mission, as weather is not favoring them. Akash says what if they are still alive and waiting. Abhiyankar says we have to regret that we failed by weather. He informs Sam that they are coming back. Ramesh asks whats going on, I m talking about shares, who is selling them. He comes to know team is coming back. Ramesh is shocked and ends the call. He contacts Arjun. Arjun cries and dies not reply him. Rina says the rescue team is coming back because of bad weather. Ramesh asks her to stop recording, was this live. Rina says no, we were just recording. Ramesh says don’t send any reports till I say. Rina asks why. Ramesh reminds her to see her job and get smart.

Rina says I know you have contract, but I have duty as journalist, if this story can’t go on channel, I will write it on my blog, no one can stop me. Ramesh says try and understand, words are slippery, I m saying maybe rescue mission can start again, give me some time to talk to them and solve it. I need your help, hope is all we got. Rina says delete it. Vidhaan is tensed at home. Vijaya gets ready and says lets go. Vidhaan says I felt its postponed. Vikram says yes, but Anjali is coming back. Vidhaan asks about pandit. Vikram says next week is ok. She asks is everything fine between you and Anjali. Vidhaan says I did not talk to her. They ask what is the matter.

Vidhaan says I don’t think there is anything common between me and Anjali, we are very different. Vikram says whats this, Jagat and I are good friends, Anjali is good. Vidhaan says I m talking about connection, she is good, it does not mean we are good for each other. Vikrram asks could he not tell before, don’t make me ashamed, Jagat is my good friend. Vidhaan says its about me and Anjali, I hurried and did not talk to her. Vikram says so you are talking, know her well after marriage. Vidhaan says I m not joking, this does not happen in our generation, we have our way to do things, its not right to marry.

Vikram says you have a week to think and we are army people and gave word which is like stone line. Vidhaan comes with them, to meet Jagat and Sarita. Sarita talks about Maithili, and says Anjali and Maithili used to say they will marry at same time, her parents are finding a guy for her, Vidhaan met her. Vidhaan says yes, she is a nice girl. Jagat asks Vidhaan is he fine for next week plan. Vikram says he does not have any problem. Jagat says I will talk to your officer for holiday. Vidhaan says no, I will handle. Jagat says we will make guest list, Anjali will come soon. Vidhaan gets upset.

Anjali recalls Abhiyankar’s words. She proceeds ahead. Abhiyankar tries connecting to Nasir. Nasir contacts them and asks for help. He says he is alive, don’t know till when. Abhiyankar smiles and asks about others. Nasir says I have Sherpas, oxygen is less. Abhiyankar says stay strong, we are coming. Nasir says make it soon, and if you have any problem, then its fine, I know all dangers of Everest. He says even if I die, I will not become ghost and jokes. Akash says don’t talk about dying, we have poll game tp play, hold on, we are coming. Nasir says fine kid, come then. Abhiyankar says we are trying to reach soon, save oxygen. Akash says keep praying. Nasir says I did not pray so much before in life.

Abhiyankar says I won’t ask anyone to return to base camp, but I m going ahead, as its impossible to leave them. Akash says I m with you. Arjun says me too. Chand says did you doubt we will run away. Abhiyankar says never, and informs Sam about the rescue team going ahead. Sam says I can’t advice this, but maybe I would have done the same. Abhiyankar asks him to guide well. Ramesh is glad. The team goes ahead. Anjali is following them, and recalls Abhiyankar’s words that team work is everything for mountaineering. The FB shows Abhiyankar saying team efforts are imp, adapting to team and syncing is imp. Anjali and Akash look at each other. She looks at the team members and proceeds.

Rina says the rescue team is getting ahead. Chand tells Akash that Anjali loves her. Vidhaan says he has to talk to Jagat. Jagat asks him to come. Vidhaan asks him to come for a walk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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