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Amba asks Ishaani how would they know if she has mixed poison in the kadha. Ishaani asks why would she mix poison in it, she can’t even think about it. She wants her to get fine so soon. Amba says if she really wants this, she must drink it first. If nothing happens to her, she will drink it. Ishaani says she is telling the truth, she didn’t mix anything. Amba asks why she doesn’t drink it then.
In the restaurant, Chaitali sits with the newspaper to watch Sharman meet someone. She watches him and Ritika sitting together. Chaitali says Sharman is just like his father and brought Ritika to such a cheap restaurant. She says she must do something, as her son is so simple. She was impatient, they he must hold her hand. She gets up with the news paper and moves forward. A waiter observes her, as she looked from the hole in the newspaper. The waiter wonders why this lady is going to the other table, like steals.
Amba says she must drink it. Ishaani asks her to believe in her. RV comes and asks trust, and on her? One must not ask the trust, but is won. He says his mother doesn’t need the kadha, she must take it. Ishaani says he asked her to stay with him and his family, so she is doing the same. He asks really, and points at her to leave. Amba hands the kadha to Ishaani.
Chaitali says she has brought her formula along, and must mix an extra dose of it in RV’s drink.
The waiter thinks he must take care of her, is she is mixing some explosive or poison. He thinks about calling the manager, he then calls police. He says there is a terrorist in the café.
Ishaani takes the kadha, and drinks from the glass. Amba says it seems kadha was fine and she has drunk the whole from it. RV says when she listens to everything, she must know that his mother doesn’t need her kadha so she must not make it the next time. He is here to take care of her. Ishaani says she knows that he cares about his mom, more than her. He will never bring his anger and ego in between her treatment. He must have already told the servant to make the kadha, she knows about it. She leaves, when the servant gets kadha in the room. Lakshmi gives the kadha to Amba, RV looks at Ishaani smiling.
Sharman and Ritika get up to leave, Chaitali says Sharman is behaving just normal. Does it mean her kadha got exchanged with Sharman. The police come there and waiter points at Chaitali. They take her along, as she is a terrorist. She says her name is Chaitali Parekh and she isn’t a terrorist.
In the police station, Chaitali is excited that she has been here for the first time. The inspector tries to match her face with a photo in hand. She asks what he is looking for. She tries to convince the inspector that she was spying on her son if she is dating her girlfriend or not. She deters the inspector that RV will come to her rescue, and she will laugh at them, then regrets saying it. The inspector sends her to lock up.
RV gets ready to leave, when he finds the door locked from inside. A girl in western get up, stands on the window, faced turned to the other side. He comes to her, she turns to him. It was Ishaani, she thinks she knows he still loves her and today she will tell him how much she loves him.
The inspector tells Baa and Ritesh that this time they are warning her and leaving. Chaitali says sorry to Baa and Ritesh. Baa asks what she was doing, Chaitali says she was match making Sharman and Ritika to get rich. She says she even made Sharman drink the kadha, Ritesh is angry. Baa says she must stop this all.
RV asks Ishaani why she has locked the door, Ishaani held the key in hand. She comes down the window, moving towards RV in a provoking manner. She looks up at him and winds the key to her necklace putting it inside her shirt. She goes to the side of the bed, dancing on in with candle.
In the hall, Lakshmi and Amba think who is dancing. Lakshmi says this is Ishaani, she is destroying the environment of the house. RV moves the dancing Ishaani away from her, but Ishaani comes to his front again and keeps the dance on. She hugs RV, who jerks her back. She looks at him, he stops and makes her lie on the bed. She rolls him down, and gets up the bed. RV comes to her, takes her in his arms and dances with her.
Amba and Lakshmi find a girl coming to their home, dressed in black western outfit. They go to her, she asks about RV. Lakshmi says this is the outcome of singing. Amba asks who is she. The girl says she is Ruby from Escort service. Lakshmi asks what does she do. Ruby says she accompany people, RV was alone she came to spend the night with him. Amba takes her sandals off, Lakshmi holds Ruby while Amba runs after her to beat her.
Amba says to Lakshmi that this isn’t right; she won’t let her son be on the wrong way. Lakshmi says she can stop him, but not these people. Amba says she knows what she needs to do for this.
RV gets cozy with Ishaani. He takes the key off her neck, unlocks the door and leaves. Ishaani is left dizzy in the room, sits on the bed and cries.

PRECAP: There is a promo of 17th January 2 special telecast.

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