Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelima worried about Lakshya. Poorvi says everything will be fine soon. She asks her to have hope and patience. She says Lord tests people and sends an angel to end their worries, I m sure he will send some angel for us too. Arjun meets Sarita and takes her interview. She says we can talk at my home. Arjun smiles and thinks she did a big mistake by calling him, as she started losing the case. He says since he fell in love, he wants to risk his life for honesty and goodness. She tells her statement against Lakshya. Arjun asks when she fainted, who took the pic. She says my friend was standing out, she heard me and came inside, and then took pic. He asks her name. She says she told me not to disclose her name. He says fine, thanks for telling your sad story. He records the talk and asks for a glass of water. She says she will get juice.

He checks her phone and purse whole she is in kitchen. He sees Lakshya’s in the drawer and also gets the money bundle in envelop. She gets a call on another phone. Arjun hears her and says two phones, this is her truth, the second one is for her business, I need it too. He shouts and jumps on the sofa saying there is a lizard. He throws the phone and he takes it. She gets scared. He says its gone, sorry, your clothes have become bad. She goes to change. He takes the phone contents and smiles. He thanks the fake lizard and thinks he got her thinking it will be useful.

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Arjun asks the guys to do rehearsal at college. Poorvi asks about Lakshya’s pic and money at the girl’s home, we should tell police. Arjun says no, we have to make Sarita tell that she trapped Lakshya. She asks him to become her customer, as his face shows his is that type of guy. He says oh hello, I m bad but not loose character. He says girls use to play kabaddi for me, I m Arjun Singh, I m so smart and have attraction, good looking face…. She jokes on him and smiles. He asks does she not dream to kiss him. She says I agreed you are very handsome, but you have to become her customer. He says I can’t do this, she will identify me. She says she won’t. He says no, I can’t. She reminds his promise to help her in freeing Lakshya and she trusts only him.

He says fine, I will show how much I love you. She says fine, call her now. He says fine, go to side, I can’t talk infront of you, I feel shy. She says fine, call her. He calls Sarita and says my friend Nanu gave me your number. Poorvi says tell her that your friend liked her. Arjun is surprised and asks Sarita about service. Poorvi asks him to ask about money, and there is much money, as his friend is very rich. He fixes meeting at hotel at night. He ends the call and asks Poorvi how did you know how to talk to those girls, where did you learn it. She says I have seen many films, you become a hero, and were unable to say, think the planning now.

He says he is tensed after hearing this from her, how does she know this. She says I just know you by your heart. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………….plays……………… They have an eyelock and smile. Gauri sees them hugging and takes their video. She thinks if I show this video to aunty, then it will be good time to expose them. Arjun’s friend stops Gauri and asks what is she doing. She tries leaving.

He asks Gauri to show her phone and he has to see what she recorded, he has to tell Arjun and Poorvi her truth, she wants to trap them. She says what will I trap them. She tears her clothes and calls help me, save me. Poorvi and Arjun come there. Poorvi covers Gauri as she cries. Gauri says this man was trying to take advantage and molested me. Arjun’s friend says I did not do this, she is trapping you, she recorded your video. Poorvi defends Gauri. The guy says check her phone, we will know who is lying. Arjun asks Poorvi to give Gauri’s phone. Poorvi checks her phone and says it does not have any video. Gauri says he is lying. The guy says she is lying. Arjun scolds his friend and kicks him out.

Gauri thanks Arjun and says you both have saved me today. She hugs Poorvi and thinks she has deleted the video and pics, now she has to be more careful. Arjun and Poorvi come for shopping. She says she wants to buy a suit for him for tonight, he has to look like aged businessman. He jokes and she chooses a suit. He says you are madly in love with me, think if she touches me, what will you do. She says I will get your plastic surgery. He says you are so dangerous. Arjun tries some. Tanu comes there and sees Poorvi and Arjun. Poorvi goes to washroom. Arjun tries more suits. Tanu greets Arjun Arjun says you always follow me, you are chipku, you come everywhere I go, think if I had a relation with you, that would you do. She says it will happen soon.

She chooses a suit for him. She meets Poorvi and she is the true love types and asks why is she so happy. Poorvi talks to her. Tanu says its her engagement, and its love and arranged marriage. She says I felt my dad won’t choose my type of guy, and I got one. Poorvi says my BF loves only me and I love him a lot, I know he will never break my trust. Tanu asks her not to trust anyone blindly.

Poorvi and Arjun confront Sarita and scold her. Poorvi says she recorded everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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