PS I Hate You 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amisha reads the message on kabir’s phone..she reads the message of kabir ‘s parents saying that they could not come in the birthday…Kabir comes..Simple tells tommrrow she will plan a birthday bash for kabir..So that Kabir will never forget this Birthday Kabir says thankyou…
Ayaan tells Aisha that he could not do her work..Aisha gets shocked..Aisha tells okey..tells she want her money back…Ayaan tells okey he will give back in one week….Aisha is lying on bed with kabir…Aisha tells that kabir have acted nice…Aisha tells that sood sisters fall on her trap..she feel.pity…Kabir tells its his charm…Aisha calls Simple “Stupid” didnt even seen that the message of Kabir”s parents was fake..
Ayaan tells on hospital counter that he will pay the bill afterwards as ..The cashier tells that already bill is paid by Dimple sood..Ayaan gets shocked..Ayaan calls DImple..Dimple asks how is aunty..Ayaan tells she is nice..Dimple tells nurse will come in a minute…Ayaan tells already nurse came…Dimple tells Ayaan to return back her money afterwards…Ayaan text college early as he wanted to talk something important…Dimple.sees the text message and smiles says today she will confess her love..
In.campus Ayaan is waiting for Dimple..asks Mounika where is Dimple..Mounika gets shocked goes and tells Dimple that Vampire Ayaan wants to talk to her..Dimple smiles and tells okey..
Ayaan asks Dimple that where was he was waiting..for her..Ayaan tells he want to tell something important..Dimple tells “I love u”. To Ayaan…Ayaan gets shocked…Dimple hugs Ayaan.and goes..
Police comes in college searching for ayaan..Police tells Ayaan that he made fake id’s and sent girl to pub..Police tells that a girl complaint.Ayaan tells he is innocent.The girl comes..The girl is Aisha…Aisha sees and tells that this is not the guy…Police officer tells okey and goes..Aisha smiles and sees Ayaan…Aisha tells that she wil change the statement to police if he do her work…Aisha tells before saying her noo…Ayaan have to think twice..Ayaan imagines Police comes to hospital and arresting him..Ayaan shouts saying no….nurse calls Ayaan..Ayaan says nothing…Ayaan tells Dimple sorry as no choice is left for him..
Aisha and kabir are standing..Door bell rings..Aisha recieves the gift for kabir from Simple..Aisha sees the card and bouqet..Aisha reads the message sayin “ you”…Aisha smiles…Kabir tells Aisha to go as Simple will come..Aisha tells kabir to complete her plan today…kabir tells okey…On anotherside Simple makes Choclate cake for kabir…Simple preapares choclate cake..candelights for Kabir..kabir tells thankyou..Simple tells she is his girlfriend..kabir cuts the cake..Simple tells “I love u” to kabir..Kabir and Simple looks at each other..Kabir tries to kiss Simple..But Aisha’s call comes….Kabir tells it too hot..kabir removes his jacket.. A hidden camera is shown..

Precap:kabir gets close to Simple..kabir gives the memory card to Aisha.. Aisha asks Kabir If he really started loving Simple..Kabir is quiet…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thanks fr d fast update

  2. thnku for update 🙂

  3. hate aisha and love AAPLE

  4. @stuti who s aaple dr???

  5. What is apple

  6. i think AAPLE is aayan & dimple

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