Sadda Haq 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyali video calls sanyu. Sanyu says hi how are you? she says I am good. I was revising thermodynamics I need to ask some laws. can you explain? snyu explains her everything/ She says thank you. sanyu says is rajveer is still there? does he annoy you? priyali syas he keeps doing all this but I am not scared of him anymore. sanyu says you don’t have to be. Just join the college after that you wont have to see his face.

Varun is in FITE. his dad calls and asks where are you? he says I am in college. Dad says what are you doing ? when will vidushi say in front of saluni’s family that your divorce was a mutual decision. They wont let you marry her unless vidushi accepts. Varun syaws I am taking her in confidence it will take some time. dad says hurry up we cant afford to lose all that saluni’s family will give us. varun syas her trust is broken it will take time to get her in trap. he sees parth running after vidushi. parth says I want to talk to you vidushi. He says you are weird first you used to all around me trying to convince how much you love me and now you are doing this. varun comes in and says hi vidushi sorry I am late. parth says I am talking to her go. V idushi says I have called him parth. can you excuse us? Parth leaves.

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Varun sits with vidushi. He says why don’t you tell him not to annoy you. We are together why doesn’t he understand. Vidushi says I don’t know I need some more time. he says time for what? Vidushi says I don’t know. I am confused. I moved and start loving someone else and suddenly my ex husbands comes in my life and the guy starting giving me attention. its all so messed up I need time to figure it all out. He grasps vidushi’s hand and says I will get back our days, our love. These feelings of parth are not love. don’t trust him. vidushi says how can I trust you? wont you hurt me? He says now I have realized what you are to me. I promise I will never leave you.

Scene 2
PKC comes in the class. He says who stole my phone?
I know very well its one of you. Okay keep it if you want. Take your sorry board with you as well. do what you want I will do mine. yoyo’s pal come on the door. one says, randhir we have got all the parts don’t worry. A teacher comes in the class and says hello professor PKC. He says I am mohit panday I have taken over this class. PKc says you are my replacement? they replaced me in one day? We have grace period of 30 days. Mohit says I am doing what I am asked to. from now I will be taking this class. PKC says this the reward of 15 years I gave to this college? Mohit says I am just doing my job. You can continue this class for today I will start from tomorrow. PKC leaves.

Mohit says I am professor mohit panday and I have been asked to repeat all the lecture PKC has given to you. Lets start from beginning. randhir stands and says we can stand PKC’s insult from new teacher. mohit syas this isn’t my personal incentive I am doing what management has asked me to. sanyu says yeah do your job and we are leaving. all the students leave the class. mohit says where are you going? the class is empty.

SAnyu says to randhir we have to complete the drone before pkc leaves. randhir says yeah before tomorrow. PKC is upset in the lab. He gets a call. Its his son he says I am fine my throat is infected. I will be late and don’t tell your mom about my throat.

PKC goes to maya he says you know my worth. maya says you can stay here for 30 days. but wont teach. pkc says you are doing a big mistake. He says I will prove my worth and you will regret. maya says you are talking about your useless drone? That never works. PKC leaves.

The dream team is busy working on the drone. Sanyu slips randhir holds her in his arms.
Vidushi is working as well. she recalls paarth says I love. She recalls varun’s words as well. randhur says don’t use balls to join the parts. SAnyu says oh yeah. randhir syas we will weld it. sanyu says this will reduce weight. parth syas how will we weld such small parts. yoyo’s pals come with breakfast for everyone. they get done with the drone.its working. randhir ays lets take it out and show everyone what a genius pkc is. they go out and fly the drone around campus. everyone is shocked and amused to see it. pkc is shocked. sahil says this is the project of pkc sir. It suddenly falls down. sanyu sas watch out randhir. pkc uns to it. He says are you all done now? Why you torture me this much? Don’t you feel ashamed. sanyu says we were trying to rectify your drone. randhir says we want to prove that you are a genius. sanyu says we are reallu sorry. pkc takes the drone and says this is what you have modified? you thought that you reduce the weight? wont have I thought about it? am I fool. This needs a new alloy which is very light. We cant get that light weight alloy stable in air. where will you buy that expensive alloy from> you can only mak teachers fool.

The come back to the lab. SAnyu says we had no other option to try. we know with shortcoming. sahil says we can solve. sanyu says we have one option. we need that lithium alloy. sanyu says we can accept our mistake and apologize maya ma’am. vidushi syas I am not taking any risk. We might lose internships. jiggy syas she is right. Randhir says my mind is not working.

sanyu is working on laptop in her room. Vidushi comes in and does the spray. sanyu says what are you doing? viushi says I don’t want dengue. she says I feel like I live in dumping ground. lets go the place where these mosquitos breed and kill them all. Sanyu says come in the lab. she goes out. vidushi gets a call from varun. he says I have a surprise for you. come in the campus.

SAnyu tells everyone what is it for? Now we have a solution. sanyu says we can use it to control dengue. If you tell people that it can prevent dengue. people will invest in it. Jiggy says that will all matter if it works. Sanyu says a solution is here. randhir says the main problem is that we need to manage the weight. We wont have to use the alloy. we will use pollution control mechanism

Precap-the drone is working. the take is outdoor. sanyu sees in camera vidushi and varun hugging and kissing reac g other. parth sees them is shock. they all run out to stop parth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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