Ye Rishte janamo ke ( Part 1)

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Hi guys this is piya signing in again….thanks for all those who commented it really means a lot to me…
This part is dedicated to a special person and it will be revealed who that is as you read….

It’s a college fest that’s gonna take place…it is an annual event organised by the OBEROI’S as they are part of the college trust.
Rudra was standing in middle with prinku and saumya on the both sides…
Rudra : prinku…tell me how am I looking?
Prinku : bhaiya….you are always stunning.
Saumya hits her head seeing rudra doing all activities to attract girls .
Saumya : prinku why are you encouraging your rudra…see what and all he is doing…my eyes will get damaged if I see all these things…
Rudra with a girl from his college….
Rudra : you are very hot…
Girl: actually you are too hot rudy…hotness overloaded…

Just then Shivaay, om, anika, ishana, puvi, kushi and ruchita came in….
Rumya and prinku didn’t pay attention to them as they were looking for the more special person in the crowd.
Puvi : rudra we all are here…who are you searching for…
There was no reaction from him…
Ruchita : shivaay see how this rudy is behaving…he is showing off infront of girls in this beautiful settings which is all managed by puvi….but he is not answering her…
Khushi went near prinku and saumya and signed them to tell what’s going on…
Saumya : where is our sweetheart today is her birthday na so only we are waiting for her.
Khushi : we have to first set everything ready here…so only Shivaay told surbhi to get her here after an hour…
Shivomru and aniish also joined and they were seriously planning what to do for the birthday surprise…
Shivaay : let’s keep it simple..
Anika: you are one show off character but tells others to keep it simple.
Om : it should be perfect.
Ishana : oye artist ….this is not your sculpture to be always perfect like you…it’s a birthday party so here and there if our plans fail also we must manage okay…
Om Just passed a cold look towards her. Shivaay and anika were lost seeing each other…
Seeing all this ruchita lost her cool…
Guys it been 15 minutes and still we haven’t planned anything and my back is aching because we are standing in a bending position (she almost shouted at the last).

All kept rudy’s cry baby face which almost melted her heart.
Puvi : okay…I am the organiser here so I have ordered the cakes and everything..just tell me when to arrange the cake cutting ceremony.
Khushi : after music fest as it will be the perfect setting…
Anika : awesome idea…
All nodded their head in agreement.
Shivaay : okay it’s time now surbhi will come along with her…act that we don’t remember her birthday.
Rudra : we will act but one creature between us doesn’t know to act or to lie…
All turned towards om…
Saumya : bhaiya…plz try to act…
Om : it’s actually….
As he was about to say something ishana closed his mouth with her hand…
Ishana : om look you don’t need to act just keep in mind that you are observing Maun vrat{a fast procedure where people don’t speak for the whole day}
Om nodded…mmmmmm.
Ishana: why are telling mmmmm tell yes…
She then noticed om who was giving a deadly glare…okay okay…good boy from now itself you have started to observe the fast.
All again broke into laughter…

Khushi : okay..okay enough of speaking it’s time…
Just then surbhi entered as she walked forward everyone’s eyes were glued in that direction…they haven’t noticed that surbhi has come and stood infront of them.
Anika almost moved her aside and was looking at the entrance like Sherlock homes as she is searching for clue.
Surbhi : guys…this isn’t fair…no one has noticed me…
Ishana : surbhi where is she…
Surbhi turned and showed the entrance pointing her finger…
There entered the girl of hour…..SHIVIKA
(Yes it’s her birthday today)
She walked forward and hugged her friends….she was waiting to get her birthday wishes…but as the group has planned to give her surprise…the group was acting as per their plan…
Poor omkara in order control his mouth he acted as if he is busy…holding ishu’s shall or acting like adjusting his hair…
Shivika was shocked as none wished her…
Shivika : guys…do you see anything different in me..
Saumya : no…you are looking as usual..
Ruchita : you always look the same…wait I got it.
Shivika was happy finally….
Ruchita : your hairclip is different…it’s beautiful.
Shivika’s broad smile vanished.
Rudra : okay girls common let’s party it’s the musical fest coming…
Puvi came there running…looking her tensed all understood that something went wrong…
Puvi then told that the music band is struck in traffic and they can’t make it on time…
All were tensed as they didn’t know what to do….

Prinku’s face lit up as she came up with an awesome idea….she suggested that surbhi and shivika will dance….
Surbhi and shivika were shocked hearing their names being suggested…they backed off but rumya pushed them on to the stage.
Shivomru , aniishya, prinku , ruchita,khushi and puvi were encouraging them….
Shivika(in mind): it’s my birthday today…they haven’t wished me yet but pushed me onto the stage…
Surbhi was tensed to the core as what to perform and added to the fuel was seeing Shivaay and anika often stealing glances at each other….
Finally surbhi and shivika gathered courage and started to perform on let’s nacho….
Let’s nacho bgm plays…
Surbhi and shivika started singing and dancing…
Hone laga sunset
Hai bhai tera full set
Hai motion bhi dekho mera ban’ne laga
Dekho toh haseena ko
Wannabe Kareena ko

Thumko ko fever hai chadhne laga
{ rudra and ishana couldn’t control themselves and started dancing }
Thoda hard sa hoke
Thoda gentle sa hoke
Thoda senti sa hoke
Thoda mental sa hoke
{ shivika then pulled ishana on stage…
As ishu was dancing her hair was coming infront of her face and she gently placed it at back of her eyes….down the stage om was mesmerized by seeing ishana}
Saare, saare, saare, saare..
Let’s nacho!
Chalo nacho!
Everybody let’s nacho!
Chalo nacho!
Chalo nacho!
Kar dance full-u
Romance full-u
Kar dance full-u
Oh baat sunle
O naacho!
O naacho!
O naacho!

Everybody let’s naacho!
Chadha hai bukhar, party karni lagatar
Mere yaar din char zindagi ke tu jee le
Ho jaao taiyar, yeh gaana hai on repeat
Dekho bajti hai beat, naa pado tum yun dheele
Bakwas bhula ke koi step sa banake
Haath upar uthake puri jaan lagaake
Saare, saare, saare, saare, saare
Let’s nacho!
{ now anika also started doing steps and to the surprise of all Shivaay too joined}
Everybody let’s nacho!
O naacho!
O naacho!
O naacho!
Everybody let’s nacho!
All were now cheering for shivika and surbhi and they both were indeed happy..
Shivomru aniishya puvi ruchita and khushi walked with cake on stage…
The chocolate cake had white creamed writings…”HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVIKA”
All hugged her and wished her a very happy and prosperous life…
She then blew the candles while all were singing happy birthday song and she cut the cake….

@court (simultaneously)
A hooded man talking in a rough tone to a lawyer…
Hooded man : I need the oberoi mansion at any cost…do anything otherwise you can’t see your daughter alive…
The lawyer was shocked and was trembling in fear…
The hooded man handed him a suitcase of money.
Lawyer : sir…the papers are ready we will win at any cost…
Hooded man : we should
He asked the lawyer to go and started to smile in an evil manner…
“ Oberois sach ko jithna bhi chupo sach toh samne aana hi hoga….count your days oberois”.
He then entered his car and went…
On the way the hooded man car crossed Yash Walia’s car(aniishsoum dad)
He stopped the car as he felt something but the hooded man’s car went away…
Mr.walia was looked and saw a symbol on that car…
Walia : I think…I have seen that symbol somewhere….but where…
Screen freezes…

Who was that hooded man?
Why is he after the oberois ?
Will the lives of the happy oberois will change?
Wait to know the answers….

Guys today is the birthday of SHIVIKA (shivika22kapoor) let’s all wish her a very very happy birthday…may all her wishes come true and rock this day sweetheart.
Thank you all for reading and please do comment both negative and positive reviews are welcomed.
My special thanks to chandini and Shama Di to complete this part because I was not well thanks so much to both

Signing of

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    Lovely episode!!!!!!!!! And happy birthday shivika Di

  2. Khushilovesroumya

    Yayyy!!!!! It had my name.good job ☺??????

  3. Amazing episode… Happy Birthday Shivika…

  4. Akshaya

    Loved it

  5. Umm what should i say first take care of your health piya second Chandini love u dear for taking out ur time to hear my ideas and pendowning really I am seriously blessed to have such sissies ?
    And SHIVIKA ko toh iss din per wishes se overload karna ? happy birthday my friend and moreover my Darling sister this is I guess my 7 th time when I am wishing u and trust me dear on this day I can continuously wish you becoz as more u get as more u will feel like we sisters are really around you and your ?to snatch it from each other like sisters have janam seedh adheekar ?to tease and yaa u messaged me na are u mad so obviously yaar # madhouse per copyright hai na ?…. And really Chandini love u….you made our #madhouse day very special full of ?smiles… Not only SHIVIKA ?

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      I won’t say anything this song will explain all. Whatever I want to say. It’s for the entire MAD HOUSE MADDIES.
      REST HERE IT GOES ❤? ?
      “Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
      Tune aake bin kiraaye ye jagah li
      Kuch keh bhi na saki, ye kaisi bebasi
      Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
      Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

      Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo (oo oo..)
      Dil se khus-phus kya farmaya wo (oo oo..) {x2}

      Ho ho…
      Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
      Uff tune aake bin kiraye ye jagah li
      Kuch keh bhi na saki, ye kaisi bebasi
      Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
      Uff.. mere dil mein thodi.. Uff
      Mere dil mein… uff uff
      Mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

      Yeah hey… ttu ru ttu…

      Kya kya karaogi khwabon mein humse
      (khwabon mein humse)
      Badloon main rang kitne khamkha
      Uda uda ban ke gubbara
      Mera dil buddhu bechara
      Haule haule tune pukaara
      Jahaan bhi wahaan ye jaaye

      Chalo chalo yun aankhein meeche
      Dheere dheere ye tere peeche
      Zara zara ye kheenche kheenche
      Dekho na dekho

      Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo (oo oo..)
      Dil se khus-phus kya farmaya wo (oo oo..) {x2}

      Kehne ko toh.. (hey)
      teri wajah se hai
      Saara jahaan.. (hey)
      Nayi jagah si hai (x2)

      Sabko khabar aur sabko pata bhi hai
      Yeh jo hua
      Dekho abhi toh chhodo.. tum bhi ye bahana toh
      Dil ke badle dil nazraana do (oo oo…)
      Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya woh (oo oo..)
      Dil se khus-phus kya farmaaya woh (oo oo..)

      Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
      Tune aake bin kiraye ye jagah li
      Kuch keh bhi na saki, ye kaisi bebasi
      Yun chupke chupke aaya bin bulaya mehmaan
      Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi

      Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya wo (oo oo..)
      Dil se khus-phus kya farmaya wo (oo oo..) {x2}

      Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi
      Uff mere dil mein thodi khaali si jagah thi”
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ? ? ? ? ? ?

      1. SamSun

        this was a mindblowing epi, and I love the way we celebrated shivika di’s birthday. 🙂 😉 😉
        Happy birthday shivika di. I know I am late and the last one from the group to wish you but still hope the whole year is filled with happiness and good luck for you and you the have the best birthday ever. love you loads and again a very very happy birthday.

        and pls maaf kardo pata nhi pichle kitne dino se online nhi aayi.

      2. Kavya347

        Happy Birthday shivika di??? have a great day and all the beautiful amazing surprises. Wishing you a day which is just as special as you are??Words are too few to wish you a good birthday. It is your special day. Make it the best!??????

    2. Chandini

      I am also blessed to have great sissies like you all….this mad house is really full of lovely people and I am happy to be a part of it?

  6. Happy Birthday shivika may god bless you

  7. Happy birthday shocks?

  8. Sorry it’s shivika22kapoor

  9. Shivika

    Interesting epi……happy bday shivika…..gbu…..let’s party… ??????????????????????

  10. Nice episode . Happy birthday shivika di

  11. Its superbb….

  12. Wish you a very very very happy birthday shivika may god bless you . Good luck and and keep giving us wonderful ffs

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