kumkum bhagya – JAB WE MET – Chapter 5

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Thanks for your patience guys..hope i will  give a long update and let’s see..
         ” I got my seat in one of the reputed college in Mumbai. I travelled alone and stayed in the hostel. I have met him since a year as I am a book worm .I used to spend my hours in library. One day I met him in our college canteen. Actually our first meeting itself we started to fight. But later on we realised that we can’t live without each other. But I was afraid of telling him about my love and one day he proposed me infront of our college. I too accepted as I really love him. We started to live together in his apartment. Everything is normal until he started his career for cricket . He used to travel many places and I too agreed with that for his career. Later his behaviours started to  change and he started to lie . I never took it as a big problem as the love for him blinded it. There started our hatred life. One day I found myself pregnant.  I was happy and informed him about my pregnancy but the reaction from him made me to lose my breath. His performance was not good and  didn’t got selected for world cup team  and he blamed me and my baby and because of us he failed … I could not take it anymore and over the top of it ,he asked me to abort my child. How can I do ? As a mother how can I do like that…I almost cried not to harm our baby but he was stubborn in his statement. So I left him..I left everyone and reached London and started my designing work and became the top most  designer . .  .. I am living only for my children..they are my life..I could not spare them for anything…

     Adi closed the diary and tears started to flow from his eyes. PRAGYA gets up and looks at adi who was crying . She panicked and rushed to him asking what happened.. adi hugs her saying i love you mumma..pragya consoles him by patting his back while adi closed his eyes lying his head on her shoulder. Soon he drifts off while pragya placed him on the bed and starts to get ready for the function..

Abhi reached the mansion and calls purab. He comes out and hugs him in joy .
Purab,  I was worrying about you bhai..I am really happy that finally you came. Roshni comes there and hugs abhi saying finally you came. Abhi smiles at her asking how are you. Roshni smiles saying fine and your love is here only. Abhi could not control his happiness. He feels hot tears on his cheeks. He wants to meet her and want to ask sorry but roshni stopped him saying we will meet her in function but soon get ready …we have to leave to venue. She asked purab to take and leaves from there. Abhi overwhelmed asking where is she? Purab,  actually she will leave to the resort after this engagement . Abhi smiles in happiness saying finally i am happy because i got my love back. PURAB patting his back , abhi..come leds go..

     PRAGYA gets ready in white lehenga with yellow mixed and matching accessories . She looks at aditi and adi sleeping. She sits beside them saying wake up adi. ..adhu baby..get up..time for engagement ..we have to go right. Adi slowly wakes up …and hugs pragya saying mumma..should we go? PRAGYA pulls him back asking why you are speaking like this.. adi, no mumma..we have to go so early. PRAGYA chuckles saying it’s time my baby..I have kept your dress in the wardrobe..go and get ready soon. Adi leaves from there by pinching aditi who screams which makes pragya irritate. She shouts adi but he runs from there.  Aditi cries by saying you idiot..and screams. Somehow pragya consoled her and all were ready to attend the function.
       The trio reached the venue and ranveer welcomes them. They were almost chatting and pulling each others leg while abhi , purab enters. Ranveer looks at sid in anger who looks at roshni.  She bends her head down while pragya was shocked to core . She looks at Sid who nods his head in no. But she have to be prepared as she know that he will not leave her now as she left without informing him. Abhi’s eyes locked with pragya. She is the same whom he met before years. Nothing had changed but her smile which is the beauty in her face was lost and he knowa it’s all because of him.  He knows he is the reason for this state of her. Aditi brings everyone from their trauma by shouting abhi…PRAGYA looks shocked at her who just dancing on her own. The happiness is clearly visible om her eyes. PRAGYA stops her by holding her hands while aditi was out of control. Actually the main person who loves him is standing there shocked….yes adi ..his dream is to meet him but today he feels like why he met him. The anger is clearly visible in his eyes. He just stands there looking down and No One noticed him as all were busy in glancing at each other. Abhi thinks how cute the little girl..wait a second..is she my daughter..yes..she looks like fuggie who used to get happy for silly things. Yes she is like my fuggie..i dont know how to express how much I feel happy but I never deserve this..

I thought to kill them..but my fuggi didn’t took that drastic step..she had suffered these days..from now I will not leave her alone. .I know she will be anger on me but I deserve that right.. Aditi runs by leaving pragya’s hands to abhi who just kneels down opening his hands for her and he took her in his arms kissing her whole face. Aditi was quite suprised as he is crying and she wiped her tears. Abhi kissed her hands and hugs her emotionally. Adi holds pragya’s hands who just stared at the scenario. Everyone were looking at adoring father – daughter’s love. Though aditi doesn’t know it’s her father but abhi just poured his love on her. Abhi looks at pragya and then adi who is just staring at him. He thinks who is he now..and looks adi wearing same style of dress which he used to wear. Abhi thinks oh my god..I am having twins…it’s my son. But he is standing there with her. Arey buddhu..how he know that you are his father. His chain of thoughts were broken by aditi’s sweet voice. Aditi, adi. ..see your hero is here…she waves her hand while abhi looks at them. Oh my god. he is my fan .. i could not believe that..feeling proud that my son is my fan. Aditi shouts adi…Abhi looks her while kissing her cheeks . Adi nods no and holds pragya’s hands tight.

PRAGYA thinks why he is not moving..he is not fan of him. He died to see him for atleast once..but now what happened. Aditi looking at abhi , you know uncle.. Abhi’s smile vanished after hearing the word uncle. He stands lifelessly. Roshni comes there by holding adi’s hands and takes him to abhi. But adi didn’t looked at abhi which hurts abhi a lot. Roshni smiling at aditi , adhu baba..he is not uncle..he is your dad.. everyone looked at her. Sid shouts roshni but pragya stopped him saying someday they gonna know about this..let it be this day.. Aditi looks at abhi who nods yes. Aditi asking abhi , you are my papa. Abhi says I am your papa and kisses her cheeks. Aditi cries saying papa..Abhi asked her to say again and all were adoring their talk. Roshni smiles at them and aditi , papa…why you never came to meet us these days.. Abhi looked at pragya who turned her face to opposite side. Abhi , I was in work ..and today I am here right..I will never leave you all alone. Aditi , pakka promise. Abhi smiles saying pakka.Aditi hugs him saying love you papa..Abhi holds her saying papa too loves you. He looks at adi who was standing in anger. Abhi touched his head when he looks back.Abhi looks confused . Roshni , adi…I know you are big fan of him..then why you are behaving like this. Adi shouts I HATE HIM… he is not my hero.. I really hate him.. he runs to pragya and burried his face in her duppata. She hugs him consoling and she was also confused of adi’s behaviour. Ranveer holds him saying arey meri Prince charming..oh ji..why you are crying ..come let’s go and will have a nice ice cream. Pragya too convinces him and he unwillingly leaves from there.

  PRAGYA walks to abhi who is holding aditi close to him and takes her from his hands . Abhi , pragya..I … PRAGYA makes aditi to stand on the floor and starts to walk  with her while abhi stops her. He took aditi in his arms and holds pragya’s hand on the other and drags her from the centre of the venue. She struggles to get rid of his good but he was firm than her. PRAGYA pushed him and takes aditi saying don’t dare to come again in our lives….please leave us alone.  She left saying this. Abhi thinks how can i leave you..I was searching for you like a mad these years and you simply asked me to leave….I will not.

     PRAGYA sits lost while roshni feeds aditi. While pragya was thinking about abhi she hears aditi choking.  PRAGYA gives her water and pats her back but she didn’t stopped. PRAGYA quote irritated , what happened adhu..she then sees palak paneer on her plate. PRAGYA,  did you ate this..how much time should I say that not to eat paneer as it’s allergy for you. She takes in her lap while adi comes there. Pragya,  adi .. bring aditi’s medicine. Ranveer,  what happened pragya.. pragya,  nothing RANVEER…actually she is allergenic to paneer. .that’s why..adi comes saying mumma…here. she searched for it but she could not find the tablet…” where I kept…” pragya mentally cursed herself while aditi started to breathe improperly. She feels hard to breathe. Ranveer shouts is there any doctor here.. one lady comes saying yes..I am ..what happened. He asked her to check while abhi comes with purab. Seeing the scenario his heart arched . He moves towards them and gets aditi from pragya forcefully. PRAGYA looks at him shock while others too. He sits near her with aditi in his lap saying nothing jaan..see you gonna get fine soon.. .purab bring my medical kid. PURAB runs from there and doctor checks aditi while he is continuously patting her back. PRAGYA cries seeing aditi’s state who holds abhi’s collar tightly.

Purab gives him while abhi takes the tablet and roshni gives him water. He gives to aditi and doctor says because of her allergy ..and also she is weak..better to take a complete test. Abhi boiled in anger. He shouts can’t you take care of her properly and medicines …how you forgot that.. disgusting..PRAGYA broken down as the person who told he doesnt want this child is scolding her for not taking care of them properly. Pragya wuthiut looking at his gaze tries to take aditi but he stopped as she slept by holding his collars. She again tries but aditi moves towards abhi holding tightly. Abhi in mild voice , can’t you see ..she is just sleeping because of that tablet..say where I have to drop you.. sid, pragya..yiu better stay here yaar. . PRAGYA , no..I booked a resort for us and I am leaving there. Abhi controlling his anger , ok fine..give me the address I will drop you. PRAGYA nods her head and holds adi’s hands .

When they reached near the car she tries to take aditi from him but abhi stopped her.  PRAGYA ,give her to me..as you want to drive right. . Abhi , no need..I can manage..you both ..please get in. Saying this he moves towards his car door. PRAGYA thinks , strange..he is showing this much concern..sure he is planing something….she gets in whole adi in her lap. Abhi drives to their flat and screen shifts between their faces…

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