Royal Love Birds – TS By AngelAshu & Zara (Part-1)

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Hiiii friends.. My lovely readers…
We are #AngelAshu and #Zara
We are really happy with response..
But little upset for comments..
If less comments in part-1.. Samjo part-2 nahi hai..
We came here with #Part-1 of #Royal_Love_Birds

We don’t wanna disturb u with bak bak story.. We wanna give u a love story of swasan.. We told na.. This is raja rani type.. So..many people expecting fights war’s explanations.. Only swasan is important here..

Let’s starts #Part-1 of #Royal_Love_Birds

The story starting with one cute 18 years girl sleeping with hugging pillow.. Her angelic face looking soooooooo innocent..
Her father seated beside her..
RajaShekar: (caressing her cheeks) Am sorry again my daughter.. I don’t want to do this but am helpless.. I can’t do anything.. I don’t have any other option.. I loose ur mom at ur childhood.. Ur soooo innocent na.. U can’t face this Cruel World.. Thatz y I always giving u pills and making u sleep.. Am going for War with Rajasthan’s King.. I will come soon.. (Kisses her forehead)
He Clapped his hands..
RajaShekar: who is there..?
Some female servants came
RajaShekar: Take care of RajkumariSwara.. She will be sleep..
Female servants nodes obediently..

Shekhar leaves for war..

War at MadhyaPradesh..

RajaSanskar v/s RajaShekar

RajaShekhar loss this war with RajaSanskar..
Unfortunately RajaShekar got faint by some soldier.. He remembers RajkumariSwara..

RajaShekar: (in mind) ohh god.. I know.. I will be died.. Please bring someone to take care of RajkumariSwara..
He died..
RajaSanskar Won this War..
All congratulating RajaSanskar..

RajaSanskar Seated on horse and going from war place to RajMahal (RajaShekar’s Home)..
Now Whole MadhyaPradesh is Became RajaSanskar’s property..
He reached RajMahal with a won smile..
All welcomed RajaSanskar fearfully..
Coz RajaSanskar is very strict and kind too
RajaSanskar checking whole Mahal to handover everything..
He walking in corridor..
MantriRam (Minister Ram) explaining all to RajaSanskar..
MantriRam: (pointing RajkumariSwara’s room) this is RajkumariSwara’s room..
Servants opens door..
His eyes fallen on Sleeping Beauty..
He just not able to cross look..
MantriRam: Actually she…
He about to say something.. RajaSanskar start walking towards RajkumariSwara’s bed..
Someone calls MantriRam.. He left.. Rested people donno about pills.. Only RajkumariSwara’s servants knows but they silent due to fear of new King..
RajaSanskar: How beautiful she is.. But why she is sleeping still..?
All silent..
He touched her forehead.. She is not responding..
He felt her delicate skin touch
He tries to wakeup her.. But she is not responding like unconscious person..
RajaSanskar Clapped his hands..
RajaSanskar: who is there..?
2servents came there..
RajaSanskar: who r u.. Introduce ur self..
1st servent: am Adarsh..
2nd servent: am Nikhil..
RajaSanskar: okk.. Call RajaVaidhy (doctor)..

They nodes and left..
He just starring her..
RajaSanskar: how beautiful u are.. I fallen love with u in first sight.. But what happen with u.. Don’t worry RahaVaidhy is on the way.. U will be fine.. I will take u with me and marry u.. I want u in my life.. (Monologue)
At that time RajaVaidhy came there..
RajaVaidhy: Pranam RajaSanskar.. Am Sahil.. Am RajaVaidhy..
RajaSanskar: Pranaam..
Sahil: may i know y u rememberd me..?
RajaSanskar: Check her (pointing RajkumariSwara).. When I came here.. I noticed she is not in conscious state.. What happen with her.. Is she fine..?
Sahil: She is RajkumariSwara.. Don’t worry RajaSanskar.. She is sleeping now..
RajaSanskar: whatttt.. U mean she don’t care about our presence..?
Sahil explains all (her innocence.. Sleeping reason) to RajaSanskar..
He shocked.. But he can understand RajaShekar Situation..
RajaSanskar: ohh god.. These all happen with this innocent girl..
Sahil: pills may effect on her heath.. But RajaShekar was helpless..
RajaSanskar: (takes long breath) from now not need of pills..
Sahil: butt..
RajaSanskar: u can leave now..
Sahil left..
He stood and went out.. Start announcing to all..
RajaSanskar: Iam going now Rajasthan.. Am taking her with me.. I will marry her.. Ur all RajkumariSwara becoming RaniSwara in few dayz..
MantriRam: RajaSanskar.. She is 18years old but she is still kid.. She is toooo innocent.. Ur life will be spoil with her…
RajaSanskar: its my final decision.. (Full bossy tone)
All arrangements are done to leave MadhyaPradesh..

RajaSanskar arranged safe journey for RajkumariSwara..
RajaSanskar told RajkumariSwara’s servents be with her..
One of her servant talking to RajaSanskar..
Servent: RajaSanskar.. Am Parineeta.. One of the servant of RajkumariSwara.. Now u know about her na.. She used to play with this cat and Parrot always (pointing.. Cat and parrot).. She can’t life with out them.. If u give permission.. We will bring this cat and parrot too.. For RajkumariSwara..
RajaSanskar agreed..

finally he reached Rajasthan..

He told servants to arrange new room for RajkumariSwara..
They arranged..
He makes her lye in bed without disturbing her sleep..
He said servents to take care of her..
He left…

hours later ..

RajaSanskar sitting beside his angel hez holding her plam

RajaSanskar: wake up angel can’t see u like this more.. I love u (pecks her forehead )

RajkumariSwara’s sleeping pill effect decreased.. She slowly slowly opens her eyes n turns to right side and again sleeps… Then suddenly she realise the room isn’t hers.. She immediately opens her eyes n sits in bed …she saw no there room is different… innocent kiddo get scared n starts crying by rubbing her eyes with her hands…
(crying like small new born babies )

RajaSanskar heart skipped seeing her crying..

RajaSanskar : ssshh shh angel clam down don’t cry…

she cries more

he takes her in embrace n patting her back
RajaSanskar: don’t cry angel u r alright..?

RajkumariSwara clam down Lil bit

RajkumariSwara: (baby voice) who r u ? n where I am… And am not angel.. Am Shona
(RajaShekhar used this name to call her)

RajaSanskar: u r in my place angel.. I.. I mean Shona.. I am RajaSanskar king of rajasthan..

RajkumariSwara: ? what m doing here …????and where is my cat n parrot….????aaaann. …ahanaaa…

RajaSanskar: sshh shh don’t cry don’t cry they r here only… (he claps to call servant )

Female servants came there.. Named Kavita..Kavya.. Parineeta

kavya: here r they RajkumariSwara

RajkumariSwara: ohh.. (takes the cat n parrot in lap) what r we all doing here n where is papa ?

RajkumariSwara: whatttt nooooooo this can’t happen.. U r lieing na… papa can’t die…. aaannnn

RajaSanskar: my sorry Shona.. I wish I could have save him…. Butt

RajkumariSwara starts crying like hell RajaSanskar n servants tried hard to make her clam but no use of that.. She cries n faints…. sanskaar makes her lay down properly n leaves n orders servants to be with her..

at night she wake up n cries again.. she even refuse to have food..

RajaSanskar not getting anything what to do

parineeta: his highness m sorry but RajkumariSwara didn’t eat we tried but

RajaSanskar: what to do now.. y shez not understanding anything

Servant: actually his highness RajaShekar always used to feed her so.. n shez so stubbornn.. she never eats before he came n feed her
servant left..
RajaSanskar worried n thinking what to do.. suddenly something strike in his mind n he goes to RajkumariSwara with food

RajkumariSwara: I won’t eat… u go from here.. U killed my papa.. (shez kinda scared of sanskaar also as she is like a kid n scared of new ppl n she didn’t like RajaSanskar.. She thoughts he was killed RajaShekar )

RajaSanskar: Sonaaa..pls eat… U already cried so much now weak u gonna na.. pls have something nhi toh u will get sick

RajkumariSwara: nnoo

RajaSanskar: Shonaa (he tries to touch her but she moves being scared)
RajaSanskar understands: see.. u don’t hv to scared of me.. pls eat this or else… will not give food to ur cat n parrot too.. See they r hungry

RajkumariSwara: whatttt nooo…

RajaSanskar: then eat this…

he starts feeding her.. she don’t want to eat but she was scared of him so eats silently…

then feed cat n parrot… n sleeps again (shez kinda addicted to sleeping life )

Next day RajaSankar announced their marriage n tells RajkumariSwara… but she deny n stats crying n throwing things… RajaSanskar leave her alone for sometime

Servant parineeta: RajkumariSwara.. pls marry him na he loves u a lot.. when u were sleeping he gets so much worried.. n takes care of u a lot

RajkumariSwara: no I hate him.. He killed my papa.. (childish way)

Kavita: no RajkumariSwara.. hez very good n more over he didn’t killed RajaShekher.. He died by his soldier in war n that soldier also died …

RajkumariSwara: hmmm… but still I don’t like him y he being me here ..

parineeta: but RajkumariSwara u hv to marry him or elseee… I heard hez so strict.. what If he kills ur cat (sanskaar idea to make her agree )

RajkumariSwara: Nooooooo. .(kid)…

then next day RajkumariSwara n RajaSanskar get married.. RajkumariSwara didn’t want to but she didn’t say anything (scared )
RajkumariSwara: (in mind) u will tried to suffer my cat and parrot na RajaSanskar.. I will take revange from u.. I will show u hell.. I hatteeee uuuuuu…

After some time..
RajkumariSwara lyes on bed and talking to parrot and cat which is lyed beside her..

From now RajkumariSwara became RaniSwara..

RaniSwara: (to cat n parrot) I don’t like this place.. Huhhh.. Am missing papa badly (crying) see.. Mje dhamki Dia na tum log ko suffer karega WO.. I will kill him.. Ahhannn.. Ahhaannn.. Mje nhi rahna hai yaha..
Somehow she composed herself and playing with cat and parrot.. Like a kid..
At that time RajaSanskar came there..
RaniSwara scared to see him there..
RajaSanskar noticed cat and parrot on bed..
RajaSanskar: what they are doing here..? This is my place na
RaniSwara: what u doing here..?
RajaSanskar: our married done na.. From today we both will be together.. Sleep together too..
RaniSwara: nooooooooo… My cat and parrot will sleep here.. U can’t..
He tried hard.. But she is she na.. Haha..
RajaSanskar: okk fine.. I will arrange a little new bed for ur cat and parrot near u.. Okk..?
RaniSwara: really..?
He nodes as yes..
RaniSwara: okk..
(She exited to listen NEW bed..)
He calls servents and arranged new little bed..
Servants left..
Both slept beside each other..
RajaSanskar in deep sleep..
RaniSwara not getting sleep.. Coz if she sleep.. May be RajaSanskar will do something with her cat and parrot..
RaniSwara: (in mind) ohhnnoo.. What to do.. I wanna kill him.. Huhh.. Iske wajah se papaaa???? I don’t wanna lose my cat and parrot.. I will injure him.. Tab WO mjse dar kar mje wapas bej dega.. Yahhhoo.. Good idea..
Butttt… Mje uske paas Jane se dar lagta h.. Be strong Shona.. U have to do this.. For ur cat and Parrot.
She came down from bed..
She stood near RajaSanskar..
RaniSwara: (in mind) I will ditch my nails on ur face.. Haha (devil smile)
She moved her hands towards RajaSanskar.. She about to touch his face with her nails.. Unfortunately her leg slipped and she falls on RajaSanskar..
She full top on him..
She shocked.. His sleep disturbed he opens his eyes..
He just mesmerized to see her.. Her hairs jumping due to air.. Her innocent face too much near to his face.. Both have a sweet eye lock..

BG plays..

In lamhon ke daaman mein
Pakiza se riste hain
Koi kalma mohabat ka
Dohrate farishte hain

Khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai
Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai
Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein
Husn hai sari adaon mein
Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein

Nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein
Husn hai sari adaon mein
Ishq hai jaise hawaon mein

The Episode Ends..

So, Friends how was the episode..
Hope u all will like this.. I know I know toda boring sence h.. But see part2,3 me full swasan sence..
Give ur response..
Leave ur comments for us.. Otherwise forget this TS..
Don’t forget to leave comments
#AngelAshu & #Zara

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