Ye mera ishq tha ya jonoon Promo second part of guns and roses

This is on your demand dear readers….you all were wanted to see this part na…..thank you guys for your so much love❤❤….but I changed the name of the book…now is first part guns and roses and second part “Ye mera ishq tha ya jonoon”

A short heighten girl is standing in front of the mirror and looking at her burnt skin and a lone tear escaped. Her hairs are crop and she can’t look at her skin for more than a minute as now her milky skin became scary.

She closed her eyes…..

Vansh goes to his knees and forwarded a rose to her. ” Ridhima agar maine Duniya mein sabse jada kisi se pyaar kiya hai to do tum ho…I love You”

Vansh: Ridhima Tum mujhse or Mai tumse jab tak door nhi jaa skte jab to dono me se kisi ek ki saas na ruk Jaye.

Ridhima: please believe me….I can’t live without me….

Vansh: then die!!!!

She threw vase on mirror

She opened her eyes and shouted ” why…..vansh why????” Tears flowing from eyes…..

On hearing her voice a guy came there and hugged her tightly. She was pushing him but he is adamant. “I hate you Vansh Raisinghania…I hate you…you gate that…hope I never see you face and instead of meeting prefer to die”.


In VR mansion

Vansh was drinking…and blabeering it’s been 6 years I didn’t hear your voice…(tears started coming from his eyes )…please come back my are dying to hear your sweet voice…please come back I want to talk to you…..i promise I will listen you….
Then he remembered her sweethearts word’s

Ridhima: vansh today you don’t want to talk to me….I will pray to God that he will never show a Day when you will crave to talk to me and hear my voice and I will no more to you hear you and talk to you….I love you Vansh.

Ridhima: Mai Tumse ish Kadar Pyaar krti hu ki Jis din tum mujhse door chale gaye…wo din Ridhima ki life ka akhiri din loga….Mai tumhre bina ek pal bhi saas nhi lekti…..(Tears came to her eyes.)

Ridhima: vansh kabhi mujhe kudh se door mat krna Mai jaungi. Tumhri Ridhima nhi Rh payegi tumhre bina…
Tears started running from his eyes but this time not only from Ridhima but vansh too….

Then got the scene when he gone Ridhima and found just burning hut…soon convert into ash….

He broke the bottle and shouted ” RIDHIMA”
And fell on knees…
“You betrayed me….you have to come back and face my wrath… can’t escape like this….and shouted RIDHIMA….
Ridhima was laying on the luxurious bed and saying ” Vansh don’t say my love is fake…..I will die…don’t leave me jaan…vansh I can’t live without you vansh….” Then shouted ” VANSH” she get up with a jerk and panting heavily. Again same guy came there and hugged her. She cried in his arm and said ” I Hate you Vansh”

Then a girl 5 years old came with a boy who is 3 years old. Girl said ” Papa why mumma is crying”

Boy: yeah!! What happened to mumma…is she scared

Ridhima: baby!! Your mumma is not Coward….i got hurt….(in her mind)Someone broke me and my heart too on the name bullshit (love)… but now I have nothing to break.

Girl: ok mumma….
All three hugged Ridhima like happy family.
Ridhima came in house with her red eyes and blood is coming out from her palm….Vansh who was sitting in sofa get shocked to see her condition and ran to her but she showed her palm to stop him there only.

Vansh with a worried face “Ridhima this cut in your palm”

Ridhima interrupted him” sorry to disappoint you sir…I will not die with this little cut in my palm…sorry!!! Again your wise to see my dead body is unfilled…if this cut on my neck then there will be chances of death….you should do more prayer to god then he will listen to you sure.may you able to see me dead.”

Vansh was hurt and looking at her face with lots of love but she showed no emotion….and moved from there. Vansh thought ” why….why Ridhima…you think so low about me….you are thinking I planned your death….how I prove my love to you and why you become so heartless.”

Vansh: Ridhima can’t you see my love for you and why you always stick with that Aadvik and please don’t start with that he is your husband and all…I know one thing that you are mine and only mine.”

Ridhima with plan face and waited for him for some time then answered ” are you done with your stories or something is left as I have to attend a meeting. If you are done then can I go?”

Vansh: how can be you so heartless Ridhima!

Ridhima smiled sadly and replied ” I have hurt and you break damn it….you killed my heart that day when I asked you not to leave me but what you said was ” I should die”

Vansh looked at her with painful eyes whereas she was giving him an expressionless look.

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