Anupama 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rakhi insults the Shah’s

Anupama 31st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya receives a call, informing her that she is short-listed for a job. She rudely says that she will only do job if they match salary with her previous job. Otherwise they shouldn’t call her again. Baa and Bapuji hear her conversation. Bapuji explains importance of work to her and says she should accept now and if she does good work, then she will get a raise. She says that she knows her qualification well. She can’t work for such a low pay. She will easily get a new job. Baa says that Vanraj was saying the same. Kavya tells them not to counsel her about her career when they don’t know anything about it. Bapuji says that she can say no, but try to say it a way so other person doesn’t feel bad. Baa, Bapuji leave.

Vanraj comes home. Kavya calls him, but he goes straight to his room. Anupama walks in. Kavya sees that she’s tensed too. She goes to talk to Vanraj, but he doesn’t respond.

Everyone is at dining table for dinner. Baa asks Kinjal that Toshu is coming late every day? Before Kinjal could say anything, Samar says he’s working on a new branch. During conversation, Mamaji asks Bapuji why he didn’t come to café. Bapuji says he went to pay bill. Vanraj and Anupama pause for a second. Baa asks Kavya didn’t come? Kinjal says she must be coming. Kavya is checking Vanraj’s laptop, but she can’t find anything. She wonders what happened. It must not be a fight, else Vanraj must have been angry and Anupama would be behaving normal.

Samar asks Pakhi to pass daal, but she doesn’t and they start fighting. Toshu comes. Mamaji says that it’s good he came when Baa is not there, else she would have scolded him. Bapuji notices Vanraj is tensed and asks what happened. He says nothing. Kinjal says something happened for sure. Anupama is also tensed. Kavya comes saying she will tell what happened. She doesn’t know why they are hiding such a big matter. They didn’t tell her, but she found it herself. She is holding some paper. Vanraj requests her not to start drama. She says that she is not starting any drama, but soon they all will become a joke. Anupama also requests Kavya not to tell anything. Family asks why they are not letting her tell. Vanraj says it’s a small business matter. Kavya asks 20 lakh is a small deal? Mamaji gets excited asking they have to take that amount? Kavya says they have to give – they have to pay factory’s property tax and that too within a month. She asks Bapuji how he can forget paying property tax. Government asked to pay all property tax till now, else they will seal the factory. She asks Vanraj what’s his plan now? If café and dance class shut down, then how will they survive? She further says that they all will have to pay for Bapuji’s mistake. How can he be so careless? She calls him a tax-thief as well. Vanraj shouts at Kavya saying how dare her to talk to his father like that. She says fine, she won’t say anything to him, but what about the bill? How will they pay it? She asks Anupama. Even Anupama has no answer. Kinjal says that she can try applying for a personal loan, but that big amount is doubtful even for her. Mamaji offers help saying he possibly might have something on his name. He doesn’t remember, but Baa might know. Bapuji says there is nothing. Mamaji cries. Bapuji gets pain in heart. Samar makes him sit. Bapuji says that he didn’t know about it and says sorry. Kavya says, a sorry wouldn’t do anything. She asks Vanraj from where they will bring the money. Rakhi enters saying that she will give.

Rakhi tells them that it’s better to take from her than going outside and begging others. She taunts family members. She tells Anupama to go to tax department and cry there and give lecture as that’s all she can do. Kinjal tells Rakhi to leave. Rakhi continues insulting Anupama and others. She says she’s offering help and they are shouting at her. Vanraj says that she didn’t come to give help, she came to insult them. Kinjal tells her that they don’t want help from her and asks her again to leave. Rakhi asks why middle class people ego is so big. Samar says it’s not ego, it’s self-respect. Rakhi laughs. She then tells Bapuji what a gift he gave to his family. Kinjal now raises her voice telling Rakhi that she cannot insult elders in her home. Rakhi doesn’t spare Kavya either. Vanraj asks Rakhi to get out. Kavya tells Vanraj if he kicks her out, then how will they get money? Vanraj says no one needs to worry, “they” will take loan. Rakhi says, meaning him and his ex-wife. Vanraj says, friends. Rakhi asks why they “friends” will pay the tax together? Vanraj says because they are both using the factory. Kavya says when place is Anupama’s, when she is taking rent, then why he has to pay tax? She tells him to let Anupama handle this and concentrate on his future. He says this café is his future. He and Anupama will give the money. She asks how? He says that he and Anupama will think about. She gets annoyed and asks why he has to do everything with Anupama. Rakhi tells her to keep her insecure-wife drama for later.

Rakhi asks Vanraj which bank will give them loan? There is only one bank that can give loan to them and it’s her. They’ll have to get in her feet in end. Anupama says that she will come, if needed. All dreams in that house depend on that café and dance class. If she needs to bend down for that, then she will even do that. For children, a mother can sacrifice her self-respect as well when time comes, but right now it’s not that time.

Precap: Pakhi asks Kavya whether they can do practice. She tells Pakhi to practice on her own. Anupama hears it. Later, Samar asks Anupama why she’s worrying about Pakhi’s event. Anupama says because she’s her mother. Pakhi is practicing. Nandini comes. Pakhi says that Anupama couldn’t come, so she sent her? Kinjal tells Pakhi that Nandini is elder to her and she cannot talk to elders like that. Pakhi says, oh my god, there are so many Anupama’s clones in that home.

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  1. Paakhi needs to be brought to the ground. Childish ho sakti hai badtameez nahin. Leave alone with anupama, pakhi’s behavior is as bad with anyone else. Kavya and Rakhi were absolutely right in calling her spoilt and badtameez

  2. Rakhi is just too much now! I just feel this show is no more Anupama’s growth but how can we mentally toture a woman till she breaks down, or how we can abuse this free maid. It’s annoying, I am all for Anupama helping out Vanraj but I had enough. Vanraj never deserved it and never earned it like his son! Why is this show tormenting Anupama so much? Yes, a main character has to go through hardships but how many hardships did Anupama go through? LETS COUNT
    *Getting kicked out of her own house by her husband because she hanged out with her friends,
    *Pakhi and Paratiosh not respecting Anupama
    *The entire family forgetting Anupama’s birthday and celebrated Kavya’s promotion
    *Mocked Anupama’s pay when she got hired
    *Didn’t value her going to work, resulting in her getting fired.
    *Placing Kavya instead of Anupama when Kinjal’s parents came to meet
    *Blamed Anupama for Paratoish and Kinjal not being able to get married
    *Told Anupama that she is just good for cooking and nothing else
    *Ba allowing Dolly to drop of her daughter because Anupama is available and is able to do it for free, with Anupama’s Permission
    *Anupama getting cheated on
    *Calling Anupama uneducated, and dumb and just a maid even though BA and Vanraj were the one that prevented Anupama from studying and doing well in life.
    *Anupama being used as a woman that can give birth
    *Yelling at Anupama because she was not therefore Parrish’s pictures and for them to not notice it until the day after
    *Vanraj yelling at Anupama till the point she had a mental break down to please Kavya
    *Willing to Marry Kavya the day of his 25th anniversary
    *Anupama gets tortured after the affair came out, Vanraj forcing Anupama to be his slave and not asking forgiveness.
    * Telling Anupama that she is only good for cooking, and comparing her to a maid
    *After the affair came out the entire family blamed Anupama for not being up to Vanraj’s standards.
    *Almost slapping Anupama
    *Telling Anupama to get out of his house after the affair
    *Kicking Anupama out of the house when she went with her friend and not listening to Vanraj after the affair.
    *Blaming Anupama for Kinjal getting his place
    *Allowing Rakhi Dave to insult Anupama
    *Ba constantly taunting her
    *Allowing Paratoish and Pakhi to treat Anupama like a slave and not telling the kids to respect her.
    *Anupama having to save Samar from the police
    *Anupama being caught in a fire
    *Anupama had to fight for her innocence about the whole fire while Pakhi and Vanraj yelled at her.
    *Anupama having to deal with Kavya’s words, letting Kavya insult Anupama at Paratoish’s wedding
    *Having to fight for Nandani’s and Samar’s wedding
    *Dealing with Vanraj during shivratri
    *Having to deal with Kavya
    *Getting blamed for Paratoish leaving the house
    *Blaming Anupama for Paratoish susicde (When he took the sleeping pills and came home drunk)
    *Blaming Anupama for ruining Paratoish life if she did not arrange for Paratoish and Kinjal’s wedding
    *Anupama getting cancer
    *Anupama having to battle for a divorce
    *Anupama finding Vanraj after he ran away
    *Anupama needing to find Pakhi during Pakhi’s kidnapping
    *Taking care of Vanraj when he met with an accident
    *Anupama needing to battle cancer
    *Anupama saving her family from Kavya’s wrath during Kavya’s and Vanraj’s wedding
    *Saving Kavya from sucide
    *Anupama trying to fix Nanadani’s and Samar’s wedding
    *Having to deal with Kavya and live in the same house with her
    *Anupama dealing with Kavya’s manipulation
    *Anupama dealing with Kavya manipulating Kinjal
    *Anupama dealing with Kavya manipulating Pakhi 2 times
    *Anupama having to prove something at Pakhi’s school
    *Anupama having to deal with Paratoish constant taunts during the divorce
    *Anupama constantly being characterless because she was being selfless and helping out her ex
    *Having to work, cook, clean and help out her sick mom
    *Anupama always has to do something and help everyone around her, while no one helps her.
    Pakhi is an annoying, selfish, brat that does not see anything past herself. Pakhi from the beginning needed her stuff being done or else she would scream. She constantly acts like a little kid. Pakhi is not a little kid, she is a grown adult, and I am tired of her. She never cared about Anupama but the moment Anupama started to care for Kinjal, Pakhi got jealous. And when Anupama got busy with everything she believed that her mom does not care about her. Anupama always supported Pakhi and always helped Pakhi out whenever she could. Even making time for her. She talked about how her bestie is better than her own mom. But I think Pakhi has some memory issues, she was the one that ran to Kavya. When she did, she realized that Kavya never really wanted Pakhi, causing Pakhi to get more depressed. Pakhi left Kavya’s place and went to Anupama, who supported her and took care of her. Adding on Kavya came to the birthday party threatening her, and Vanraj who is Pakhi’s father backing up Kavya and no Pakhi. Causing Pakhi to run away and being found by Anupama. Then Anupama took care of her, making sure that Pakhi was good. When holi came Anupama expressed in her drunken thoughts that she loved all of her kids but none of them saw that. Then when Anupama was not there Pakhi escaped from the room and was met with another danger. Like my god… Pakhi is a GROWN ASS TEENAGER! I am sorry to say but Kavya was right in saying that Pakhi is spoiled and badtameez! Because she is. She can not see herself having to tolerate anything, always wanting things to be done on her terms and if not she will make it a big deal. Thinks that everything is about her. She is stupid and dumb and I just need her to SHUT UP! And yes Samar is right, Pakhi does not do anything for anyone, she wants everyone to do everything for her.
    Kavya rides the same high horse. Where she thought that everything is about her and that because she was super talented that she would get a better job with good pay. She is wrong. Kavya thinking that Vanraj would roam around Kavya and Kavya would be able to control Vanraj is just wrong. Kavya does not understand that Vanraj spent 25 years with Anupama, even though Vanraj used to blame and yell at Anupama… Vanraj relied on Anupama. Kavya is not a loving wife, she may have loved Vanraj in the beginning but does not anymore. Kavya just wants money, and just wants everything from Vanraj and Vanraj. Because she believes that she deserves it… not realizing that she was never someone that would help someone else. She questions Anupama’s and Vanraj relationship but does not remember how she got Vanraj? She cheated on ANirudh and abused Anupama’s friendship to get to Vanraj. She lied and destroyed another woman’s life to get her own. Vanraj will never be her’s because he will go away. How you get the man is the way you lose your man. That’s it.

    1. U missed the last 25 years struggles, problems…this was only 1 year…and how she got insulted in return of Help as she got more Fame than Owners…The labour pain during Delivery
      The every Character have struggles…since it’s Anupama’s story her struggles are highlighted And That’s the Format!
      And Anupama’s or any Maa’s Mind is strongest
      And the strongest persons have to endure the reality too

    2. That is true. But people can also have happiness in their life. In this show I have never seen Anupama truly happy cause when ever she is it gets cut short.

    3. Sabka apna Perspective hota hai.. Happiness is short term we see..Anupama got happy moments…success…Supporting Samar and Bahu… Now Baa also treat her as mother…got success over her dominating Husband…got love from her students…On Samar’s Birthday, she was the happiest
      There are many happy moments..but yes on Short terms..thats what we see

    4. Exactly why Vanraj Ba and Bapuji should be in jail. What you have listed is criminal domestic abuse.

      So sick of viewers thinking this is normal and writers pandering such non sense criminal activities, in the name of entertainment

    5. Only this much…..

  3. So much Drama in today’s episode!(including precap).
    U can’t say Rakhi is Changed lady….today she did what she is doing from years…Taunting and More Taunting😂
    Well, Kavya raises her score to get kicked out from House sooner…pathetic that she refused to take that Job offer

    U may say that Kavya became Kauva(crow)…she totally changed…yes she changed because Her Negativity, her Anger destroyed her merits and Morales… U may heated this from your elders too..I heard
    Makers shown it perfectly, not in 2 days thing like Kaikayi from Ramayana Stories…
    Even a Spoilt Adult can’t be reprimand by their Parents as easier than a Child can be corrected..Kavya idolise none, believes none, loves none

    Pakhi got ditched..and I hope soon she got slap from Kavya which Anupama should do before only.. phir woh rote rote Mummy Mummy karke Ganga bahayegi aur phirse yeh karo woh karo…nhi karo to Tantrums wali Beti banjayegi☺️

  4. Does Kavya and Rakhi have brains or not? Besharmon ki tarah kabhi bhi family mein dhamaka bol deti hain. Ye bhi nahin sochte ki unki is harkat se kisi ki tabiyat bigad sakti hai. Does they forgot that Bapuji is heart patient and he already went through an angioplasty and Anu also went through a surgical removal of cancer. So giving them stress all the time will worsen their conditions. And for others also. And Rakhi’s own daughter Kinjal, Samar they are too young to bear all these stress related to daily drama of family and work load. Still they’re giving them so much stress which can lead to depression. And Baa,Mama Buddy they are also elderly people. What if their BP shoots up due to all this? Will these 2 ladies take the responsibility of Bapuji,Anu’s worsening conditions, Kinjal, Samar’s depression and Baa, Mama Buddy’s BP shoot up? No. Only family people will. And Ravanraj Shah is great. When Anu helped him he took it for granted and showed attitude. And again coming up with Anu for his own advantage. And that’s why Samar hates him. He considers Anu and Samar good till they help him. Once they raise voice against him they become his enemies. Samar was right when he came to know about affair and didn’t acted stupid like 2nd Ravanraj Shah and directly went for confrontation and said that Ravanraj Shah should consider his younger son dead for him. Because he’ll not be affected if they both dies. He’ll only cry for them or will miss them when it will be needed. Otherwise not. How can’t a father be so unfair to his one child because he speaks truth. And this time Ravanraj Shah is right in not taking help from Rakhi Dave. Because she’s money minded and just come to insult them. She considers rich are best. But in reality rich are heartless. One who makes from scraps to rich is down to earth and good. But who’s born rich is heartless. In this show Kinju and in reality Ratan Tata are exceptions that they are so generous and down to earth even after being born rich. And today due to Rakhi Dave Bapuji was almost close to a 2nd heart attack. And Kavya thinks she’s most deserving person in the world that’s why declined the job offer. At this time she should accept it even at low pay. And after seeing precap not only Anu but Kinju,Nandu and even Samar who doesn’t raise hands on female should slap her. As it’s high time that Pakhi needs a lesson. The depression in which Pakhi went was due to lack of attention she was getting. But Kinjal and Samar will go into real depression due all these stresses which I have seen in my mummy for 4-5 years. Samar should slap her because it’s time that she should start respecting him as elder brother and if someone crosses line in the name of being called a sister then it’s the right of elder brother to slap her. And Anu should slap 9-10 times continuously and Kinju-Nandu 4-5 as SILs. Then she’ll come on line. If Baa would have heard her insulting mother,one of elder brother and both bhabhis then she would definitely slapped her. Anu shouldn’t cry but slap Pakhi. Bahut aasman mein ud rahi hai wo. I genuinely thought that these 2 spoilt brats have changed for real. But no they are also kutte ki dum like their father. Hope so Anu, Samar, Nandu, Kinju, Baa, Bapuji and Mama Buddy get a peace of their minds after all this drama. Makers ko sadbuddhi aaye. Aur audience ke bhi dimag ko shaanti mile. This time I’m watching it just for Anu,Samar,Nandu, Kinju and Bapuji and Pakhi getting a slap from everyone.

  5. Anupama why do you help pakhi? If it was my mother she would never help me, if I behaved like pakhi. She would teach me a lesson by not helping me. And this rakhi is very irritating. Even earlier, she used to taunt shah family but then she was speaking the truth and didnt stoop low while tauntung them. But now, it is just bullshit that she is saying. She had a sense of style and class before but now all rubbish just like kavya.

    1. Arre yaar , they are alternating Kavya and Rakhi for vamp so that the viewers don’t get bored

  6. Too regressive..Had thought they will show Anupama as an empowered woman. More over same thing, educated women are portrayed as b*t*hes and senseless. Can’t understand why.

    They should show as an empowered single woman

    Why single,to show they can. Again if a man comes there will be a character assassination again.

    1. Gusse se Buddhi bhrasht ho jaati hai..suna hoga?
      Also Idle minds are Devil’s workshop..
      Kavya and Rakhi don’t have peace and don’t like others to have peace while they are not having..
      Their Brains gone in Anger and negativity is what I am saying
      And that’s very True…it happens…u can find out in Reality or u try out yourself

  7. If i behvng like pakhi with my mummy.. she ll kill me for sure… Rakhi should be proud for kinjal. And so called anupama ka upbringing ki bare me soch bhi nai sakthe.

    1. Why Rakhi? She should be proud of her husband’s upbringing. Because Kinju went on her father. Rakhi didn’t had time for her. And why blame Anu for 2nd Ravanraj Shah and Pakhi? Instead it was also Ravanraj Shah’s upbringing as they idolised him and and went on him. Samar is Anu’s proud upbringing and proud son. Because he went on Anu. Never supported wrong nor insulted her. Even he didn’t insulted Ravanraj Shah also. Why to blame mother for child’s misbehaviour. There were other people in the family also who could have scolded them. But no . They were pampered. And Samar insulted like Anu. If family will behave this way then what to say about others. Rakhi jisme khud mein manners nahi wo Kinju ko kya sikhati. Bapuji almost suffered a heart attack today. Still she didn’t cared for him. Rakhi was grey initially but now complete vamp.

    2. Before The Kinjal marriage also..Rakhi did many drama and insulted The elders of Shah Family… Whenever she gets angry she turns into vamp..otherwise Grey
      I am telling third time that Anger and Negativity Buddhi bhrasht kar deti hai phir Rich ho ya Poor…and so Rakhi and Kavya Prooves always

    3. There were other people in the family also who could have scolded them. Yes tats right. But nobody give 10 pages of gyaan like anupama about anything

    4. Yes I agree that she’s gyaan ki dukaan like Champak Chacha in TMKOC but we should not blame mother only for child’s misbehaviour specially in joint family. As if it would have been only her upbringing then Samar might have behaved the same way. But no he’s best. He’s 2nd but more better and sensible version of Anu. He isn’t mahaan but sensible and practical. He hates Ravanraj Shah but it doesn’t mean he’ll support wrong. And he makes mistakes also. That’s why his character and his love story with Nandu is gaining more popularity as Sanan are also practical they trust each other, support each other and rectify each other’s mistakes which is must in any relationship and they along with Kinju are Anu’s biggest support

  8. Bapuji is not having such a big property to pay 20lakhs together:-) indian govt is not levying such big amount as property tax..Write script a bit believable,as it’s a family oriented serial..

    1. As u are saying this..did u all observed the first day earning at Cafe?
      It was 1300 rupees for A Masala Tea, 6 Keto Burger and A coffee maybe..just this only
      Can u believe it?
      Makers are showing like they living in a high profile rich state or in a higher currency Nation.😂
      They say they are Middle class
      But Vanraj’s Annual Income when he was employed was 25+ lakhs !!! Means 2.1lakh per month

    2. Hey its just a fiction. If you want to see the reality you can switch to Discovery or National geographic. Nobody is forcing you to watch this show. Btw do you have any idea about property yax? Bapuji has not paid tax for so many years so its possible that total amount is 20 lacs. Without having knowledge dont give your nonsense comments here.

    3. Dear @Whatever
      You don’t have common sense bro.. I pay property tax and I know how much requires in reality… In Reality U are the one who is speaking without acknowledgement
      Bapuji hasn’t paid for 20 years
      Tax is 22 lakhs..can u believe that Tax per year was 1 lakh?
      It was not even so big place

      I Have Pointed that this Fictional World of Anupama has More Currency
      Forget Common Sense, U don’t even understand Sarcasm
      They tried to draw attention by making the small thing As a Big one
      Forget sarcasm u don’t even know spelling of Tax! It’s not yax

      And Discovery Channel don’t show any Money problems… U should watch it
      I don’t know u hate or love this show Anupama… whatever it is just Comment about show not about us!!
      Do u suggest Anupama serial on National Geographic channel Comments also??

      Terrible @Whatever

    4. @Amar, you are such an idiot, i know its Tax. It was a typing mistake u dumb fellow it can happen with anyone. And when did I say Anupama should be shown on Discovery? I am just saying that people are commenting here finding reality in fictional serials so i suggested to watch Discovery or National Geographic. It seems u r just brainless keyboard warrior. First you should learn proper sentences and punctuations and use commonsense if you have any.

    5. @Amar, if you can read in next line I have mentioned ‘Tax’ in my comment. So before writing anything you should use your brains else keep your stinking mouth shut.

  9. I think later they will reveal that the tax quest was a Rakhi plan . She wants them to be in her debt so that she can put pressure on Kinjal to move out . Please give us sensible enjoyable track . Entertainment should be allowed as we already suffer daily pressures in real life 😂. Take Anupama back to her mother’s home let her pursue her online classes and become famous. Uplift her look give her new wardrobe hair and makeup, give her a new decent man that makes her happy
    Enough with all the problems and troubles and toxic people. I get headaches after the episode😂
    We need to be entertained!

    1. I was thinking the same. First for food critic now for tax officer. Also Kavya should have spoken softly to Bapuji. He almost got 2nd heart attack listening to her talks. Their might be some helplessness that he didn’t paid the tax. And yes Anu should move out as soon as possible taking Samar,Nandu,Kinju,Baa,Bapuji and Mama Buddy in a new home(which Samar is planning to build). They’ll live peacefully their. Kinju deserves a better husband than 2nd Ravanraj Shah. They all already help each other. Same they’ll do in new home. Otherwise Bapuji and Anu’s conditions will worsen. Baa and Mama Buddy’s health will also get affected. And Samar and Kinju will go into depression due to stress ( not like Pakhi who went under depression due to lack of attention). And no one will care for them. And this Pakhi should get a slap from everyone in the house whom she insults. Anu, Samar,Baa,Nandu,Kinju. They all should slap her. And Samar should not hesitate as he’s his younger sister and it’s right of elder brother to bring his elderly sister on line if she crosses it

    2. Oh Pri you’re right , and I did laugh loud imagining Pakhi the brat being slapped by everyone in the house 😂 !She really deserves each slap.

    3. Ya even I imagined the same and LOL. Seriously after seeing Sanan giving different meanings to this word I’ve become it’s fan. And Pakhi treats Anu and Samar worst than enemies. God knows if she prays that Samar should die as soon as possible. Ravanraj Shah and his children doesn’t deserve son and brother like Samar. Only Anu and Kinju deserve him as son and brother. Like Samar said to Ravanraj Shah once that he should consider his younger son dead for him similarly he should say this to these spoilt brats also that they should consider their this brother dead for them. Then they’ll realize his worth. And loved the way Kinju asked Rakhi Dave to get out of the house.

  10. Women who live Anupama’s conditions need to see light at the end of the tunnel, not a slap on their faces whenever they try to take a step forward. They’ve wept enough , give them hope of happiness yar!

  11. I thought Rakhi had changed and i started liking her, but she is back to her evilness. Kavya is too proud of her so called high paying career, thinks she is too smart but she literally is a dumb fool who deserves to be kicked the hell out!!

  12. OMG!Rakhi stoop so low!! I am happy that Kinjal took a stand for her family, she addressed her mom as ‘Mrs. Rakhi Dave’ & asked her to leave. I liked the fact that in today’s episode Anupama didn’t give her 5 pages lecture & I am happy that nowadays Anupama sits at dinning table & eats her food( Breakfast/dinner etc.) along with other family members,doesn’t stand at one side of the table & serve these ‘idiots’. How ‘badtameez’ this Pakhi is!! Samar just asked her to pass her rice & how rudely she behaved with her!! Precap is nice. Let her take the taste of her own medicine.

    1. True. Anu should remain this savage. And for Pakhi Samar is her biggest enemy. God knows if she prays silently that he should die as soon as possible. She said tere liye to kuchh bhi nahin karungi. Is this manner to speak with elder brother. She’s treating Anu and Samar worst than the enemies. Loved the way Kinju gave answer to Rakhi. And I wish Pakhi get a slap from everyone whom she insults. Be it Anu, Samar,Nandu,Kinju or Baa. Imagine the scene when these 5 will slap her repeatedly. And Samar should make new home for Anu as soon as possible and shift with her taking Kinju,Nandu,Baa, Bapuji and Mama Buddy with them. Because Rakhi, Kavya, Ravanraj Shah and his both spoilt children will make their lives hell. Bapuji and Anu’s health will get worsen because Bapuji had angioplasty and Anu surgical removal of cancer. Baa and Mama Buddy are elderly people. Their health will also get affected. And Kinjal and Samar are too young to bear work load and stress related to daily drama. They will fall under depression ( not like Pakhi who fell under depression due to lack of attention). No one will care for them. They need to move out of this toxic environment for their wellness. Pakhi is an attention seeker girl. Ravanraj Shah and his son selfish. Samar once said that he should consider his younger son dead for him. He was right because Ravanraj Shah doesn’t deserve a son like Samar who is a diamond. Only Anu deserves him as he’s born out of her all good deeds. While other 2 of Ravanraj Shah’s bad deeds.

  13. Rakhi is so disgusting vamp, shud hv been thrown out by Anu..which samdhan insults her daughters sasural like this..writers pls mind such low language, can’t tolerate anymore..Pakhi really needs BIG tight slap then only she wl value d family..spoilt brat..shud be left alone..Toshu useless, Kavya aarrgghh..Samar n Kinjal proud of u 👍

  14. Looking at today and the food critic episode , I wonder how kavya climbed the marketing ladder. I guess it was only because of affair with Vanraj. Otherwise who treats a customer rudely and turns down a job offer rudely.

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