Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav arranges for wedding photoshoot.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav asks Pallavi what do you think about Mandar, Pallavi says just like you think, Raghav asks what do you mean, Pallavi says calm down, I want him to have his memory back and Dr.Ramya said by spending time with me he may recover soon and without memories a person’s mind is like stained slate, and so he is so stubborn and arrogant and we all are facing its consequences and so the quicker he gets his memory back it will be easy for us have our life’s on track, Raghav says Mandar loved you a lot and what if he remembers how much he loved you, Pallavi says then I will make you remember your love, which changed me so much, and Pallavi touches her lip, Raghav smiles and touches back, Pallavi hugs him.

Raghav sees a message from Mandar, today its my bangles and tomorrow I will give her clothes, and you will see its effect.
Mansar having dinner with Deshmukh’s and says I remember now who called me that day, I had made bangles for Pallavi, and jeweller had called me and I went to pick it up and met with accident, and today because of Pallavi I could remember something, Sulochana says wow Mandar this is so nice, spend time with her as much as you want and I would say, Mandar says I am tired we will talk tomorrow, Mandar leaves.

Sharda says Sulochana this is last warning, enough of this nonsense dont wait for me to take step, Sulochana says I did this for Mandar, right Vijay Dada, Vijay says if this is how he is recovering, let him spend time with Pallavi, Sharda says he spent whole life with us and only sometime with Pallavi, we know him better, why can’t we work and Vijay you are his father, he is our responsibility and not Pallavi’s, God has given you one more chance be a father you never were.

Pallavi asleep, Raghav sees Mandar putting Mangalsutra in her neck and stops him, Raghav wakes up scared and realise it was a dream, Raghav looks at Pallavi and says I won’t let Mandar win, Raghav looks at Pallavi’s bangles.

Jaya asks few people walk in who they want, They say Raghav called them, Raghav says welcome, Pallavi asks who are they, Raghav says Photographer’s you wanted a photoshoot right, Pallavi says you called them without any arrangements, this is your problem you always decide on your own never talk and now I will look average, you spoiled it, Raghav says enough you talk so much and all arrangements are done, Pallavi looks at Jaya, Raghav says I selected everything on my own, Pallavi says Amma say something, Raghav says oh that pooja thing and don’t you remember my good things and I got you other saree and dress too dont you remember that, Pallavi says right, Jaya says all the best, Pallavi says Amma, you and Kirti get ready too, we will have family pictures, Jaya says perfect.

Jaya tries to talk to Kirti, Kirti says I don’t want to be part of this nonsense and leaves.
Raghav shows Pallavi all Jewellery and Saree he arranged, Pallavi likes it a lot, and asks tell me whose choice is this, Raghav says I am the best, Pallavi says perfect, Raghav says let’s get ready now.

Raghav and Pallavi getting ready, Pallavi walks to him wet hait, Raghav runs his fingers in her hair and pulls her close, and kisses her hand, Raghav ties her knot, Raghav helps Pallavi wear jewellery he arranged, he removes bangles given by Mandar and puts another ones, Raghav applies Mehndi on her hand and writes Raghav, Pallavi in tears, and smiles looking at Raghav. Pallavi sees an eye lash, keeps on Raghav’s hand closes his eyes and makes a wish.

Jaya gets ready and sees Raghav and Pallavi and says so pretty, Jaya says marrying you is only good decision he took, Raghav says I am not that bad, Pallavi says look Amma he drew Mehndi too, Pallavi says I will click a special photo. Jaya blesses them.
Raghav says Pallavi lets take a selfie show your Mehndi too. Raghav says just give me a minute and sends Photo to Mandar.

Mandar sees photo and message from Raghav, see your bangles are not in her hand and if you can’t see use your father’s Spectacales.
Kirti visits Mandar, Kirti says I am Raghav’s sister Kirti and here to apologise and I know you know me and boyfriend are reason behind your accident, Mandar says I dont remember and dont want to, Kirti says I am here to apologise and I feel so guilty, I am extremely sorry please forgive us, Mandar says this won’t change things, Kirti says I know you are in pain because you are away from Pallavi.

Pre cap: Raghav and Pallavi’s wedding photoshoot.

Raghav, Pallavi and Mandar together, Raghav says so werid you only remember things around Pallavi, Mandar says may be our relationship was special, Raghav says right it was, it’s past, Mandar says past doesn’t matter, if someone is close they always are

Mandar walks in Deshmukh house and faints, Ramya says he is in pain you have to call Pallavi near him for his recovery.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Hate creepy Mandar

    What nonsense is this stupid doctor Ramayana talking mow? What is she and Mandar up to? I’m only reading updates and getting angry.

  2. Today’s episode was really good, Raghav blusing, Raghavi cute photoshoot discussion, Raghav applying mehandi, all romantic moment was so natural and realistic, simple n beautiful at same time.
    Pretty sure if pallavi moves in deshmukh house Raghav will definitely accompany her and there would be a lot of entertainment for sure, really excited for raghav one-liners, and his ghamandi rao attitude. We must give time I’m sure makers will not disappoint us and after all we can Never Ever underestimate RAGHAV RAOπŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž

    1. I agree with you yaar…😁
      Raghav Rao is there…so lets watch and enjoyyyy…😍😍

  3. Today episode was good
    Yesterday I escaped most part due to mandar
    Makers should balance positivity and negativity.Who will watch full episode with mandar tricks!
    Upcoming is predictable. Mandar will do suicide drama ( BTS out),desmukh will emotionally blackmail pallav
    Raghav sad version also out. May be at party night.
    Raghav did wrong by hiding challenge truth. Pallavi is becoming emotional fool.
    I excited to watch next what raghav did when pallavi will go to help mandar.
    Makers only need to combine positivity-negativity to keep viewers interest. Not make it too much toxic with mandar tricks & other plotting

    1. Raghav admitted mandar in the hospital then on the spot he took the ring and dr. Ramya said that she found him near jungle in vakarabath just confusing n by the way before pallavi could see mandar near the hospital , I remember that sunny tell kirti that pallu n raghav love story will come to end I am sure he the imposter, wat the hell raghav is not finding the truth

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Raghav and Pallavi secnesπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
    2. its clear that mandar is faking his memory loss 😏😏😏 and obessed for pallavi..
    3. Hopefully🀞🏻🀞🏻 sharda control deshmukh actions and support Raghav and Pallavi.

  5. Disgusting were did mandar come from typical indian serial cant stand kirti and her dumb cheap boyfriend hope she gets what she deserves change the story line or you will lose your viewers

  6. With all the loving between Raghav and Pahlavi I hope there is a baby to keep them together. Mandar has selective memory loss. I think it’s a conspiracy to attack Raghav as Pahlavi has become his weak spot.Fake Mandar has no memory of his family!!
    Please writers keep the love between Raghav and Pahlavi

  7. I really love the part that Raghav told mandar to use sanki’s spectacalesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. It was a good episode but I feel like Raghav is getting played by mandar . I wish he tells pallavi about mandar so they can look out for each other . I also don’t like how pallavi has become so dumb and has been reduced to a mere object for mandar and Raghav to fight over .

    Keerti is being plain spiteful . She can continue to hate pallavi but at least she should think about her brother’s happiness . Raghav went to prison for her whereas her stupid bf is sending her on his behalf to apologize to mandar . How blind is she that she can’t see the difference between sunny and Raghav, and is choosing to hurt Raghav in the process of extracting her revenge from pallavi.

  9. Turning away from show

    There are now many more baddies in the show than good hearted people: mansi, Sulochana, Kirti, Sunny, Mandar, Ved, Doctor Ramayana, and Vijay. Why so many negative characters? Why?

  10. As I mentioned it is now becoming a predictable serial .More Evil😈😈 than good.. spoilt the entire beauty..RR swag is lost…where is the Raghav Rao who would be able to bring everything under control .He is become more like love lost puppy.And now with the Mandar suicide track pallavi emotional fool will be back in Deshmukh house..where is the strong woman that Pallavi was portrayed as in the beginning of the serial..also being married to Raghav how can she stay at Deshmukh house and accept Mandar love sending a wrong message to the society. Why can’t we have serials which have social message rather than having such wrong message.. The strong pallavi should give a strong message to the Doctor and Mandar and move on with Raghav. How can such a strong woman be so weak all of a sudden..sick of thr whole serial. If this continues serial will be off air in the next 2 months.Anyways a new serial has come at 7 zindagi mere ghar aana started watching that hopefully it should be good ..will watch it till the makers again make it a sick plot. For me till Mandar track ends or till the time raghavi relation is shown as strong enoughto face all problems together it’s goodbye MHRW

    1. Bye bye….when it comes to track will inform u…enjoy🀭🀭

    2. Thanks…but I have a feeling it won’t be so soon, currently evil😈😈😈is there all around the place and when time comes to expose TRP would have come down and it will wrap the serial so they will make everything goody goody in 2- 3 episodes and end the SERIAL..the magic of the lead we want to see will remain a dream πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    3. I don’t want pallavi to come deshmukh house or she would rather come with raghav to D house. It would be more amazing to see rr and mandar under same roof πŸ˜€πŸ˜…

  11. I don’t think he is Mandar as he doesn’t even remember anything about his family. That doctor is suspicious as she knows pallavi is married still tells her to stay with Mandar?

  12. No comments- I bet Keerthi will end up marrying mandar! 🀣🀣🀣

  13. This is so weird, that doctor should understand that Pallavi is now married. And Pallavi also is acting weird, married women cannot spend time with strangers, although his EX-HUSBAND grrrr…
    This does not reflect Indian culture

  14. come on guys he is not mandar. Do you think pallavi will love these mandar, the real mandar was a good person. pallavi choice cannot be that bad. You are forgetting when raghav was bad , pallavi decided to leave him. then raghav changed his altitude , then pallavi started loving him.

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