Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bapuji gets ready to give away Desai house

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa faints seeing the finger. Pankaj cries. Gehna throws water on Baa’s face and she wakes up. Anant receives a call from Dinesh. He picks up the call and says how dare he to cut Kanak’s finger. Dinesh says, it seems like they saw the finger with closed eyes. It’s a fake finger. Kanak laughs in the background. Gehna confirms that it’s fake. Dinesh says that if they try to be smart again, then he will send the dead body to them next time. He asks Anant to pay him the money. Chetan asks how they can believe him that he really kidnapped Kanak. Dinesh says that he will send them a real finger now. Kanak screams. Bapuji says give them the money. Chetan asks from where they will bring that much money. Bapuji says they will sell the house. Dinesh says to transfer property to their name instead. Bapuji says he will do that, but just free Kanak. Pankaj cries and tells Bapuji to save Kanak fast, else they will cut Kanak’s finger for real.

Police come. Hema gets happy thinking Kanak’s plan will fail. An officer asks whose finger? Anant says nothing. The officer says that they got a call from that house. Gehna says that it must be a mistake. Police leave saying they won’t come to help them again as same mistake happened previously. Bapuji asks who called police. Chetan says that Hema did. Pankaj goes to Hema and asks why she called. Kanak has always considered her as a sister and when kidnappers said they would kill Kanak if they contact police, then why did she call? Hema cries. Pankaj tells Anant that he said he won’t let anything happen to Kanak. He cries. Anant takes him with him.

Baa tells Bapuji that this house is their identity and their everything. She never thought that they will have to leave their house like this. Gehna tells them that they will find a way to bring Kanak back.

Kakaji, Chetan try to arrange the money over the phone. Baa brings her jewelries to Bapuji saying if that could help out. Gehna brings the money that she saved for her studies. Hema brings her savings as well, hoping they won’t have to give the house. Bapuji says they don’t have any other option besides giving away the house.

Kanak asks Dinesh whether he started getting the papers ready. He says yes. She says that she wants to be Desai House’s queen as soon as possible. Dinesh asks whether she really thinks they will make the house on her name. She says yes, she knows them very well.

Anant tells Gehna that he doesn’t think Kanak is really kidnapped. If she was really kidnapped, then the kidnappers would have cut and sent a real finger. He decides to find out whether kidnappers are real or fake before giving away their house to them. If the kidnappers can play a game with them by sending a fake finger, then they can also play a game with kidnappers. She asks what game? He smiles.

Someone (Dinesh) calls Pankaj outside home. A masked man (Dinesh) comes and gives property papers to Pankaj and says that he will tell them when and where to sign. Pankaj tries to see the face. During their fight, a bullet gets fired and it hits in Pankaj’s leg. Sapan does the aid and says it’s good that the bullet just left touching Pankaj’s leg. Pankaj tells Bapuji that he is really scared now and tells him to sign the property papers. Chetan tells Bapuji not to sign. There’s no guarantee that the kidnappers will free Kanak after getting the property. He agrees with Hema and says they should tell the police. Pankaj reminds them about the kidnapper’s warning. Gehna agrees with Pankaj and says house is not more important than own people. Bapuji says that they won’t tell anything to police, he will sign the papers. Anant enters and says, stop. They don’t have to sign the papers. He has a plan. Hema gets very happy.

Precap: Kidnapper / Dinesh points a gun at Gehna and says if they want Kanak back, then they should sign on the real property papers.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Can anyone tell what the inspector was talking about that a similar case was filed before?
    Was it shown in previous episodes or it’s a loophole as usual.

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