Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik makes a last try to help Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Sirat could see her Nani for the last time, just do whatever you find right, Kartik. Surekha says come and see the new drama of the media. They see Aradhna making news of Kartik and Sirat again. Chauhan says Aradhna did good work. Manish says I m in stress already, how will business run, how will this affect kids. Kartik says truth is with us, we don’t need to get scared. Manish asks what’s the guarantee that our family will be fine. Kartik says I m there, you all should stay back with me, you are my courage, its not our fight. Manish says you have made this. Kartik says just wait for few days, you all can’t go anywhere till this matter ends, Sirat will go alone. Manish says she is alone in the jail. Kartik says I have promised Ranvir and Nani that I will take care of her. Surekha says its not a time to act great. He says its time to be a human, we have to fight for Sirat and truth, I want your support. He asks Manish how shall I run away, I will fight, will you support me, tell me.

Sirat makes Nani’s sketch on the floor. She lies down. She gets unwell. The inmates call the police. Manish and Kartik meet a lawyer. Lawyer says Sirat won’t get bail easily, you don’t know how much time will it take. Kartik says we just have 24 hours. She says it won’t be possible, you can find any other lawyer. Kartik says no, you have to find a way, I m requesting to support the truth, lawyers help out wrong people also, Indira ji, we came to you with faith, we heard you support the right people. She says let’s see. Manish says I have come with you to support, you have 24 hours, else you will also come with me. Kartik says I want Indira ji to focus on my words.

Its morning, the inmates pray for Sirat. Kartik calls the lawyer. Manish and everyone pack their bags. Inspector says we got a shifting order, we have to take her to the jail. Manish says you stopped listening to anyone after Sirat came in your life, she means nothing to us, her husband is dead, she isn’t the killer, but you shouldn’t get involved in this, you have to decide, if you want to keep your friendship with Sirat or your relation with us, I will decide for you, you will come with me. Inspector says doctor has arrived, prepare to take her to the jail. Manish asks Kartik to come. Chauhan calls Kartik. He says I told you I won’t leave my son’s culprit, Sirat is sent to the jail today, she will die there, go and save her if you can, you said Ranvir has given her responsibility to you. He ends the call.

Kartik gets the message, Sirat is being shifted to the jail today. He recalls Ranvir and Nani’s words. He says Chauhan was threatening about Sirat, I can’t leave her alone. Manish says no one can harm her in the jail. Kartik says I have to prove Sirat wrong, I have to save her, I have to stop them from shifting her to jail, sorry, I can’t see any innocent getting punished. He goes. Manish says don’t go, its a plan to trap you, media will be there, we will be troubled again. Kartik drives off. Akhilesh asks what will happen now. Manish says we don’t know what will Chauhan do. Inspector asks Sirat to sign the papers.

Kartik is on the way. He talks to Indira. He asks her to do something, they have time till 5pm. Sirat gets her stuff. Kartik thinks of NGO. He stops the car and calls. Chauhan says I will take revenge for your death, Ranvir, that girl will be in the jail, she will get rotten there all her life. He puts the garlands on Ranvir’s pic and lights incense sticks. Constables talk about Sirat. Kartik says don’t lose courage Sirat, I m trying. Kartik meets Indira. Indira says this is Shobhna, NGO director. Kartik asks will you help me, come we will meet the magistrate, we have to take the chance. He thinks just 15mins are left. Manish says Kartik didn’t listen to me. Dadi says he has promised Ranvir and Nani, let him try once.

Manish says fine, if this time, he loses, then I won’t let him see Sirat again, Akhilesh don’t tell anything now, Kartik thinks he is stubborn, he forgot that I m his dad. Chauhan sees the news. Aradhna says Sirat is shifted to the jail. She sees Kartik and passes provoking remarks. The NGO ladies come and ask for justice for Sirat. Kartik says sometimes reporters get the news later, check it online, much has changed. Aradhna checks the news. She says this protest won’t help you. Inspector asks constable to clear the crowd. Sirat is brought outside. Chauhan asks what will happen now, let them struggle. Aradhna says nothing will change now. Kartik is also on call. He says stop this order some how, Sirat shouldn’t go to the jail. He sees Sirat coming. Sirat cries seeing Kartik. She sits in the police jeep. Kartik worries.
Kartik says I have to talk to Sirat. Inspector says sorry, its now allowed. Sirat leaves. Kartik runs after the jeep. She asks him not to run.

Update Credit to: Amena

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