Yaarian (Dev & Durga) Intro

Yaarian (Dev & Durga)

Hi gus! Hope u all doing well. I decided to write a fanfiction about Ek Hasina Thi. My ff will be different from real series. Hope u guys will like it!

Geonka Mansion
Dev- a handsome dashing young man. Loves his family a lot. Love to spend time with friends. Doesn’t believe in love. Good from heart. He is prankster.
Raj (sid’s dad from jamai raja) father of dev. Owner of Geonka group of companies. Caring person.
Simran (from jamai raja)- mother of dev. Caring and loving lady. Very emotional. She loves cooking.
Rajnath- uncle of dev. takes care of business. respects his bhai and bhabhi a lot. Has a special bonding with dev.
Sakshi- Wife of rajnath. A modern lady who wears stylish sarees and jewellery. She love gossiping and kitty parties. Do modeling for Goenka group of companies.
Shaurya- Son of rajnath and sakshi. A good looking young man. He also handles family business. He loves Dev a lot. Very possessive about his wife. (in my ff shaurya will be elder than dev).
Nitya- wife of shaurya. Modern like her MIL. CEO at Geonka group of companies. Loves her In laws a lot. very close to simran and share everything with her.
Kangana- daughter of rajnath and Sakshi. Lives in london. Mature, independent.

Thakur House
Durga- a simple, sweet, beautiful, confident, bubbly and fun loving girl. Loves her family a lo and can do anything for her family. Share a unique and special bonding with her dad. She loves dancing (dance is her passion) but she wants to be a doctor. Always help others.
Dayal Thakur- father of durga. (he is not durga’s biological dad. Dayal and durga’s dad were best friends. After her parents death. Dayal adopted her). He loves durga more than a real daughter. Caring, loving and understanding. Owner of A&D company.
Aakash- son of dayal thakur. Takes care of family business. Supportive, mature and understand guy. Loves durga a lot and can’t see her sad.
Payal- wife of aakash. Tradition from heart but modern from outside. Love kitty parties and feel comfortable in western dresses. Also work with her husband.

Hope u guys enjoyed it! Please do comment and u guys r more than welcome to share your ideas.

  1. Intresting dear update the story soon 🙂 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    Nice yar continue we are 10 members we all are requesting you to continue awesome yar

  3. It seem interesting. Plus start the ff soon.

  4. Awsome ff yaar seriously a nice one and dev is a prankster ? nice one

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