SWASAN- A hate story (12)

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Has seen 33 comments in the previous episode buy so sorry as I didn’t give any reply to them but every comment means a lot to me. This fiction is completely based on swara and sanskar and so I cannot give importance to ragini. I am so sorry as I cannot include a story for ragini. Forgive me.

Next morning
Swara got up early in 4am due to the excitement of seeing sanskar. She went into the washroom and came out in yellow saree.
She then went downstairs and offered prayer surprising everyone in the family.
Swara gave Prasad to everyone and went into the kitchen and started preparing some paneer dish.
Annapurna and sujatha’s jaws touched ground seeing her.

Few hours passed..almost 10:30 am
Durga Prasad: annapurna!
Swara’s eyes widened listening DP’s voice. She immediately ran to hall hoping to see sanskar but disappointed
Sujatha: where is sanskar bhai sa?
Durga prasad: he is in the parking area.
Swara went inside the kitchen while sanskar came inside the hall and then went upstairs for getting fresh.
Ragini: hello everyone!
Aadarsh: perfect timing ragini. Sanskar has come just now.
Ragini( winks) I came here after enquiring bhai!
Aadarsh: so you are spying
Ragini: and you are the one helping me in that.
Aadarsh: come on! You dragged me in this. not fair!
Parineta: come fast! Break fast is being served.
Ragini is hell shocked seeing swara.
Ragini: didi…what is the reason for this change
Swara:( blushes) nothing special. I just wore like that.
Ragini rubbed her eyes twice just to believe that it was real.
Ragini: am I dreaming? I mean you are blushing!
Sanskar who came there for breakfast was equally shocked as ragini. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows as questioning ‘what’ . ragini shrugged her shoulders.
Swara served sanskar with a smiling face. He was once again shocked by her behaviour. Sanskar ate the panner curry and swara was observing his face to get her answer.
Sanskar: this curry tastes good..I mean extraordinary.
Annapurna and sujatha giggled.
Sanskar: why are you giggling?
Parineta: because this dish is prepared by your wife.
Sanskar and ragini looked each other in shock.
Sanskar: what!…oh..thank-you swara.
Swara smiled.
Durga Prasad: okay sanskar! Take rest for today.
Sanskar: but papa..
Ram Prasad: obey elder’s words sanskar.
He simply nodded and went to his room followed by swara.
Ragini: ( to herself) these many shocks in one day..no in one hour.. I should consult a doctor.
Swara entered the room and stood beside sanskar.
Sanskar: do you want anything?
Without saying a word, she hugged him.
Sanskar carresed her hair.
Sanskar: what happened swara?
Swara: I was scared day before yesterday and missed you badly.
Sanskar reminded her scary face and took her face in his hands.
Sanskar: don’t worry swara. Your sanskar is here.
Ragini who was watching all these from the entrance almost felt dizzy but composed herself and knocked the door.
Sanskar: get in ragini.
Ragini: if you have finished consoling your wife then I have something to give you.
Sanskar and swara realised their closeness that they had before a minute by ragini’s words and turned in opposite directions not because of shy but because of confusion.
Ragini understood their situation.
Ragini: I have brought a gift for you sanskar. I hope you will like it and don’t worry as I have brought gifts for entire family.
Sanskar: but why?
Ragini: celebration.
Both are confused by her words.
SWASAN: what!
Ragini: arey papa has made a deal with one of the leading companies.
Sanskar: congratulations!
Ragini: fine.. I need to leave now as I am getting late for college. Bye
Aadarsh came to their room
Aadarsh: sanskar!
Sanskar: ha bhai
Aadarsh: papa has organized a success party as the deal got finalised. Be ready by 7: oo in the evening.
He left the place.
Sanskar: so swara..you said that you brought a gift for me..
Swara: I will give you in the evening.

Same evening
Sanskar came to their room to call swara. He saw her standing infront of the mirror wearing a red shoulder less gown. She turned to him and smiled but he went to her in anger.
Sanskar: I have said you earlier that I don’t like this type of clothes.
Swara smiled at him and opened the wardrobe. Normally, she must have fought with him but don’t know why, she didn’t want to disobey him that day. Sanskar thought the same but he really felt happy seeing her obeying him.
Swara: five more minutes!!
Sanskar went outside the room and came after 20 minutes.
Sanskar: offo swara! How much time will you take?
He raised his head to see her after adjusting the watch on his wrist but his mouth went dry seeing her. She was wearing a black crape saree with gold shimmer border and blouse. She kept her hairs open and her saree colour was matching his suit.
Sanskar: you look beautiful..
He said it involuntarily.
Swara smiled and approached him. She took his hands in hers and made him wear the bracelet.
Swara: how is it?
Sanskar: thank-you.
Both were out of words now
Sanskar then gave her a gift pack. She opened it with great anxiety and found a simple diamond necklace in it.
She decorated it around her neckline.
Swara: thank-you
Sanskar: its beauty has increased after reaching your neck.
Their eyes met but both of them turned their heads but not because of hate.
Soon they reached the venue.
Everyone greeted the couple and swara’s eyes widened seeing sanskar’s hands around her shoulder. They both went inside the hall and sanskar parted himself.
Sanskar: actually I am sorry. I need to show off infront of my father’s partners and so acted infront of them .
Swara nodded in yes. Swara and sanskar started enjoying the party seperately. One of the friends of sanskar asked him to dance.
Sanskar: you know very well about my skills right! Please leave me alone
Friend: no way you are going to dance with your partner today
His friend turned and shouted swara’s name. Swara approached them but before they could decide anything, the friend pushed them on the dance floor.
Swara and sanskar stood in between many dancing couples.
Sanskar: I can’t do this swara. I don’t know how to dance.
Swara: its okay sanskar. I am with you.
Sanskar: but how will you manage.
Swara: so you are fearing to dance with one of the toppers in salsa dance.
Sanskar looked down.
Swara: just stare into my eyes sanskar.
She forwarded her hand. Sanskar placed his hand on hers but hesitated to hold her waist. He finally placed his hand on her waist delicately.
Swara’s body reacted by his touch and they both started moving slowly according to the rythm.
After few minutes
Friend: you said that you don’t know how to dance but gave an excellent performance sanskar.
Sanskar smiled and looked for swara.
Sanskar: I will come in a minute
Saying this he went out to breath some fresh air
Sanskar: what is happening to me? My good nature is dominating my hatred. No sanskar you can’t let this happen but even I am not letting this to happen.
He reminded all the incidents of that day.
Sanskar: surely she is trapping you sanskar. Don’t fall for her. You are here to hate her not to love.
Swara who came in search of sanskar fumed in anger listening the last sentence. Her eyes filled up with tears. She remembered how she decided to see only positiveness in him that morning.
Swara:( to herself) I was fool to think you that you have a good heart. I never thought that you will use your innocent face to trap me.
Swara came towards him in rage and sat in the car..
Sanskar: what happened swara!.
Swara: don’t try to act smart sanskar. Swara gadodia is never going to fall in your trap.
Sanskar:( to himself) as expected..it is her trap. That is the reason she mentioned her surname instead of mine
His blood boiled in anger.
Sanskar: it is you who have made a trap not me..
Saying this he also sat in the car and they drove to manison.
Swara came out of the washroom after becoming fresh and slept on her side of bed without uttering a word . sanskar went into the balcony seeing her rude behaviour.
He felt relaxed seeing vaishali’s number flashing on his mobile.
Sanskar: hello vaishali!
Vaishu: I am not talking to you.
Sanskar: but why?
Vaishu: I have tried for your mobile from three days but you didn’t even show minimum courtesy to accept it.
Sanskar: I was busy in meetings dear!
Vaishu: it had been weeks that we didn’t talk to each other.
Sanskar: not weeks vaishu..only three days.
Vaishu: still I am angry in you.
Sanskar sighed
Sanskar: so what should I do to lessen your anger?
Vaishu: meet me tomorrow!
He turned side ways and looked at sleeping swara through the glass door.
Sanskar: sure vaishu. Your boy will meet you tomorrow.
He heard her smiling.
Vaishu: can I ask you something? Don’t feel bad
Sanskar: always welcome.
Vaishu: you shouldn’t feel bad.
Sanskar: no I won’t.
Vaishu: what is your opinion regarding love…at ..first sight.
He can really feel the heaviness in her voice and smiled.
Sanskar: why are you asking me this question.. To propose me tomorrow?
Vaishu: not like that dear. I just want to know your opinion
Sanskar: I don’t believe vaishu. I don’t believe in love at first sight.
Vaishu: but why? I mean now a days many are falling in love like this only..
Sanskar: love is a feeling which we always have inside your heart. It cannot be differentiated but gets divided among our family
Vaishu: what do you mean by that?
Sanskar:for me love is a single unit which gets distributed like love towards mom, love towards dad, love towards sister and love towards wife…he turned to swara… We have love for all the above relations from our birth itself including love towards our spouse. It is the reason we always keep dreaming about our fiance. But love towards our partner comes out in the times of need and it doesn’t need any confession.
Vaishu: confession.. How would the other person know about our feelings without confessing?
Sanskar smiled.
Sanskar: answer to my question first. Did you ever confess your love to your mom in early childhood..at least to your dad?
Vaishu: how would I know that I must confess my love in that age
Sanskar smiled again as if he got his answer
Sanskar: exactly! You are not that mature at that age but still you had tears seeing your mother’s wound or fathers worry.. That is love and it never needs any confession.
Vaishu: I am impressed sweet heart.
Sanskar: thank-you angel.
Vaishu: okay then call me when you reach the park.
Sanskar: sure.
She disconnected the call and he leaned to the couch. He turned towards his room and saw swara sleeping facing him.
Sanskar: how can this innocent face can stoop so low just to dominant me?
A tear fell from his right eye.

To be continued….

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