Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 6

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Parking side. Laksh pins Ragini to wall! Ragini became super shocked!!!
Laksh came more near to her&look at her shivering lips& came soo close to lips!!
Ragini closed her eyes tightly.!!

Suddenly she heared some one’s scoldings..!!
She opened her eyes!! She find that Laksh is scolding her!!!
she became shocked&looked arround. She find it was her dream!.she felt soo bad
Ragini(to her self):chii! Ragini,wat r u think? Chi !!!! .
Ragini were lost in her thoughts. Laksh wave hands in front of her to make attentive.
Laksh:hello madam,
Ragini came in to sense.
Suddenly laksh began to button-off his coat..
Ragini became super nervous &think about her past thinking!!
He removes his coat&take Ragini’s hand. He placed his coat on her hand.!!
Laksh:madam,do u know one thing? It is my most fav coat I ever have.but now inmy coat became spoiled!.it bcoz of u.only ur carelessness made the coffee fall on my coat.so do one thing,take this along with u&after clean it,gave back to me !!
Ragini:wat?wat did u say? R u mad? Y I take this with me?
Laksh:bcoz, u gave me soo much troubles today. Only today we met.but in first day it self I got soo much from u…oh…… so this is a punishment. So do wat I said.
Ragini:but…I …
Laksh:I am on a busy,I want to go urgent. So don’t forget wat I said.&u have 2 days for that.&also find my address and gave it on myhome/office ,ok
Ragini:hello,wat r u talking about?do u think that I will obey u!!!
Laksh smiled a little!
Laksh:if u not,there is gonna be big problems. So by,I am leaving.
He take his sunglass&wear it.
Ragini couldn’t say anything back.
Just now,Aditi came there.
Aditi:come, lets go.
Ragini didn’t answer. She were fuming about laksh’s words.
Only then aditi notice her hand.
Aditi:it is a coat,he na?but from where?who’s this?
Ragini told Aditi everything. Aditi find it very funny&started laughing.
Aditi:oh….God….I hadn’t laughed like this on a long time..
But Ragini was in really a very serious mood.
Ragini:stop it Adi !
Aditi stop it suddenly!
Ragini:he don’t know who is me?
Said this she rushed to car!!!
Aditi felt some fear in her heart. She also leave near to car .

Scene 2.
GH. Night. Ragini’s room. Laksh’s coat was in her bed.she walked here&there&looked at that.
She felt soo angry.
Ragini:he told me to clean his coat !! Did he think that, I am his servent!!. Idiot !! I will show him! !
But she don’t get any idea. Even she think that,she did a lot to him.so y should she clean it?
Finally she decided to clean the coat.&she done that.
After that she got a call from Aditi.
Ragini:hello adi !
Aditi:Ragini,r u still angry at me?
Ragini:no,no dear&sorry for my rude behaviour. I was in not a good mood. U know na?
Aditi:even I want to ask u sorry!! I forgot about ur situation.sorry dear.
Ragini:oh….I will try my best.
they laughed.
Aditi:so,then wat u done with his coat?
Ragini:just now I clean it.
Aditi:wat!!!can I believe my ears!! Oh God…wat a magic yaar?
Aditi started to tease her!
Ragini:ohh..don’t aditi.stop it yaar. I just done bcoz…..
She couldn’t gave an answer.!!!
Aditi:bcoz,my Ragini felt bad about the car hit. So decide to done this.he na?
Ragini smiled to hear aditi.
Ragini:u know me very well !! Then y I am trying to find a reason.
Aditi:yea dear,that’s it !but one problem he na? Do u know where is his house.
Ragini:I also think it.wat will I do? I only know his name!!
Aditi:I will call u after some time.may be my brother can help us. I have a doubt,he said his name Laksh Maheshwari isn’t it?
Aditi:may be he will be the son of Maheshwari group MD Durga Prasad!!!
Ragini:how u know?
Aditi:bcoz I heared this name before some time.wait we will see.
Aditi cut the call. After some time she called Ragini.
Ragini:hello adi
Aditi:I told u na? It is him!little MD of Maheshwari group!
Ragini:really?I also heared about the company from papa. Maheshwari group is a big business group he na?
Aditi:kyaa tum Maheshwari group ke bare meim baath karthi hum,yaa Laksh ke baare meim?
Aditi:it’s ok,I just try to tease u&one thing I will gave their office address.u can go there&meet him.
Ragini:mathlab,don’t u come with me?
Aditi:I told u na,from tomorrow my second programme tour will start. Only after 2 months I will be back.
Ragini:ohhh …I forgot that.so I am became alone again,he na?
Aditi:don’t talk like that,dear.I am always with u he.na?
Ragini:hey don’t be upset.I know my adi will always with me.
Aditi :I will send u his office address.
Ragini:ok. And arrange every thing for tour &take care ur self.
Aditi:ok &u too..
Ragini:then by
Aditi:by,see u after 2 months…
They cut the call.


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