Would you like to see a love triangle in Udaan?

There will be a love triangle once again in Colors’ long running show Udaan. Imli has fallen in love with Raghav, while he is in love with Chakor. Raghav and Chakor’s relation is going through ups and downs. Chakor feels his resemblance with Suraj very disturbing. She often gets misled that he is Suraj, when he behaves like Suraj at times. She doesn’t want her heart to get inclined towards Raghav. She has been Suraj’s true lover since ever. She wants to remain loyal to Suraj. Suraj’s memories get revived for Chakor when Raghav is around.

Raghav wants to end the deal between them and leave from her life. Chakor makes him stay back for Anjor’s sake. She gives him a reality check when she finds him taking Suraj’s place in their lives. On the contrary, Imli is madly in love with Raghav. She likes his attitude. She is happy that he isn’t Suraj. She feels blessed to get someone like Raghav. She proposes him for marriage. Raghav doesn’t give her any reply. Raghav wants to marry Chakor and become a part of her life. Chakor refuses to his proposal. The love triangle may get interesting twists and troubles for Chakor.

  1. Cgirl

    It’s better that they pulled this show off the air already instead of coming up with ridiculous & shitty ideas to keep it on longer.

    1. agreed! Starting the triangle again is so repetitive.making Imli evil again is ridiculous!

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