Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anupriya overhears Aparna and Sampada’s conversation

Tujhse Hai Raabta 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar showing mangalsutra to Kalyani in her college. He recalls Aparna calling him home for the medicine and he seeing the mangalsutra in the drawer. Aparna tells him that kalyani took it off as she is ashamed of the marriage or you. fb ends. Malhar makes her wear mangalsutra and says it is looking good. Kalyani’s friends are surprised. Anupriya comes to the class room when someone calls her name. Malhar thinks Anupriya is lying at home to come to college. The students in the college call Kalyani behen ji and Anupriya aunty ji. Anupriya shouts at them and asks if they call their mum as behen ji as well. She scolds them for calling Kalyani behen ji without knowing their situation. Kalyani and Anupriya come out of classroom and they tell each other if malhar tells everything to Aao Saheb then the latter’s freedom will be gone. They reach home. Aao Saheb scolds Anupriya for going out leaving their factory work, Kalyani and Anupriya take a sigh. Malhar looks on. Kalyani thinks how did this miracle happen? She thinks Malhar might be searching some creative idea to tell everyone and thinks to talk to him once. She comes to him and says thank you. She tells him that her Aayi has taken admission with much difficulty, she want to stand on her feet and study. Malhar looks angrily. Kalyani asks him not to tell anything and says she is ready to do anything. Malhar asks her to lift dumb bells 100 times. Kalyani lift dumb bells and falls on Malhar. Malhar holds the dumb bell and looks at her. He asks her not to promise anyone in life again and says I will not tell anything to anyone, I don’t care what Maayi do in her life. He says I hate you both, but haven’t become an animal yet. He says I would have been happy before.

House owner girl comes to atharv and Sampada, whom they had tried to loot. Atharv flirts with her infront of Sampada. Sampada gets upset. After the girl goes, Atharv tells Sampada that he just loves her. She comes again. Atharv flirts with her. Sampada confronts him. Atharv pushes her on bed and asks her not to use her mind.

Malhar talks to someone and asks to keep them in the lock up, and thinks if Sampada and Atharv are alive like these criminals then that day will be the worst day of their life…Sampada finds the news in the newspaper that Malhar Rane’s wife Kalyani Rane saved the people from the bomb blast in the Shopping Mall. She gets shocked and says Malhar has married Kalyani. She calls landline number of Aao Saheb. Aparna picks the call. Sampada says Aai…Aparna gets happy and says Sampada..you are alive and asks her to return back. Anupriya hears her. Aparna asks her to return and says I don’t know anything, just return back.

Precap: Malhar scolds Kalyani and asks how did the scratches come on the CD and asks if she talked to Atharv or Sampada?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rasiva

    Please update the episodes regularly.

  2. Well said Divya …..the concept of tujhse is better than rest of the shows of zee. If u r hurt then its really difficult to overcome the pain here malhar is completely shatterd he needs time to overcome it…when he starts to like kalyani and understands her completely then he will regrets about his deeds , he will love her more n more…..Kalma will rockzzz.Let’s wait for that?

    1. Exactly dr he is not at all bad in beginning how he help maayi and kalyAni v should not forget he saved kalyAni so many times he send her coll even if u observe he didn’t say moksh need Brest feed milk if she taken wrong way but kalyAni always taking him in wrong way when she go to coll she would keep mangalsutra in bag know but she don’t wont to show her marriage it’s shows she don’t hv interest in malhar and her relationship if she know about marriage value def kalyAni find proof for her Sam and athrav eloping..Wat malhar fault in it now he is not digging inside in d matter of kalyAni if he dig he will get all answer but hope he find truth soon yesterday episode tat cd matter if tat gone means he can take another one know he can get call recoding in telephone exchange know but y he need to do hynotise I think soon he will find all truth hope truth revealed soon I M waiting madly how malhar react kalyAni after knowing truth I.m excited..Soon Sam and athrav will back I think they shooting upcoming ..Then about guddan acting not upto mark guddan type serial many comes tat hero look small compare to his DIL instead they can do like he is very ambitious to marriage with force he should marry later she should understand no one is their love him all behind his money tat dis etc but here 3 sas giving torcher tat dis it’s common but in raabta so unique concept it’s connected to one other how nicely they portrayed sehban portrayed emotion love romance attitude so well in cop role he is fabulous then reem bubbly loving then pillu his connection extraordinary yesterday his smile my god heavenly story is so unique and actors doing so well Aao saheb purna viram athrav villanish avatar,,Sam mad love. Alarna mass dialogue pallavi classy look anu simplicity all masth yar vr just loving and kalma pair is Magical..Trp says d story Status I just love dis kalma..In zee d best concept is tujse till date I never seen such story in my life..

  3. This show is full of negativity and just plain boring now. No wonder it doesn’t get updated regularly. I have started watching Guddan instead where at least there is slow and positive development in relationship of leads and no hyper negativity and torture of lead lady.

    1. Compare to guddan tujse is beautiful concept but malhar pain can’t healed soon morever he is police officer he has stone heart it takes time to melt for tat kalyAni s love temperature is need but here kalyAni is small she don’t need malhar love or attention she don’t know if athrav or Sam comes back her life will spoiled anta d day when kalyAni understand her marriage relation tat day she will find evidence to prove her innocence that day malhar will die in pain tat he hurted so called loved wife..Now story is interesting wait for kalma union..In one day v can’t build Rome like wise malhar will understand one day..I hope tat day comes soon…Love u kalma East or west my kalma is always best….

      1. I think so dr.. Really I love that cute couple.. Kalyaniii don’t loose ur braveness.. Find out truth soon

  4. Plz update the saturday episode bcz i don’t know hindi after reading this update only i can understand so plz kindly post the saturday episode as well as post the updates quickly its getting tooo late..

  5. Wat about Saturday episode u didn’t update yet pls update vr waiting malhar should realize his mistake and fall for kalyAni

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show is turning boring and malhar mind is going senseless and dumb day by day….

  7. Now sampada will plot against kalyani n she will also get suceed in convincing malhar against kalyani once again. plzz don’t make show like that. This time plz show sampada’s true face n kalyani’s innocence to malhar. It will be really intresting if malhar develops feelings towards kalyani first n he tries his best to make her realise that….

  8. the boredom is just beginning for kaliyani and Mai. . with the two witches Sampada and Arpana who will plot like kaliyani .. too disappointed. . short. . malhar is too nuanced. . he never sees the good thing but sometimes misunderstands. . short. . Sampada will be back soon. I think Mai will be hurt. . I am waiting to see the confrontation. . But I feel the loss of memory for Sampada as a motive .. and malhar will not understand anything. . at worst he will again give his freedom to kaliyani … or it will be interesting to see the feeling of malhar for kaliyani ….

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