RadhaKrishn 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Faces Jatila’s Questions

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Radha requests Krishna to reach here where he is. Jatila provokes Vrishbhan against Nand by asking who offered him help when grocery meant to be for Kans was destroyed, who wanted to garner praises and even thief accepted that he just obeyed Nand’s orders and then they all saw him speaking to Nand. Nand tells Vrishbhan that he cannot think of harming his friend, someone is playing dirty games on him. Vrishbhan says he does not know. Jatila then keeps Radha’s hand on Kirtida’s head and asks her to tell if Krishna did not tell that he will take over Barsana soon. Radha says yes, but it was a joke. Jatila says these kind of intention are not joked. She continues that Nand took over half Barsana in lieu of Vrindavan and wants whole Barsana now. Nand says it is lie, why will he do that with his friend. Vrishbhan says truth is out. Radha prays Krishna to come and hold her hand like his gifted shaligram.

Krishna sits in jungle sadly. Balram walks in searching him and asks what is he doing here while their father and Radha are insulted. Krishna’s motto was to unite with Radha and his motto was to help them unite. On the other side in Mathura, Ayan is tied under crocodiles and rope burnt. He shouts to free him. Akroor says they are following king’s order and he is alive until his mother comes before rope burns completely.

Balram brings Krishna. Radha gets happy seeing him and tells Vrishbhan that Krishna will confess his love for her and Vrishbhan will himself give her hand in Krishna’s hand. Vrishbhan asks Krishna if he loves Radha. He says not the way she loves him. Jatila thinks whatever he is saying, she will benefit from it. Nand says he told Krishna is not at fault, Vrishbhan’s daughter is at fault. Vrishbhan shouts his daughter is his pride.. Radha stands crying seeing Krishna’s changed words.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that flowing rivers are so pure and give birth to nature on the way it flows, it is born by rain drops which cross via mountain making its way via hardship, similarly one should make their way towards their goal with hardship.

Precap: Radha meets Krishna and breaks his bansuri, warning him to never meet her again.

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