Words don’t come easy isn’t right for her

-why you do this?
-why is my business .
You need to concern about what you will do.
-like i have an option.
(İmlie smiles sarcasticly.)
-there is always an option.
Even in death.
Going war , speeding car, staying far…
-so tell me what should i do.
-tell me
-ok, but last time. You have to find solutions on your own.
-…said my future husband.
-did you think me as your husband before?
-i meant fake marriage.
-are you sure?
-every girl thinks all guys around for once , said malini didi. But you know me .
-yes, half tomboy half girl.
-didnt you beat those guys at the “many purpose” house?
-m.many p… (Red face , anger , bulb on) (picks Aryan on his collar) my other half is angry.
-you mean you didnt do this to touch me?
-(she blushes) no way! (She punches)
-(he stops it at halfway, keeping her punch)
see , you did it again.
-no , you did
-no , you did
-you did , accept it or i will shave your beard in your sleep as a punishment.
-first you did , asr dont do .
Secondly why are you near me at my sleep?
-(sarcastic tone) because i miss you at night , ok?
-what!? (His turn for blushing)(takes off his sunglass)
-i beat you in your game , take a picture for kids.
-w.whaat!? İ , im asr
-yes yes look at scoreboard . 2-1.
Now tell me.
-look deep in your heart.
Think deep. Mix them.
-(he comes closer Like he will Kiss her)(imlie panics, shouts) stoop!
-(she blushes)i think its draw game.(raises his eyebrow)
-(she laughs out)
-(he laughs out too)
-fake marriage or not , we will be good ,lol
-yes , lol

  1. A cute moment !
    Scores settled 1/1.
    No one rocks, no one shocks.
    It’s we audience only who are shocked
    And we all end up in a hard laugh 😂
    1/1 in everything 😂… Spookiness, fights, verbal punches, well…umm…actual punches too for that matter. And yeah, most importantly, 1/1 in innocence and stupidity. 1/1 in the thinking that ‘I am only right’.
    I love comedy over romance or drama, so it’s Arylie for me !
    What is your genre ?

  2. Metin

    Emotional comedy. 😎
    Love , friendship , family is backround.
    İ will invent it😂😂😂

    1. You found a good initialism for me 😂.. shs…sounds good !
      No one called me with the initialism ever. Not even Shri 😂. I am called either Harshita, Shriharshita or Harshu. This is the first time someone named me ‘shs’. Liked this initialism too ❤️😁 !

      I currently follow Sab Satrangi and Meet over Imlie.
      In all three serial’s, I watch selected clips I find interesting. Whatever is comedic is what I find interesting. So, I like to watch Meet clips more than Imlie which are rather much occasional…more a clown show. Sab satrangi recently i.e, 12th March episode there was a drunk scene of the whole family which was bymistake spiked by !en in family so that they could drink. But unfortunately women of the family drag even those bottles aside and all of them drink. And this whole episode was fun like hell. Never laughed much in my life after the two movies I saw – Race Gurram and Julayi (both Telugu but the dubbed version in Hindi is hit movie in the whole of North India 😂…in Telugu too it was superhit). This episode made me laugh that hard after these two movies. Comparison you know 🤗.
      Do watch Sab Satrangi. I liked it. Perhaps you will too. It’s a male centred story unlike a female centred story which is so common in ITV.

    2. Metin

      Every week 2-3 movies from world.
      One Korean serial.(mostly 16 episodes)
      Bade a…
      Music Max possible time
      Reading Max possible time
      İ will look after those three you wrote.
      Spy bahu and fanaa are on the examine line, if They are good…
      İ started Apna Time Bhi Aayega.
      Cartoons from time to time…
      Trying start to write a book…

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