Love is riansh (Part 25)

Thanku so much guys for your  love and sorry for my mistakes.Now let’s start

Start from last chapter

Riya : vansh tum rk ko niche uttar do your hands must be paining and give srmik to rk

Vansh : no riya I’m fine and m ridhima ko apni puri life aise udha sakta hu so don’t worry

Rk: tujhe ku itni problem ho rhi hai husband or wife ke bich ki baat so stay way from this matter

Riya : why and Tu kya krgi aise chle meeting hai in teasing manner

Rk : f**k suna m vansh ko ride krne wali hu tujhe bhi dekhna hai

Riya’s mouth open 😳  : rk Tu na bhut

Rk : m bhut kya riya and said to vansh let’s go vansh ab tumhe hi rhna hai and then move towards their room

Rohan from background : enjoy jaan

Rk : winks at him

Vansh open the door and surprised to see their room decorated beautifully.

Vansh : well sweetheart tum itni blod kab se ho gyi

Rk : jab tumnhe mujhe chod diya tha now forget about past and focus on present and future

Vansh : so what’s next

Rk: streep

Vansh : repeat it in disbelief manner

Rk : jaan streep right now and blind flod him and he is his birth suit now

Vansh : sweetheart tumne  mujhe blind flod ku kiya hai open it

Rk : shes baby just chill challenge to yaad hana and push him on bed and handcuffs his hand with bed post and remove her clothes and sat up on him kiss him both are kissing each other passionately after five minutes broke it for breath rk take a deep breath and start wet kiss on his neck and chest and then suck his nip*les and vansh is moan mess

Vansh : ridhima… sweetheart.. aah ohh please open my hands and blind flod…. and shout ohh because ridhima bite his left nip*le and vansh said ohh yes suck it harder baby and ridhima do it suck it more harder and bite then go his right nip*le and do it same and then go down role her tongue on his stomach and finally go his main part and kiss it slightly then back

Vansh : sweetheart don’t tease me suck it baby

Ridhima : then beg

Vansh : please sweetheart please suck me harder please i beg you and that’s it rk suck him harder up and down and vansh moan ohh yes baby suck it faster ohh don’t stop I’m coming and cum her mouth and rk gulped it hole and lick vansh role her tongue around him and vansh said please jaan open me and rk open him then vansh in a second shift their position and enter her and rk shout vansh… in pain and vansh suck her right  nip*le then rk moan in pain and pleasure ohh aahh vansh after sometime vansh move and rk moan in pleasure oh vansh… faster and suck it harder and do it bite her nip*le suck it harder and give her inhumane trust after sometime both cum same time and all night they made love.

That’s all  for today guys hope you all like it and do comment.

Precape: new entery with new twist

Target : 30 votes

  1. Amazing….

  2. Love it

    1. Mehak Birban

      Thanku and read also the intro love between vampire and witch and comment on it

  3. Amazing 🤩

  4. Where is KARAN kya Story se bhaga diya karan kaha hai vo use lao yarr uski choti sister ko bhi Lane ki planning Karo story mein

    1. Mehak Birban

      Well dear next post me kran hoga actually iss post mature content tha na so child must avoid it so kran apni masi ke sath so much rha hai

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