Ghost Bungalow RiAnsh Horror SS Part 7

Ghost Bungalow Part 7

 Riddhima’s soul entered Ganga’s body and Ganga just jerked.

Kabir:What happened Ganga?

Ganga stared at him angrily.Suddenly her face became scary.It was not Ganga’s face,but a pure ghost face.

Kabir could not believe his eyes.He was extremely scared.

The scared Kabir moved backward automatically. The ghost ran after him.Suddenly he saw a Ganesh Idol on the table and showed it to her.Riddhima’s spirit in Ganga’s body felt suffocated and ran out of her body.Ganga’s face became normal and she fainted.Kabir carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed.

Kabir:That means Ganga is right.There are ghosts in this bungalow.But how are they related to Dr.Maya?I have to meet her.

Riddhima was frustrated.

Riddhima:Kabir defeated me Vansh.I could not complete what I was doing to him.He sent me out of Ganga’s body with a God’s idol.

Vansh:He might even bring a tantrik to send us out forever.It will be a big problem then.

Riddhima:How can God support such a devil?No. …he can’t win.

Vansh:Before he could do any such thing to destroy our souls we have to finish him.

Riddhima:Yes.We should not let him win.His end is near. He will be finished by us.

Vansh and Riddhima smirked.



Kabir met Dr.Maya.

Kabir:Hi doctor!

Maya:This time you are sick?


Maya:Then why did you come here?

Kabir:We saw a photograph in your room.My wife has seen them somewhere.She is curious to know who they are.

Maya:They are my brother and sister in law.

Kabir:How did they die?

Maya’s eyes became wet.

Kabir:Sorry for the personal question.

Maya:It’s ok.I will say.They committed suicide.


Maya:I was not with them for a long time as I was transferred here.I was working in a hospital until I started my own clinic here.But whenever I talked on the phone I felt that they were disturbed over something.When I asked bhaiyya,he told me that a man named Kabir was troubling them a lot.He was after bhabhi.After that I am hearing that they committed suicide.Maybe to escape from Kabir they did it.

Maya’s tears rolled down her cheeks.She wiped her cheeks.

Kabir:Oh..have you seen Kabir?

Maya:I have seen him once at Bhaiyya bhabhi’s wedding.But I can’t recall his face.You came here only to ask this?Why?

Kabir:I am sorry,I can’t reveal anything now.Thank you Dr.Maya.

Kabir went out.


Vansh and Riddhima were watching them in the room.They became emotional seeing Maya.

They became visible to Maya.Maya was shocked.

Vansh:Don’t be scared choti.I am your brother.And she is your bhabhi.Can we harm you?

Maya became emotional.


She hugged them tearfully.

Maya:How come you both are here?

Riddhima:We both are just souls now.But we have come here to take revenge on our killer.


Vansh:Yes choti.We have not committed suicide.Can we ever do that?We were killed by the goons sent by Kabir.

Maya was shocked:What?

Riddhima:Do you know who Kabir is?He is the same person you were talking to a few minutes back.

Maya was shocked.

Maya:What?Then why did he come here to enquire about you both?

Vansh:Maybe to make sure that you have not recognized him.If you had recognized  him, he would have killed you too.

Maya:Oh no….but he said some other name here.

Riddhima:He gave you the wrong name to hide his identity.

Maya:Now itself i will inform the police.

Riddhima:No use Maya.He will escape.He should be punished by us.

Vansh:We will give him a brutal death.

Maya:Yes.He deserves the worst death as punishment.



Dr.Maya came to the bungalow.

Kabir:What a pleasant surprise Dr.Maya.

Ganga:How did you find our address?

Maya:You only called me here saying that Ganga is not feeling well.

Kabir:Me?No.I did not call you.You maybe having some misunderstanding.

Maya:Oh,are you alright Ganga?

Ganga:Yes,I am absolutely fine doctor.

Maya:If you are fine then I have to make you sick


Maya smirked.Slowly her face became scary shocking them.

Then she screamed at them.

Kabir and Ganga got frightened.

Ganga:Why are you doing this to us Dr.Maya?Are you also a ghost?

Maya:I am not Maya.

Slowly she turned out to be Riddhima who was also looking scary.

Kabir and Ganga got scared.Vansh also appeared near Riddhima shocking them more.

Ganga:Why are you after us?What did we do to you?

Riddhima:We don’t have any enmity with you.Our enemy is your husband.

Riddhima and Vansh screamed at Kabir making him scared.Riddhima and Vansh walked towards Kabir with their scary look.

Kabir:Why are you considering me as your enemy?

Vansh:You don’t know that?You only made us your enemies.

Kabir:How did I make you both my enemies?I have not even seen you both before.

Riddhima:O really?You have not even seen us before.How can you lie shamelessly?

Vansh:We want your destruction as you destroyed us brutally.You will be destroyed in a few moments.

Kabir and Ganga got scared.Ganga was crying.

Ganga:Please don’t do anything to him.

Riddhima:You stay away from this.He is getting what he deserves.

Kabir:Why do I deserve to be killed by you both?How did I destroy you both?Tell me that before killing me.I have the right to know it.

Vansh slapped him hard.

He roared and said:Don’t behave as if you don’t know anything Kabir.

  1. Now I don’t think so Kabir is bad the another Kabir iss maybe
    His doppelganger or twin bro

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  4. Revu

    Super episode, Kabir realizing ghost entered in Ganga and he enquiring Maya was so interesting was so nice to read. Riansh appearing before Maya and tells about Kabir was so good to read. Maya comes to Ganga and Kabir , then she turned as ghost and telling she is Ridhima was so scary . Ganga pleading for Kabir’s life before Riansh was so emotional. Vansh slapped Kabir. I feels sad for Ganga as she truely loves Kabir. Waiting to know does Kabir is really behind the death of Riansh

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  5. Kifu

    Awesome episode 🙂🙂. It was so interesting.. Ridhima entering Ganga’s body was scary..😮. But shocked that Kabir made ridhima’s soul run away by taking Ganga near the idol..😮😮. Kabir enquiring about riansh and also about himself made me shocked as he is acting as if he doesn’t know he really doesn’t know anything or is he acting?. Vansh and Ridhima appearing before maya was made me emotional..🥺. Riansh entering Kabir’s house as maya was suprising and nice.. poor ganga..she has to suffer because of Kabir..😟. Riansh scaring them was so fabulous and scary..😮. Iam really confused about Kabir’s character because he is behaving so good. Waiting eagerly to know his reality..😅. Really amazing.. sorry sorry for late comment 😟

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