Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Expresses His Feelings For Sayuri In Sleep

Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanha recalls Anjali spiking Sayuri’s juice and he drinking the juice instead and feeling inebriated. He thinks Anjali didn’t do right and he needs to confront her. Sayuri’s family insists her to describe the incidents happened at the party. Sayuri hesitates. They ask if she didn’t get drunk at the party. She says no and describes them the whole story in detail and how impressed she is by Kanha. She says she felt like being lost in jungle forever with Kanha and not return home. Pihu asks if she really didn’t want to return home. Sayuri gets nervous and blabbers. They all laugh.

Kanha visits Anjali and confronts her for conspiring against Sayuri twice and warns her if she does the third mistake, he will forget their friendship forever. He says she created a mess in her life and she can set things right if she wants to. He warns that Sayuri is his wife and if Anjali tries to harm her, she knows what he can do. Once she leaves, Anjali shouts that let Sayuri and her marriage with Kanha go to hell, she will break their marriage and marry Kanha as nobody can separate her from Kanha in this life.

Sayuri continues to feel shy. Pihu says she recorded Sayuri praising Kanha and will send it to Kahna. Indu asks why. Bhanu says when heroine shies to praise the hero directly, they should do this. Pihu say she already sent to video. Kanha watches the video and smiles thinking Sayuri is really unpredictable. He returns home with his large cutout and fixes in Sayuri’s room. Sayuri asks what is it. He says hero and she can admire it. He thinks what is he up to and feels awkward realizing that Pihu sent the video to Kanha. He smiles at her and asks if she liked his hero. She feels shy. He leaves hyming thinking he is really a hero. She thinks he is a hero.

Saroj feels happy seeing Kanha hymning a song happily. Kusum reminds that its bad for them as Kanha is falling in Sayuri’s love. Saroj thinks she knows how to kick Sayuri out of Kanha’s life. Anjali selects a card for Kanha. Sayuri also hyming a song opens the cupboard and finds a box falling down. She worries that the stuff inside the box must have broken. She tries to open it fearing Kanha would feel bad. Kanha in sleep dreams about Sayuri and praises her. Nakul records his video. Sayuri notices Kanha’s camera and feels sad that he sacrificed his dreams for the family and determines to let him pursue his dream. Kanha continues to describes his feelings for Sayuri. Nakul asks him to be specific and say if he loves Sayuri. Kanha accepts. Saroj enters room and stands disheartened.

Precap: Kanha drops Sayuri to college and kisses her forehead wishing her all the best. Kusum tells Saroj that Kanha and Sayuri are falling in love. Saroj shouts that she needs to stop them.

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