We Are Together SamAina PreeDit MunWa AbhiGya DheerDaa SS Part 7

We are together Part 7

 Thank you Reena for the beautiful edits.

The next day ..

All couples packed home cooked food and snacks and went out for sight seeing.

Naina,Preeti,Anjali and Swati danced around Sameer,Pandit,Sagar and Manoj.

Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya,
Bhavre Ne Machaya Shor, Khili Dil Ki Kaliyan,
Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

Suddenly Sameer pulled Naina closer.She was stunned.

Slowly she smiled.

Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

Swati was holding Manoj’s hand and viewing the beautiful place.

Tu Nai Naveli Dulhan Hai,
Tera Roop Pyar Ka Darpan Hai,


She rested her head on his shoulder.

Teri Mehendi Se, Tere Gajre Se,
Mehka Mehka Mera Jeevan Hai,
Mere Sawalon Ka Jawaab BaPandite Tu Aai Sajaniya,

Manoj looked at Swati deeply with his soft romantic eyes.She became shy.

Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya,
Aisi Bandhi Pyar Ki Dor, Hui Main Bavariya,
Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

Sameer and Naina felt romantic in the cool weather.They came towards each other and joined their foreheads.They closed their eyes feeling that moment.
Yah Pyar Ka Sawan Aaya Hai,
Sang Preet Ka Mausam Laaya Hai,

Jo Dil Mein Chhupa Ke Rakha Tha,
Woh Raaz Labon Par Aaya Hai,
Dil Mein Basake, Apna Banake, Le Chalun Prem Nagariya,

Manoj and Swati had cotton candy and enjoyed.

Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya,
Chahe Le Jao Jis Ore, Sang Chalungi Saiyan,


Sameer plucked a flower and adorned Naina’s hair with it.

Badla Mausam, Badle Nazare, Ya Badla Hai Nazariya,
Mhare Hiwda Mein Nache Mor, Tak Thaiya Thaiya…

PANDIT showed the rainbow  to Preeti.


She smiled.

Yeh Chand Sitaron Ki Baaraat,
Layee Hai Ghadi Suhani,

PANDIT extended his arms towards her.She smiled.


In excitement he held Preeti’s hand and twirled her around.

Kya Baat Hai, Mere Saath Hai,
Mere Sapnon Ki Rani,

Sagar and Anjali enjoyed on the beach.

Barson Sataya Tune, Chain Churaya, Main Aaj Na Chhodoon Baiyan…(HSSH).

They all went to their respective rooms.Suddenly the electricity went.

Anjali:Of lights gone.I can’t watch my serial.
Sagar:It’s good that current has gone.Because of that we can spend time together.
Anj:What do you mean?
Sagar stood close to Anjali romantically:I meant we can make this darkness beautiful by our romance.
She blushed.

Sameer thought:Naina is scared of darkness.Oh no..
He rushed to Naina’s room.Moon light was flashing.Still Naina was scared.
Sameer saw her in dim light.He went near her and held her hand.
She got scared:Who is that?
Sameer:Don’t get scared Naina…Your Sameer is here.
She was relieved.
Sameer:You sit on the bed.I will light the candle.
She walked to the bed.While walking she slipped and fell down.
She screamed:Sameer!
Suddenly she could view light.In the light she could see Sameer holding a lit match stick and sitting near her down.
Sameer:Don’t be scared.I am here only.
He lit the candle.She was relieved.She got up.
Sameer:You fell down.Your back must be aching.I will massage your back.
NAINA:No.It was a light fall.
Sameer:You are doctor.But now I am your doctor.You sit.I will massage.
NAINA:But Sameer…
Before she could resist he started massaging her back.She felt a magical sensation passing through her body.
Both of them lost their control and came closer forgetting themselves.She lay on the bed.He was almost on top of her.Slowly they looked at each other sweetly.
Suddenly the light came.
Sameer:I hope now your back is fine.

Naina blushed:Your touch had magic on my body.
He smiled.
Sameer:I hope now since the light came back you will be comfortable here.I can go back.Right?
She nodded.

Sameer: Sweet dreams Naina.
He gave her a flying kiss.She received it with her hand and gave him a flying kiss.

Pandit and Preeti were chatting and enjoying.

Preeti laughed hearing Pandit’s joke.Pandit was lost in her smile.

Pandit murmured: So beautiful!

Pandit:Preeti…can I tell you something?

Preeti looked at him:Say Pandit…

Pandit:I want to tell you something.

I mean…my heart is telling you something.

She smiled:What does your heart say?
PANDIT:As if you don’t know.I know that you read my eyes well.
She smiled:But I want to hear it from your mouth.
PANDIT smiled.
PANDIT:Preeti…Will you be my Rukmini?I want to marry you and live my whole life with you.
She blushed:Yes.
PANDIT jumped with joy in excitement and carried her in his arms walking around.His leg hit a pot and it fell down breaking.All others couples heard it and traced the sounds while PANDIT-Preeti continued their cute romance.Suddenly they saw the other couples standing on the opposite side and watching them.PANDIT dropped her down.

They were embarrassed and nervous.

Naina:What is happening here?


She smiled.

Suddenly Pandit said:I will say.

Preeti looked at him.

Pandit:You all are staring at us as if we did a crime.

Pandit:We were simply talking.

Manoj and Sameer smiled.

Manoj:Chatting or romancing?

Pandit and Preeti gave them an embarrassing smile.
Suddenly they all laughed.
Manoj:Tomorrow we all are returning home and inform our parents about this.
Anjali:Next is PANDIT  and Preeti bhabhi’s engagement.
PANDIT-Preeti blushed.

Abhishek-Pragya,Jagat-Prafulla were happy with PANDIT-Preeti’s relation and they fixed the engagement.


PANDIT-Preeti’s engagement function….

PANDIT-Preeti exchanged rings.
Abhi and Pragya smiled happily.

Pandit-Preeti's master piece song was played.
Preeti looked at Pragya showing PANDIT and danced.
Pragya laughed.

Maiyya yashoda
Yeh tera kanhaiya
Maiyya yashoda yeh tera kanhaiya
Panghat pe meri pakde hai baiyan
Tang mujhe karta hai sang mere ladta hai
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se

PANDIT also joined Preeti in dancing.

Gokul ki galiyon mein jamuna kinaare
Woh more kankariya chhup chhup ke maare
Natkhat adayen soorat hai bholi
Holi mein meri bhigaye woh choli
Baiyan na chhode
Kalaiyan marode
Baiyan na chhode kalaiyan marode
Paiyan padun phir bhi peechha na chhode
Meethi meethi baaton mein mujhko phansaye hai.
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se
Abhi-Pragya,Sameer-Naina,Sagar-Anjali and Manoj-Swati also joined them.
Manoj's confidence level to dance has increased.

Jab jab bajaye mohan muraliya
Chhan chhan chhanakti hai meri payaliya
Nainon se jab woh kare chhedkhani

Dil thaame reh jaye prem deewani
Sudh-budh gawai
Neende udayee
Sudh-budh gawai neende udayee
Jo karne baithi thi woh kar na payee
Badi mushkil se dil ko sambhaala hai.
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se main bachi
Ramji ki kripa se


Gokul ka kanha har dil mein samaaya
Main bhagyashaali unhe maine paaya
Maana ke sabke hain yeh kanhaiya
Kehlayenge par tumhare hi maiyya
Pyara piya hai
Tumne diya hai
Pyara piya hai tumne diya hai
Mamta ke aanchal mein humko liya hai
Charano mein teri o maa humko rehna hai
Ramji ki kripa se
Haan ji haan
Ramji ki kripa se(HSSH).
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