Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhanraj And Tej Discuss About Sayuri and Kanha’s Wedding

Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhanraj tells Tej that Kanha is bearing a lot of pain of pain. He says Kanha was alleged for Chiru’s death and then is seeing Sayuri’s humiliation; even Kanha was with Sayuri, but only Sayuri is blamed and not Kanha; he is struggling to keep the promise given by Chiru. He then says Sayuri alone took care of the family after her father’s death and protected her family like a son, but she is bearing so much. Tej says he will convince Bhanu for Sayuri and Kanha’s marriage. Dhanraj asks what about Saroj. Tej says they are elder and have to explain her.

Sayuri and Kanha sleep holding Chiru’s photo and fear of an upcoming storm. Nakul speaks to Rashmi over phone and comforts her. He turns and notices Kusum standing, gets tensed thinking if she heard his conversation, thinks Dhanrj said he will speak to Saroj first and then inform whole family. Kusum gives him milk and asks if something happened as Kanha didn’t come down since he returned from office. Nakul says Kanha lost a deal today, so he is upset. Kusum thinks something bigger has happened for sure.

Nakul walks to Kanha. Kanha asks if he was thinking about marriage wole night. Kanha says it may be a wrong decision for him and Sayuri. Nakul says Chiru can’t take any wrong decision even in sleep, then how can he take a wrong decision while dying. He says even he thought a lot and came to conclusion that Kanha has to fulfillfil Chiru’s last wish of taking care of Sayuri and her family and clear the rift between both families. He gives him phone suggesting him to speak to Anjali regarding it. Kanha calls Anjali and finds his phone not reachable.

Indu walks to sleeping Sayuri and says she do whatever she has to to keep Sayuri happy and pampers her. Nakul visits temple and prays god to tend Chiru’s ordeal, he just knows that his brother and Sayuri are not wrong and don’t deserve to be punished. He says Kanha didn’t speak whole night due to tension. Rashmi walks to him and says even Sayurid didn’t sleep whole night. They both determine to help Kanha and Sayuri. Kusum notices them together and thinks there is something gon on between both families, she should inform Saroj immediately.

Nakul returns home and informs Dhanraj and Tej that Rashmi met him and informed that Indu is shifting her house as she feels their locality is unfit for her family. Tej says they should go and stop her before she executes her plan. He with Dhanraj walks to Indu’s house and insists her not to shift her house. Indu says there is no other option now. Dhanraj says there is one option, Sayuri and Kanha’s wedding as per Chiru’s last wish. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Indu asks if they spoke to Kanha, is he ready for that. Dhanraj says Kanha even didn’t refuse. Tej says they will make both children face each other and decide if they want to fulfill Chiru’s last wish or not. Sayuri panics and thinks she would rather die than marrying Kanha.

Nakul notices Rashmi crying and tries to comfort her. Rashmi says people will not forget the viral video so soon. Nakul says people will forget it soon and praises her for supporting her family. Rashmi says even he supports his family, especially Kanha. Nakul says he always will. Sayuri walks to Kanha and remembers their rift.

Precap: Sayuri agrees to marry Kanha. Saroj says she will never accept this marriage. Dhanraj says the marriage will happen tomorrow.

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