Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai And Virat’s Romantic Date

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat tells Pakhi that he has read her blogs and praises her writing and photography skills. He praises her blog about the mental health and her last yoga retreat blog. She recalls her friendship with Virat during her yoga camp. He says she should restart her blogging and photojournalism. She says those are just her hobbies. He says one should be passionate about their work, he wants return her favor when she supported him when her mother asked him to stop helping orphanage children and find a real job. She says she doesn’t know from where to start. He suggests to travel with him as a friend and visit his orphanage at least; they can forget their past and become friends at least. She recalls her friendship with Virat. He extends a friendship hand. She accepts his friendship and says she will focus on the work. He says he will focus on her, he means work. She smiles.

Virat feels happy when Sai call him just Virat and insists her to calling Virat. She repeats. He asks her to repeat it again and again. She repeats. He says he feels its a dream and hugs her. They both enjoy a romantic date. Tum Tere Bin Ab Rah Nahi Sakte.. They both then consummate their marriage.

Jagtap gets released from jail. His father celebrates his release and reveals that he bribed many people to get him released from jail. He asks what does he need. Jagtap says Sai. Father laughs.

The next morning, Virat notices Sai happy and asks reason. She asks if a person cannot be happy. He asks if he should tell everyone that the reason behind her happiness is yesterday night’s event. She shuts his mouth. He shouts aayi. Ashwini walks in and asks if he called her. He says he said Sai. Ashwini asks him not to say anything downstairs as Bhavani is still angry. Sai feels her left eyebrow twitching. Ashwini reminds that Sai has 24-hour duty and asks her to come down soon for breakfast.

Virat and Sai walk down for breakfast and notice Bhavani hasn’t joined family for breakfast. Pakhi taunts Sai that Bhavani didn’t come for breakfast because of her. Virat asks Ashwini to give him tiffin as he is joining his duty today. Sai asks Ashwini to pack even her tiffin as she has 24-hour duty today. Pakhi says they are not interested in her daily routine. Sai says she informed her aayi and her aayi is very much interested in her daily routine. Samrat asks Pakhi to serve breakfast to Bhavani in her room. Bhavani walks down. Pakhi says she was bringing breakfast to her. Bhavani praises her for thinking about her and tongue lashes Sai indirectly. Sai asks her if she is fine. She says yes and asks her to bring a box from her cupboard. Virat asks what is the box. Bhavani says everyone will find out soon.

Precap: Dr. Thurat taunts Sai that she proved that family is more important for her than becoming a doctor and hopesshe handles medical emergencies well. Sai says she is sure he will help her as a senior during medical emergencies.

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    1. I do not like phaki I like saying and virat

  2. For the first time I loved Pakhi in this show. Samrat did really good by extending friendship hand with Pakhi. She really need a friend who would understand her, support her, pamper her and wouldn’t judge her. I hope their relation improves and Pakhi realizes what a gem she got for herself.
    The makers finally blessed us with Virat-Sai romantic moments. Jagtap is now back and Virat-Sai’s relationship will surely be strengthened because of his stupidity.
    I wish Samrat, Virat and Mohit stand strong on their ground of supporting their wives career. If Pakhi and Karishma also start working, then automatically they will put their brain in something useful than being jealous and gossip

  3. Samrat is so caring, pakhi doesn’t deserve him although… Samrat is perfect

  4. I wish palki and samrat happiness and sai and virat i hope thoury and jagtup Will not be in the picture for long i want Them defated and out of the picture soon terrible people

  5. Wow.. Is there anyone else who love parki and samrat’s sence ?

    Paki : i will focus on the work…
    Samrat : i will focus on you

  6. Every time the story changed up again yes Day and virat were romantica but i also Read in the gosip column that sai Will have a miscariage and palkhi Will have virats child because sai Will not be able to have children trough her accident with the mine why can’t the makers let sai het help for this problem so she can get preagnant for virat and Stay preagnant so that bahvani Will het the family heir they all want but why samrat and palkhi can’t have a child together he is the Elder from the Young generation and why not let karishma and mohit also have a child then bahvani Will have the house full of children but Esch by their own husband then everybody Will be happy and the show can end let thoury and jagtap go out of the show by death OR whatever then everybody Will be satesfied and happy

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