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Hey guys, This is Silent Observer…. 

Actually, I was writing a fiction on the life of  our favorite actors Pranali and Harshad…. I just wanted to know a third person’s opinion on it.


Set in the city of Delhi, the story starts showing a 25 year old girl named Pranali Rathod and the hardships she has to face post losing her parents and estranged from her brother, Mayank. Being engaged in battling with her aunts and also the outer world, she had no time to think about herself  and her life….

Enter Harshad Arora, a famous cardiologist, with a sweet and loving family, living a totally opposite life of that of Pranali’s. What if their paths meet? What if he is the Guardian Angel sent by the god, who is the key to all of Pranali’s problems? But wait! Is his life all roses?

So guys! What do you think? Let me know your views in the comments section below…


Female lead: Pranali Rathod, a business woman, CEO of Rathod industries.

Male lead: Harshad Arora, a famous cardiologist, board member of Arora hospitals.


1) Mayank Rathod, Pranali’s estranged brother, a surgeon at Arora hospital, Harshad’s best friend.

2) Siya Agarwal, Pranali’s best friend cum Personal secretary.

3) Asha and Maya Rathod, Pranali’s aunts.

4) Prem Agarwal, Siya’s father, Pranali’s guardian- by- choice.

5) Vinay and Jyothika Arora, Harshad’s parents, Doctors.

6) Paras Arora, Harshad’s brother and also Mayank’s friend.

This is the character sketch for now….

Please let me know your opinions in the comments section below….

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