Woh Apna Sa 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia is pregnant

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Scene 1
Doctor says take care of her. She leaves. Rano gives money to doctor. he says I asked you not to say any time. he says this is all true. Jia is pregnant for three months. Rano is dazed. She says Jia and Arjun’s child?
Rano says you have no shame. Arjun says I know her. You can’t blame her character. She can never cross any limit. aMbika says how many mouths will you shut? This can’t be hidden. Ask her whose child is it. Jia sits down and cries. Arjun says Jia.. Akash says lets go in Jia. she goes to her room.

Jia says ma must be angry. He says thank God I got to know everything. Akash said to doctor I know what Rano called you here for. Akash asked him to say that its three months. Akash says we have to stay calm. he says Rano will fail.

Arjun stops Jia. she says I didn’t know what to say. Maybe we ever came close. He says I trust you I don’t remember any such thing. she says we were drunk on holi. Rano is overhearing.
Jia comes to her room. She says this isn’t easy. I loved arjun its so difficult to lie to him. I have to stay strong.

Rano is angry she says this child can’t be Arjun. What if it is. I will have to kill this child. She sees Jia going upstairs. THere are pebbles on the stairs. Jai falls, Arjun holds herr hand and saves her. He says are you okay.. Akash and AMbika come too. Ambika says Arjun.. Don’t touch her. He says this child is mine. Ambika says what does this girl want. She has ruined our lives. Go away from our house before your ruin our lives anymore. Arjun says I know you are angry but its not Jia’a fault. For my baby don’t ask her to leave the house. AMbika says she has a sin. I wont give him name of our family. I dont want to see her face.

Arjun caresses Jia’s face. He says you are a mother to be. Please be calm. Please dont’ be sad. We will be happy again once he comes. I am with you. Rano is angry.

Scene 2
At night, Arjun says to Jia please eat something. I know you are married to Akash but we have to fix everything for our baby. Jia hugs him and says I trust you. Rano comes. She says don’t worry. Mai will agree soon. I wanna apologize you Jia. This gift is for you. Jia says thank you. She decorates Jia’s room. Arjun says Jia you rest.
Precap-Rano gives Arjun a ball. he presses it and Jia feels throttled. /strong>

Update Credit to: Atiba

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